Vaccines proven innocent beyond reasonable thought

December 17, 2023 0

by Steve Cook, Ou Man in an Oxygen Tent An amendment to the official definition of “dead” designed to eliminate anomalies such as people being incorrectly labelled ‘deceased” simply because they have stopped breathing has […]


The Yes-Men – movie review

November 21, 2022 0

Entertainment News MOVIE  RELEASE: Review by Steve Cook SOURCE: The Daily Scare X-Men II: The Yes-Men This latest blockbuster movie from Armageddon Productions is directed by famed Bulgatian Director Salazaar Bim (“The Da Vinci Covid” […]


Miracle Drug Solves Everything

October 25, 2022 0

by Steve Cook SOURCE: THE DAILY SCARE Genetic scientists announced today that they have solved all the world’s problems.The shock news was released this morning by Secretary of State for Mutant Affairs and Extinction Management, […]



March 27, 2022 0

SOURCE: The Daily Scare by Steve Cook Scientists have discovered the primary cause of heart attacks in the 5-95 age group.< Shock revelations from the Klaus Loon Centre for Global Dementia have now exposed the shocking […]

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