The Fall of the MSM: from Watchdog to Lapdog

This excellent article from Freedom magazine echoes our own view on the legitimate role of the media, not just in America but in any country that purports to be a free society, as a public watchdog and how it has been subverted into a treacherous antithesis of what it should be. – Steve

When Mainstream Media Back the Wrong Side 

Then the press becomes lapdog instead of watchdog.


The U.S. Government often persecutes whistleblowers who expose its wrongdoings. Such high-handedness is understandable, given that the revelations by whistleblowers can be embarrassing. The media, however, are supposed to keep an eye on the three branches of government, uncovering corruption by public servants and in the corporate world, then bringing it to the public’s attention. Americans, therefore, have a right to be disturbed when noted journalistic institutions side with the wrongdoers rather than the whistleblowers . . . read the rest of this excellent article here

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