Pub places idiots at risk

It isn;'t rocket science: if you are "at risk" what the hell are you doing in a pub?

by Caratacus

I saw a little news item from a Wolverhampton newspaper yesterday. The paper was evidently still backing the discredited government’s threadbare propaganda line over the now broadly exposed Pandemic Hoax, as it has become popularly known.

Either that or its editor and staff haven’t quite caught up with developments  – or maybe the item was from a few weeks back before the hoax was exposed) because the news item went something like this:

A local pub (I don’t recall the name) was fined £1000 for staying open during lock down and “putting its customers at risk”.

So here we have “regulations” introduced by the government based on what is now recognised by anyone with a functioning brain as a fraud.

It is questionable as to whether such regulations, based as they are on egregious misrepresentations, lies told to Parliament and so forth and therefore lacking a mandate are, strictly speaking, legally enforceable.

One would think that the hoaxing of the nation by a mendacious government that used falsified statistics and bogus tests to fake a pandemic and then use it as an excuse to carry out a coup that nullified democracy might be a tad newsworthy.

But apparently not for the Wolverhampton rag in question. Lucky for them I can’t recall the name of the newspaper. If anyone knows it, perhaps they can let us know.

Leaving that small point aside, the “placing its customers at risk” is another cynical propaganda line that does not stand up to close scrutiny.

Here we have a bug that is KNOWN to cause serious problems for a small vulnerable minority who are already very ill or very old.

This is the COVID19 bug of course.

As we are all well aware, it is not the only bug that can be quite deadly if it strikes a very old or very ill person. So does the flu.

And one fact that is scarcely ever mentioned is this:

so far as the very old/frail/vulnerable are concerned, even the family of viruses usually referred to by the innocuous-sounding name “common cold” is dangerous.

In fact, the true dangerousness of the “common cold” viruses tends to be rarely mentioned at this time. This is not surprising. In terms of its deadliness for the elderly (by far the biggest category of COVID victims as the average age of death from the bug is 81!) COVID19 is pretty much in the same ball park as rhinovirus and other common cold virsuses according to Swedish physician and expert on medical ethics, Sebastian Rushworth (see his report here ).

So if you are not elderly and frail you have about as much to worry about from the common cold as you do from COVID19. As the common cold and various flu bugs tend to circulate, if you are in that highly vulnerable category and understandably afraid of catching them, you make the decision to avoid places where you might catch them: places such as pubs.

On the other hand, if you decide you would rather live than cower in fear for the rest of your days, you make your own informed decision to take your chances.

It is, in other words, your choice and your right to choose.

In such a circumstances, it would be idiotic to expect your local pub to shut in case it places you at risk from a cold or the flu!

Of course, for those who are not elderly and not in very frail health, if you catch a cold or flu you get very-mild-to-non-existent, mild, medium or strong symptoms and then get over it.

The same with COVID19. In  fact, it is hard to distinguish COVID19 as it affects most people from a routine cold or flu and even its symptoms are confusingly similar.

You get, say, a cough and a temperature. Is that COVID19 or any one of a dozen other bugs that give you a cough and a temperature and make you feel lousy as they always have done since the dawn of ruddy time?

If you are a subversive who has wormed his way into government   are oing to pick a bug that can then be blown up and propagandised in to a fake pandemic that is “everywhere”, best to pick one whose symptoms are handily similar to a dozen other bugs that people regularly get.

Is it COVID or “just a cough” of the sort I’ve had half a dozen times before? If you are not sure, you could get a PCR test done.

But that won’t help because it is totally and utterly inreliable.

A recent court case in Portugal, for example, put it at 3% accurate or some such thing (see this article and even the government’s own website declares that the PCR test CANNOT DETECT A LIVE VIRUS (see this article, )

So exactly how much “risk” did the pub “inflict” on its customers?

For the most part about the same as the risk of its customers catching a cold or the flu.

As for someone who is truly vulnerable or truly scared of COVID 19 (or the cold or the flu) what the hell is he DOING in the pub?

He’s walking along the road or some such thing and has some reason or other for being terrified of catching COVID. He sees that the pub is open and full of people.

So he walks in and buys a pint. By doing so he exercises his own decision to place himself at risk. Nobody forced him  at gunpoint to enter the pub.

Is he an idiot?

So the “pub placed its customers at risk by staying open” and was fined £1000 for it.

But what actually happened is people were placed at about the same risk as anyone of catching a cold or the flu going virtually anywhere.

And the people who are really AT RISK – you know, of dying or winding up in hospital or some such thing – are the people who placed themselves at risk by entering the pub!

And apparently it was not even established whether any of those people were actually IN the pub at the time it was raided by the COVID Gestapo!

One hopes that now that the hoax has been blown, local rags who forward this propaganda poison will be dealt with by local people and told to get honest and knock it off.


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