We are being played – and we have no-one to blame but ourselves

And so our civilisation stumbles towards ruin while we elect to high office the very architects of its demise.

The following is an excerpt from an excellent summary of what the whole Brexit/EU charade is all about.

The article in its entirety is well worth a read if you want to penetrate the smoke screen of complexity and confusion that has been generated to hide the basic truth of how we are being played by the theatrics currently going on in Parliament and the media.

To put it bluntly, our democracy has been turned into a con game.

Until We, The People actually face up to how we are being played day in and day out by the globalist collaborators, con men and treasonous loons who man both “sides” of our Parliament, we will continue to be played, manipulated and controlled. And we will have no-one to blame but ourselves.

We don’t have to succumb to this nonsense. We don’t have to elect time and time again the very people who will do us in.

Meanwhile – and this is something we are carefully never told about through the globalist media lie factory – Russia, which has has rejected the globalist money powers and their debt-based economic control mechanisms, is doing extremely well.

It is entirely possible for us to do just as well, or even better, if we could but stir ourselves to kick out the subversive globalists and their collaborators and install in power honest men who will work sincerely for all the people.

Western civilisation, in short, has fallen into the hands of a parasitic criminal elite that is playing us with embarrassing ease. And so our civilisation stumbles towards ruin while we elect to high office the very architects of its demise. – Steve

Here is the excerpt (red highlighting added):

Parliament does not serve the people. It serves the globalist power structure of which it is but a small part. Global corporations rule the the world, not governments. It is naiveté of immense proportions to imagine otherwise. You can carry on voting if you like but unless you vote the right way your vote will never count. Voting is merely a ceremonial act to anoint the next corporate puppet.

The EU is a globalist project of the ruling corporations who continually seek to centralise all political and economic power. The UK referendum result went the wrong way and was therefore doomed from the outset.

Remainers will undoubtedly believe their protests have made a difference, but they haven’t. Their protests were paid for and facilitated by the globalist banking cartels who have engineered the UK remaining in the EU. Their only purpose was to give the impression of an overwhelming public will to remain. Referendum & election results prove this was always a fabrication.

Any protest which genuinely stands against the established order will be heavily policed, under reported by the MSM (if at all) and usually end in the kettling of protesters before they are charged on horse back or tear gassed. We only have to look at the recent brutal suppression of the Gilet Jaune in France, or to the history of the Miners strike, to understand this. If a protest is both widely reported by the MSM and allowed to proceed unhindered, it is because it is in the interests of the ruling globalists.

Remain protests were encouraged and tolerated because they serve the establishment’s agenda. Remainers are merely the unwitting dupes of a global system that cares nothing for them or their families. They are not Leave voters enemies.

If Brexit isn’t delivered, Leavers may be tempted to stand on the barricades themselves. However, no amount of wailing or fighting against the system will ever change anything. The whole system is wholly corrupt. You can’t vote your way out of it and any mass Leave protests will be full of agent provocateurs whose role it will be to start violence, allowing the state to brutally crush it.

The MSM will then report that all those who want to leave the EU are violent, right wing extremists. Just as they have to date. Don’t fall for it.

There is a way to stop this abuse by the state. It is simply to ignore it.

In 1990 the Prime Minister Margaret Thatchers was ignominiously ousted because her ill fated Poll Tax was resisted by the people. The narrative we have been given is that it was the Poll Tax riots which led to her downfall. They didn’t.

The Conservative government were unable to enforce their tax because millions refused to pay it. The people ignored the government, some risking imprisonment for doing so, but the state was unable to enforce its will. The people denied it and the illusion of state authority crumbled. The state was absolutely powerless to do anything about it. Consequently, this has been practically written out of history. We should heed this lesson.

Stop voting for these people to impose their will on you. What an earth do you think you are voting for? Your vote means one thing and one thing only to the globalist who own everything. It reassures them you still believe in their system.

While you do, they can keep offering up their puppets for you to ‘select.’  It allows them to maintain the lie that you have a stake in the way the nation you live in is governed. You don’t. As long as you hold on to this delusion, you can be controlled through fear and the hope of change. It is all a deception designed to keep you doing as you are told.

Everything you do, every day, is a political act. What you buy and who from really does matter. If you genuinely seek change then start acting politically. Not by marching or hurling abuse at the opponents given to you, or by placing a meaningless cross in an inconsequential box once every few years, but by arming yourself with knowledge and acting accordingly.

State decree exists because enough people believe in state authority. They give the state this power only by virtue of their faith in it. Without your trust the state has no power at all. People actually believe that men and women are incapable of governing themselves but a tiny minority of men and women are capable of governing millions. It is a ridiculous proposition.

Let it go.



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