Here’s a wild idea: stop listening! Start looking!

Mishaps happen to people when they don't look

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Here’s a wild idea.

I just left a tongue-in-cheek comment on a post to the effect that the real purpose of masks is to ram home the idea that there is a scary pandemic going on, in case everybody failed to notice.

But this got me thinking: there is a growing body of data emerging (despite the efforts of the powers-that-be to stop it emerging) that masks are not very effective, if at all, and may bring on health issues of their own and thus add to the burden on the allegedly overwhelmed NHS.

So what is the real point of them? I made my comment half in jest but consider this:

With all the data flying about this way and that, all the things we read about or listen to, we forget to do a simple thing: ACTUALLY LOOK.

Indeed, all the figure-figure-figure on stats-data-info-headlines-rumour and the “my cousin’s friend’s milkman knows someone whose 93-year-old Aunt died of something that was similar to Covid (or flu or pneumonia etc etc)” becomes a substitute for ACTUALLY LOOKING at the environment.

When we look around us at the environment, where is the obvious, observable evidence that there is a big scary pandemic going on?

I’m not talking about a routine seasonal flu outbreak that can, as ever, turn nasty for some and even kill, or even some new bug remarkably similar to a seasonal flu outbreak in its symptoms, stats and the fact that it can develop complications and kill a small percentage of vulnerable (old etc) people.

I’m talking about a REAL scary pandemic, where we all know LOADS of people who were struck down or even died, the bug cutting a swathe of carnage through entire families (especially when cooped up together under lockdown), the sort that we see in movies and read about in history books from the days when medicine amounted to leeches, people shared their bedrooms with rats and chucked their poo out of the ruddy window.

I cannot speak for anyone but myself but I am fairly sure the observations of the vast majority of my fellow citizens would be not dissimilar to mine.

So, when I personally LOOK, I do not see and have not seen over the past year all the things one would expect to see if we were facing a true Hollywood-style pandemic of the type the gov, the BBC and other criminal factions are trying to convince us is going on.

I live in a typical small town in South East England. I  see:

*  NO ambulances rushing about ferrying the stricken to makeshift wards where they stack up by the thousand and expire untended by overstretched medics.

*  last week I made a point of visiting a major hospital not far from my home town and with which I am fairly familiar. I did it so I could look and see for myself how the hospital was faring, what with the rumours of empty hospitals directly conflicting with press hysteria of hospitals in meltdown. I wrote up my observations at the time but what I saw was  a hospital that was fairly busy but neither overwhelmed with corpses on gurneys in the corridors and so forth as the media would have you believe, nor preternaturally quiet with tumbleweed blowing down deserted corridors. It was just, well, sort of normal.

*  NO corpses being carted from their homes – or, indeed, any corpses at all anywhere. Not in the past 40 years.

*  NO bodies stacking up at undertakers or lying in the streets

* NO people stricken with horrible racking coughs – not once except myself (see below)

*  I have over the past year seen TWO elderly people collapsed in the street of my town in the middle of the day and being attended by (non-mask-wearing) medics. But both these elderly victims were wearing masks (see below) in the hot weather of last summer.

*  I have not had a single friend or acquaintance die.

*  I know one person whose brother died after testing positive but (a) I never met the brother and (b) he was very elderly and already suffering from a serious lung condition.

*  I know hundreds of people (friends, family, neighbours and clients). Of these, I know three or four friends who have “had the Covid” or something similar. If this were a real pandemic I would expect to know a lot more than that who at least got a bit ill or had a bit of a cough or something or other.

*  I directly know one (elderly) person who got some kind of lung problem, rang the helpline, described her symptoms and was told “its must be Covid”. Fortunately she had the strength of mind to demand to see a doctor and get a proper examination. It turned out she did NOT, per the doctor, have Covid. I believe, if I understood it right,  what she has is a lung problem/allergy thingy brought on or aggravated by a lot of mask wearing.

*  I have five grandchildren, know neighbours’, friends’ and clients’ children etc etc. I do not personally know a single child who has been sick with more than a mild cold.

*  I myself was sick for a few days in October 2019 with some sort of chesty cough thing that hurt my lungs. This was before I quit smoking (in June 2020) and as I was a heavy smoker, I was prone to chesty things. I got better after a few days and lots of vit C and zinc (I did not know about the value of vit D at the time). This might have been Covid, might not. I didn’t think much of it at the time – especially as the Covid Terror had not yet been marketed by the government so I had not yet had my orders from the government to be afraid-  and I just put it down to seasonal “flu thingy”.

[As an aside, I have the government’s Covid Terror hoax to thank for giving me the incentive to quit smoking. As a heavy smoker, I used to have a smoker’s cough. Once the Terror had been launched by the psyop wallahs, my occasional smoker’s cough would attract frightened stares and people in supermarkets giving me a wide berth and so forth so I decided I had best quit. This, of course, was a Good Thing. Every cloud has a silver lining and – as you learn in jujitsu – you turn motions to your advantage where you can, but the destruction of my country is probably too high a price to pay for helping me quit ciggies.]

*  I visit a lot of clients in their homes (many elderly) and in the past year ONLY ONE has insisted on mask wearing and the rest have not been concerned.

*  Actually, correct that:  there was a second client. She had leukemia and when you have leukemia you are in danger from any infections (colds, flu’s etc) so I gladly wore a mask for the ten minutes or so I was in her home. Shielding the vulnerable as best one can is mere common sense and applies to other bugs as well as the Covid19 one.

*  Now, this is not to minimise the fact that there are one or more bugs around that make SOME people very ill, as always happens, especially at this time of year.

But the point being made here is that I see NOTHING when I LOOK that I would expect to see happening if there were a real scary killer pandemic going on. Except one thing and one thing only:

Everybody is wearing masks.


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