Incredible but apparently true: the Government is unaware of Psychiatry’s Links to Suicides!

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Good news! (I hope). The Health Committee in the UK Parliament has launched a suicide prevention inquiry.

As the featured article below explains, the aim is to find ways to reduce the suicide rate in this country. The link between psych meds and suicide is obvious to anyone with half a brain. In fact many psych meds include “risk of suicide” or words to that effect on their warning labels. A look at the stats of how many suicides were by people taking psych meds should be enough to alert anyone to the fact that there is something awfully wrong with psych meds.

Yet the gopvernment has not yet cottoned on.

While the psychiatric industry can be counted on to lay a smokescreen over the trut and while it willfor sure  propagandise its drugs as a ‘solution’ to a problem those drugs are created in the manner of pouring gasoline on a candle,  the inescapable fact remains that prescribed psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants are CREATING the very problems for which they are prescribed to solve! Antidepressants for instance have long been strongly linked to violence, aggression and suicidal ideation.

So help save some lives: if you have information that shows how antidepressants or any other psychiatric drug have been linked to suicide, you can follow the link below and make a submission the Health Committee. Help make it aware of the real dangers of psychiatric ‘solutions.’

If you need any help with this, please feel free to contact The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) UK on 01342 313026 or by email [email protected]. – Steve

Here is the featured article

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