Stocks of common sense dangerously low as 30 people die each day in US alone

Gov undeterred by unprecedented vax injuries and deaths

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The following item is from The Defender.

It highlights something the public very much needs to know but which the UK gov and corporate media are trying their utmost to ensure the public does not find out – at least, not until they are all vaccinated, by which time it will be too late.

Like Tucker Carlson, we have no issue with vaccines that are well tested and proven safe.

We do however take issue with the various COVID vaxes and pseudo vaxes because they have NOT been properly tested for safety, not by any stetch of the imagination.

And the stats of injury and death – the ones given here are for the United States – should at the very least prompt extreme caution on the part of the government pushing them and the populace submitting to them.

That would be the common sense approach, not just for vaccines but for any industrial product. Unpredicted problems show up in significant numbers nd of significant seriousness so the product is reaccled or the gov at leastds holds off on forcimg them on the publci until thate matter isproperly investigated and the bugs eradicated.

That is how it is with most products and how it once was even for vaccines (see the Swine Flu vaccine mentioned below) when governments cared about not killing their own people and possessed common sense.

But stocks of plain  common sense seem to have run dangerously low.

It is important to remember two things.

The alarming and unprecedented number of adverse reactions, many extremely serious or fatal, are occurring in the IMMEDIATE-term after vaccination.

Those experts predicting serious health consequences have been predicting serious problems will show up, as they usually do with vaxes, over the long term.

Some are predicting that large numbers of vaccinated people will die over the next few years.

We don’t think anybody even in their gloomiest predictions expected so many serious adverse reactions to show up so soon. And bodes ill for the future.

It also makes a lie out of claims the vaxes (still officially experimental and approved for emergency use only are “well researched and rested for safety.”  If the “research” and “testing” had been less sloppy and negligent then the adverse reactions that started showing up as soon as the vaxes and pseudo vaxes were rolled out would have been predicted.

It’s almost on a par with,

Joe, “Is this package safe to open?”

Package delivery walla, “Sure, we’ve tested it. It’s safe.”

Joe opens package. Package blows up in Joe’s face. Joe loses eye/hair/eyebrow/life

The reckless desperation to press ahead and get everyone vaccinated despite the sounding of numerous alarm bells is being done in the name of protecting people from an illness that presents little or no threat to the vast majority of those targeted for vaccination and in face of the fact that several workable remedies exist, as do measures for shielding the vulnerable.

Pressing ahead with a program to inject the entire population,

  • with experimental agents of unknown long-term effects and an alarmingly high number of short term adverse effects
  • in order to protect them from a disease whose average age of fatality is 82
  • and for which known remedies have been suppressed

tells us one thing:

there is something very sinister going on.

And that we should not touch these vaxes and pseudo vaxes with a barge pole until they are PROVEN safe.

At the very least we need to know they are less inimical to long-term wellbeing that an alleged virus that is little threat to the vast majority of people the government is for some mysterious reason so obsessively keen to inject.

Something does not add up.

Meanwhile, the adverse reactions can be expected to go right on rising until the vax has hospitalised or killed more people than the bug.


Tucker Carlson: How Many Americans Have Died After Taking COVID Vaccines?

SOURCE: Children’s Health Defense

Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson, cited government statistics showing more Americans have died after getting the COVID vaccine in four months than from all other vaccines combined in more than a decade and a half.

By Children’s Health Defense Team

Tucker Carlson: How Many Americans Have Died After Taking COVID Vaccines?

Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson, frequently reminds viewers that overall, he thinks vaccines are a good thing — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have questions about COVID vaccines.

In fact, he has a lot of questions. And, he said, he should have the right to ask them.

In the segment below on last night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson said the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows 3,362 Americans — or 30 people a day — died from the COVID vaccine between December 2020 and last month.

“More people, according to VAERS, have died after getting the shot in four months during a single vaccination campaign than from all other vaccines combined over more than a decade and a half,” said Carlson.

The number of deaths is likely much higher than what VAERS is reporting, Carlson said, citing reports submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services in 2010 that found “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported by the VAERS system.”

Carlson also mentioned in his segment:

Of all of the MENVEO vaccines given to prevent bacterial meningitis, only one person died from the vaccine between 2010 and 2015.

In 1976, 45 million Americans were vaccinated for H1N1. A total of 53 people died from the vaccine. The U.S. government halted the vaccination program because authorities decided it was too risky.

COVID vaccines have contributed to 8,000 hospitalizations in the U.S., according to VAERS.

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