Writing for The Telegraph, the pro-Brexit MP said he feared the restrictions that were quickly put in place on March 26 – three days after Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered people to stay at home – to curb the coronavirus outbreak are actually unlawful.

He added that the sooner the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations are ended “the better”.

The restrictions mean that police can fine people for not following social distancing – which Mr Baker said was “unclear, subjective and potentially legally unsound”, adding that they are “curtailing our freedoms in ways unimaginable”.

Mr Baker wrote: “For example, the law in England does not restrict how frequently or for how long we exercise, nor whether we drive to do it. Yet ministers have dilated [debated? UKR ed]  on whether an hour or 30 minutes is allowable.

And we have risked offences of sitting too long on a park bench, purchasing luxury food and sweating inadequately while cycling.

“People have been accused of not exercising when practicing yoga and walking. Families have been driven off their own outdoor property, against the law.

“This is absurd, dystopian and tyrannical. The sooner it is ended, the better.”

He added that he was “horrified by the expansion of the surveillance state, with thermal imaging cameras, drones, ANPR and location tracking being deployed at the drop of a hat to police the nation into imprisonment at home”.

The MP said the “full economic impact on all our lives” because of the lockdown will soon be seen.

Although he said the lockdown was the “right call” to fight the virus, he fears “today’s rules may not have a sound legal basis”, adding: “We need the exit plan now.”

The above article is from Bucks Free Press