Tyranny by sly increments and the antidote to diseased government

What do we do now?

In a nutshell . . . .

by Steve Cook

Some thoughts on government.

Some people consider that just letting the government do whatever it wants and surrendering power over their lives to individuals known collectively “the government” is a good idea.

It is important to reflect that by doing so one is handing the making of binding and irrevocable decisions regarding your health and wellbeing to individuals less honest, honorable, trustworthy, caring, savoury, sane or sensible than you are. And that hand-over, once done, is very very hard to reverse.

If you think that by doing so you will somehow “be safe”, think again. It is the most enduringly dangerous thing you can do.

Some, of course, will tell you that they “trust the government” . . . Say what?

Trust has to be earned and, when rational, is based on sound observation of the character and conduct of the person trusted. Trusting the government, however, is about as rational as trusting Jimmy Saville to babysit your kids or the Kray Twins to keep the peace.

“I trust the government” thing is in fact a low-scale mockery of trust known as apathy. Apathy is below cowardice. Both, from the corrupt government’s point of view, are desirable attributes in a citizen.

Allowing the government to bypass or negate parents and parental consent in the matter of vaccines removes the natural parental shield and leaves the child directly exposed to the often vicious propaganda and misinformation of the State, particularly when the State is in the hands of people of low or non-existent morals or degraded intellect

If the government is allowed to do so in the matter of vaccines it will over time and by sly increments extend the range of issues from which natural parental protections are removed from children.

The range will extend to such other medications as the men of dubious ethics or sanity running the government see fit ; other vaccines and treatments and, most dangerously of all, psychotropic medications for fake “mental illnesses” such as ADHD.

Similarly, vaccine passports for adults – if the government is allowed to get away with them on the flimsy issue of the fake pandemic it engineered for that very purpose – will over time and by sky increments be extended to embrace other illnesses, vaccines and medications. For instance, declaring a “mental illness” epidemic that mandates psychotropic medications be taken in order to earn the freedoms of the passport . . . .

Conquest by sly increments is the modus operandi of covertly hostile governments such as that of the UK, eroding freedoms little bit by little bit.

Some governments, similarly insane but less cowardly and less terrified of their people, seek a more overtly hostile approach (Australia for example) but this will fail.

The British government’s approach of tyranny by sly increments is more insidious and more dangerous. The antidote for such a creeping attack on the people is for the people to form a lively, highly vigilant, uncompromising and, where needed, very aggressive Watchdog organization

Benign government that works for all the people is possible and it is most certainly desirable. But the People and their Watchdog must FORCE the nation’s bureaucrats and politicians to become honest, or else ….!

Benign governance is only possible in the hands of sincere and honest men. It is time for us to aggressively INSIST that ONLY such individuals are allowed anywhere near the nation’s governance.

The sooner we can MAKE this happen globally, the sooner this planet will become a decent place to live.

Let’s get busy: there’s a great game to be won!

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1 Comment on Tyranny by sly increments and the antidote to diseased government

  1. Dear Mr Cook,

    “Let’s get busy: there’s a great game to be won!”

    The sentiment is great but also your statement pinpoints the weakness and flaw off not just this article but of most in other publications too…

    Its the method, technique and actions we need to follow to make this a reality.

    We need a plan. All we have is competing voices telling us all we should do something. But what the bloody hell do you suggest?

    How do we do it?
    When do we do it?
    With what do we do it?

    There has to be a get together of all the groups for a unified national communication campaign to reach every UK doorstep to counter a national disinformation campaign by the government.

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