Why the pharmaceutical/industrial con-plex is a blight on public health

Crime syndicate pushing harmful drugs, killing millions in the guise of "health"

Intro  by Fabian Ubiquitus

The following message by the esteemed D Aseem Malhotra, who has a habit of speaking sense and getting slagged off by the Big Pharma propaganda machine for his troubles, is worth featuring here. It provides a neat and well expressed summary of how Big Pharma, along with Big Food, quite happy  for you to de if it makes them a buck, are killing with evident impunity.

In his closing remark he also touches upon the underlying problem, which is the dereliction by government of its duty to ENFORCE as needed honest, ethical conduct upon miscreants and criminals, corporate or otherwise.

This is a key role that government should play in its service to the people: detecting and eliminating harmful conduct.

Its failure to do so with regard to major corporations such as those of  the food and pharmaceutical industries has allowed criminality to go unimpeded, its perpetrators enriched and, for heaven’s sake, given the ear of government until we have arrived at the current mess, which is killing us on a compounding scale.

A Brief Message

by Dr Aseem Malhotra

Lifestyle changes key to boosting health of the nation says Prince Charles

‘The pharmaceutical industry are an enemy of democracy’ says Dr Aseem Malhotra, President of The Public Health Collaboration<

‘They’re not just a public health menace but also through misleading doctors and the public they have become, like Big Food an enemy of democracy. It’s time to rein them in.”

Great coverage with my article in the Daily Express ahead of my keynote lecture today at the integrative medicine conference.

We are facing the worst population health crisis of a generation.

Not only has life expectancy stalled in the UK since 2010 but the most recent data reveals that in some parts of the country its actually starting to reduce for the first time in decades.

Men in the poorest parts of the country are living 10 years less than compared to the richest parts and women 8 years.

What’s worse is we are also living more years in poor health with average differences in healthy life expectancy between rich and poor reaching an almost staggering 20 years.

This has resulted in even greater demand on the NHS which because of lack of funding and a shortage of staff of almost 100,000 has resulted in a broken healthcare system with even emergency care failing to get heart attack patients to hospital in a timely manner.

My own father died after suffering a cardiac arrest last July because of a delay in ambulance response.

Of course the obvious reasons for our worsening health are driven by poor lifestyle habits, namely poor diet, inactivity, smoking, excessive drinking and chronic psychological stress but what many people don’t realise is that over prescription of drugs is one of the leading causes of death after heart disease and cancer.

In fact 20% of hospital admissions in the elderly are due to dangerous drug interactions that are mostly preventable.

So how did we get to such a dire situation in the first place? Just as the food industry has got us addicted to ultra-processed foods through misleading marketing campaigns the drug industry has become a menace to societal health too.

Because their only purpose is profit they manipulate research that exaggerates the benefits of medications and hide the data on harms.

Doctors are often then unwittingly prescribing pills to patients on biased and commercially corrupted information.

Since the 1990s data from around the world has consistently revealed most new expensive drugs are just copies of old cheaper medications.

One analysis of medical regulator approved medications in France also demonstrated that almost double the amount of new drugs produced revealed more overall harm to patients than ones that provided benefit.

The evidence is overwhelming, the overall net effect of the pharmaceutical industry on society in the past few decades has been a hugely negative one.

They’re not just a public health menace but also through misleading doctors and the public they have become, like Big Food, an enemy of democracy. It’s time to rein them in.

Let’s do this!

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a Consultant Cardiologist and President of the Public Health Collaboration

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