Good news! Humans are NOT causing mass extinction event after all!

More designed-to-demoralise fake science exposed as enemy psyop unravels

To crush a person, group or indeed an entire race psychologically, someone covertly dedicated to its destruction will seek to undermine its self-belief and confidence in its own capabilities, usually in the guise of “friendship” or counsel given “for its own good”. And the counsel almost always is in the direction of cutting its activity, reach or productive action and the trimming down or inhibition of its goals.

The enemies of humanity are engaged in such an all-out attack on our morale and sense of worth, a psyop  that targets us spiritually in the hope of rendering us introverted, cowed and bereft of confidence.

To make a highly successful race of beings that has come an incredibly long way in a very short time (and threatens to go much much higher in the forthcoming years) believe itself to be a failure or indeed a blight on the planet, all manner  of half truths and outright falsehoods are ardently trotted out and  propagandised.

And the falsehoods are, of course, thinly disguised as “science”.

Yet they rarely survive close inspection.

We could do much  therefore to save our civilisation from these subversive efforts to demoralise and wreck it by simply pushing the idea of looking very closely and with a critical, questioning eye at the psyop’s propaganda lines.

By way of an example, we present here a short article from the website Friends of Science, which can be found here.

But let’s emphasize here that we are NOT advocating carelessness towards husbandry of the planet: we are arguing that whatever problems exist, humanity is more than capable of fixing them, something we are in danger of losing sight of amid the “look-how-bad-it-all-is hysteria” designed to drive us into an apathy below understanding in which effective, rational problem solving becomes stultified.

Humans Are NOT Causing a “Sixth Mass Extinction”

Michael Shellenberger wrote

“On CBS ’60 Minutes’ last night [January 1, 2023] scientists claimed that humans are causing a ‘sixth mass extinction’ and that we would need the equivalent of five planet earths for all humans to live at current Western levels.”  Both claims are wrong.

The claim that “five more earths” are needed to sustain humanity comes from Ecological Footprint calculation. These calculations were debunked 10 years ago as published by a group of scientists in the scientific journal PLOS Biology. Five of six measures of the ecological footprint were found to be either in balance or surplus, including food and forestry.

Shellenberger says that the issue of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be solved simply by using sources with lower GHG emissions, namely natural gas and nuclear power.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that ¾ of all species are not threatened, 9% are endangered and 6% are critically endangered.

The IUCN estimates that 0.8% of the 112,400 species identified have gone extinct since 1500. The majority of those extinctions occurred before 1900.

Conservationists, it turns out, are skilled at maintaining small populations of animals, from yellow-eyed penguins of New Zealand to mountain gorillas of central Africa.

We are conserving habitat like never before. By 2019, an area of Earth larger than the whole of Africa was protected, an area that is equivalent to 15 percent of Earth’s land surface. There were 15 times more designated protected areas in the world in 2020 than in 1962. Between 1900 and 2010, the intensification of agriculture allowed Spain and France to reforest. The amount of land that humans use for meat production has declined by an area equal to 80 percent the area of Alaska since 2000.

New research has shown that extinctions “require greater loss of habitat than previously thought.”

Around the world, the biodiversity of islands has actually doubled on average, thanks to the migration of “invasive species.”

The introduction of new plant species has outnumbered plant extinctions one hundredfold. More plant species have come into existence in Europe than have become extinct over the last three centuries.


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