A race of technological wizards let down by organisational dullards

If we can get a grip on that bad habit we'll do just fine and nobody need die unless they really want to

Intro by Steve Cook

The following are excerpts from a very fine article from Electroverse. For the full  article, click here.The point we wish to make here is that the effort to sell us the idea that the planet is overheating due to human activity and that we are all about to die in some boiling hellhole has:

  1. created a false picture of what is actually happening with the planet’s climate cycles
  2. the false picture has generated hysteria and panic
  3. the hysteria and panic have caused governments to hobby-horse policies that are needlessly destroying economies and impoverishing their citizens and
  4. leaving us seriously unprepared for an effective response to the real natural changes the climate is going through.

Those natural changes are currently a period of cooling, which will mean shorter summers and a return to cold winters.

We’ve come through a few decades of relatively cool summers  coupled with relatively mild winters. It looks as if that is about to change. We are heading for a return of colder winters.

This does not have to be an emergency if we are prepared for it and technologically speaking we are well equipped to deal with it. Unfortunately, organisationally we’re a bit lacking in so far as we have handed our governance to credulous dopes.

Emergencies are caused by a failure to predict so the natural cooling period will become an emergency IF we don’t correctly predict it and prepare accordingly.

Preparing accordingly would mean engaging in a crash program to considerably increase energy production as we’ve left ourselves a bit short – something that is going to impinge on a large number of people this winter, if it hasn’t already. This can be done cleanly using nuclear power, especially that using thorium-fueled reactors and wave and tidal power, which is much more reliable than intermittent wind or solar.

We’ll need the increased energy output to keep warm and to power technologies such as greenhouses and biodomes that can extend the naturally shortened growing season.

We are fortunate that a slight increase in the CO2 content of the atmosphere, whatever its causes, has led to a stimulation of plant and forestry growth.

Technologically we are more than capable of dealing with the vagaries of the planet’s climate – Man is a pretty ingenious creature after all who has come a long way in a relatively short time. A species does not progress to such a degree if it is completely thick but our technological aptitude is let down by administrative ineptitude – a tendency to deliver our governance into the hands of our  less able brethren, the incompetent, chinless twerps, shysters, unreasoning zealots and outright psychopaths that form a small but annoying minority.

If we can get a grip on that bad habit we’ll do just fine and nobody need die unless they really want to.


Climate doom and gloom, like sex, sells — the end of the world is a thrilling prospect, and if you are seen to be working to prevent it, well, you’re goddamn hero.

It is seen as modish to sort your plastics for recycling, to switch to a plant-based diet and to use LED light bulbs; however, the evidence reveals such endeavors provide no benefit to the climate. The media has duped an ever-dutiful populous into conflating environmental issues with climatic ones. Nobody wants synthetic materials floating about the oceans, we can all agree on that, but reducing plastics, even banning them altogether, will have ZERO impact on the climate. I can’t believe I still have to point this out. But I do. Such is a modern eco-warrior’s complete disconnect with reality.

It’s understandable why many people –especially the young– genuinely believe the world is about to end. The programming is inescapable–again, particularly for the young. If children aren’t being bombarded with CAGW messaging through their smart phones and TV, then their virtue-signalling teachers at school will be assigning them tasks such as coloring in placards and posters in preparation for the latest pointless public parade (which the kids are often driven to by their parents–in gas cars!).

. . . .

[W]hile problems undoubtedly remain with regards to the environment, life for humanity has improved vastly — and by every metric.

Heatwaves, floods, wildfires and storms are reported by the mainstream corporate media as if they are new and ever-intensifying events, yet the data shows that human tragedies related to said events were far worse in the past.

In the 1920s, around half a million people were killed by weather disasters, whereas in the last decade the death-toll averaged ‘just’ 18,000, with this year, just like the immediately preceding 2020 and 2021, tracking even lower than that.

. . . .

Weather-fixated television news would make us all think that disasters are all getting worse. They’re not, writes Bjorn Lomborg for the New York Post.

In 1900, around 4.5% of the land area of the world would burn every year. Over the last century, this declined to about 3.2%. And in the last two decades, satellites show an even further decline — in 2021 just 2.5% burned. Models show that by the end of the century, human adaptation will mean even less burning.

Below is the ‘official’ wildfires chart for the United States:

It, as we also see in Europe, shows a declining trend. But there’s more to the story.

The Biden administration recently scrubbed all wildfire data prior to 1983. This was done because fire burn acreage was found to be much higher between 1910-1960 than it is today and therefore contradicted the government’s AGW/wildfire correlation. In typically Orwellian fashion, the administration wiped these decades of inconvenient data from the history books citing the lackluster reasoning: “it wasn’t official” (linked here).

Moreover, the year 1983 –the new starting point– just so happens to have the lowest burn acreage in recorded history:

The National Interagency Fire Center [NIFC].

In reality, though –where I’m keen to reside– there is no correlation between to be found between anthropogenic global warming and wildfires.

U.S. burn acreage is actually down 90% since CO2 was at pre-industrial levels, but the Biden administration recently deleted this document, too:

Similarly, environmentalists loudly declared that Australia’s magnificent Great Barrier Reef was nearly dead, killed by bleaching caused by climate change. The UK Guardian even published an obituary.

However, this year the Reef is seeing its highest coral cover since records began back in 1985. This good-news, however, got a fraction of the attention.

Additionally, and not long ago, environmentalists constantly used pictures of polar bears to highlight the dangers of climate change. TheMay be an image of text that says "Environmentalists declared that Australia's Great Barrier Reef was nearly dead. They blamed climate change. This got a lot of media. The UK Guardian even published an obituary. But then it got better. The Reef is now seeing its highest coral cover since records began. But this good news got a fraction of the media attention. Why's that, then?" Arctic bears even featured in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.”

But, once again, the reality contradicts the doom and gloom — polar bear numbers have been increasing, from somewhere between five and ten thousand in the 1960s, up to around 26,000 today–even more according to zoologist Susan Crockford.

But, once again, we don’t hear this news. Instead, campaigners just quietly stopped using polar bears imagery in their activism.

Polar bear numbers have increased from <10,000 to >26,000.

The end is nigh’ is a powerfully controlling and lucrative message –I get it, I get why it’s abused– but the costs to society are sky-high: we make poor, expensive policy choices, seen today in soaring energy prices, and our kids are being scared witless.

I fear that people are mentally –and literally– preparing for a world of linearly-rising temperatures when in actual fact the complete opposite is looming.

. . . .

Moreover, cold deaths are actually rising in the US, and the incessant focus on global warming is exacerbating this trend. This is because politicians continue to introduce laws and policies grounded in baseless green ideologies that only make energy more expensive, meaning fewer people can afford to keep warm.

. . . [T]his is a dangerous cocktail of ignorance/corruption that everyday Europeans are about to run into headfirst this winter. But don’t you Americans and Australians et al. go thinking you’re immune from the knock-on effects — this will prove a global phenomenon, a true catastrophe — particularly when food shortages get thrown into the mix (caused by a lack of inputs, mainly fertilizers–and that’s not to mention the direct impact a cooling world will have on crop yields).

Over the next few decades, the global average temperature is on course to drop significantly, regardless of what CO2 does –which I assume will continue to increase– due to low solar activity. How much the temperature drops is anyone’s guess — a fall of 2C is my somewhat inform stab, but I’m even less clear on its duration, but we’ll likely be talking decades, not years.

Virtually all the money our green-hamstrung ‘leaders’ have thrown at wind, solar, electric vehicles, Net Zero, Green New Deals, Inflation Reduction Acts, etc., etc. are a malicious squandering, and certain folk should be jailed for the backhanders that likely occurred.

There is indeed a Climate Emergency on the horizon, but the threat is from decreasing temperatures and brutal winters. The mercury is headed lower as we move into the AMO’s cold phase and descend deeper into the next Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) — it has been since 2016. Another large volcanic eruption or two –adding to Hunga Tonga’s Jan 15th mesospheric injection– and/or the Arctic waters currently locked up in the Beaufort Gyre being released will see us all, rich and poor alike, enter a period of genuine and serious peril.

The CO2-induced global warming hypothesis will seem like a cake walk compared to a new Little Ice Age. Warmth is good for life on earth, as are higher concentrations of carbon–the building block of life. The messaging has it entirely backwards, and the Pied Pipers of this world are being allowed, encouraged even, to lead our children into the Hamlin cave, after which their innocence and ability to think-critically will never be seen again. Climate zealotry is a destructive force. This will not end well.


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