Should We Really Give up Meat and Dairy for Ethical Reasons?

Arm yourself with understanding: PART ONE

by Simon Lee, Science Officer for Anew UK, The People’s Party

“We are what we eat,” as the saying goes, so do we really want to eat laboratory and factory produced synthetic food?

Should we really go “plant based” and give up animal based high nutrient density food (meat, dairy, and eggs)? Is genetically modified and chemically synthesized low nutrient density food really the way forward? Do the globalist technocratic social engineers really have our best interests at heart? Or is the real agenda control?

“Who controls the food supply controls the people…” (Henry Kissinger)

Large numbers of people have already been brainwashed into believing that a meatless diet will be good for human health and the planet.

The main arguments against meat are the following:

1) Ethical:

The modern meat industry is cruel. Humans don’t have the right to kill and eat other life forms.

2) Health:

Meat is bad for you and causes coronary heart disease and cancer.

3) Climate Change:

Meat production produces large amounts of greenhouse gases which are destroying the planet.

4) Efficiency:

Meat production is inefficient and can’t nourish the whole global population.

5) Better Alternatives:

The new synthetic meat alternatives, and insects are healthier, more cost-effective, and more eco-friendly.

The Ethics of Meat

It’s true that the industrialised processed meat industry is one of the great evils of our time. This is why vegans have such a powerful and convincing argument (at least when it comes to ethics).

Wholesale animal suffering has been normalised to boost corporate profits. A lifetime of torture combined with a carcinogenic cocktail of chemicals intended to preserve the animal long enough to be sold and eaten inevitably adversely affects the end product.

However, we could replace the present inhumane system with animal- and eco-friendly environments, where the animals graze free, fertilize the ground naturally without oil-based derivatives, and thrive without a cocktail of hormones and antibiotics because they are free, content, and healthy.

This is the strategy, designed by nature, which can be imitated by regenerative agriculture with crop diversity, free-grazing livestock, and natural fertilization by letting animals and vegetation mingle. The authors of an extensive study into sustainable food systems wrote:

“During the past century, agriculture declared fossil-fuel-based warfare on land mechanically (ploughing soil), chemically (herbicides and pesticides), and biologically (GMO technology). By separating rearing livestock from growing crops, we de-coupled bio-and geochemical cycling of carbon, water, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur, and increased emissions of methane and nitrous oxide, as well as eutrophication and contamination of water sources.”

The present system involving chemically grown mono crops that produce arid land and separate animals from nature really is the unsustainable and unethical option.

The vegan narrative ignores the fact that we could work with animals ethically and wants us to focus on an ethical crime because it’s the perfect recruitment campaign for anti-meat movements.

Many people don’t appreciate how many animals die as a result of vegetable and grain farming. Growing 400 tonnes of peas on a single farm will kill 1,500 animals every year, from deer to ducks. In Australia, for example, 40,000 ducks are killed to protect rice production and an average apple grower will kill 120 possums in a year to protect an orchard.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that about 1.3 million native animals die per year in order to protect non-animal agriculture. In total, at least twenty-five times more sentient animals are getting killed per kilo of useable protein when compared to meat production.

It is an inescapable fact that all forms of life depend on the consumption of other life forms to exist:

“Now, one of the main problems of mythology is reconciling the mind to this brutal precondition of all life, which lives by the killing and eating of lives. You don’t kid yourself by eating only vegetables, either, for they, too, are alive. So, the essence of life is this eating of itself! Life lives on lives, and the reconciliation of the human mind and sensibilities to that fundamental fact.” (Joseph Campbell)

The narrative over the last twenty years or so has drastically increased the number of vegans but the total is still below 3 percent of the US and EU population.

So, in order to convince the masses that giving up meat is the right thing to do the global social engineers needed to take the story further than the ethical and portray meat and dairy as bad for human health and the planet.

In the next article I will investigate the claims that consuming meat and dairy is bad for human health.


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