Nothing “green” about the green agenda

Jane Hill of Anew UK on the Climate Change psyop

by Jane Hill, Leader of Anew UK, The People’s Party

The hoax that is climate change goes way back to just after WW2.

1947 saw the first of many weather manipulation projects, all designed to use weather as a weapon against the global population. Floods, severe droughts, forest fires, cyclones, tornados, hurricanes – all could be used as weapons of mass destruction.

The first cloud-seeding trials were carried out Sydney, Australia. In these and subsequent experiments from 1947 to 1952 scientists in the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics used Royal Australian Air Force aircraft to drop dry ice into the tops of cumulus clouds.

1952 saw a similar cloud-seeding experiment take place over UK airspace; Project Cumulus or more commonly known by those involved in it as Operation Witch Doctor. Operational between 1949 and 1952, the final experiment in weather manipulation is said by many to be the cause of severe flooding in Lynmouth, Devon resulting in the loss of 34 lives.

In the same era, the US Forest Service conducted Project Skyfire. The aim here was to decrease the number of lightning strikes so as to reduce the number of forest fires. Next up for the US was Project Stormfury whereby the US Government tried to disrupt the inner core of hurricanes by dispersing silver iodide via aircraft into the heart of the hurricane.

Weather modification consists of three major categories:

1) suppression of weather patterns

2) intensification of weather patterns, and in some cases the

3) introduction of completely new weather patterns.

The two basic methods to accomplish weather modification include “cloud-seeding” and “directed-energy.” Directed energy is known as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).  Weather modification is possible using electromagnetic waves. In the US and other countries, large weapons platforms to accomplish this have been created.

Time moves on and by the late 90s, countries around the world now have the understanding and technology to constantly engineer and manipulate the weather which they do with catastrophic consequences. Combine this with the socio-economic brainwashing as to the harm caused to the environment and planet by Co2 emissions and the kick back on the use of fossil fuels and the world goes headlong into the climate change agenda. It’s a hoax!

Man can now create dense fog from glycols and glycerine, induce synthetic lightning, storms, hurricanes, any weather condition of their choosing thanks to HAARP technology.  All such weather conditions or effects are non-distinguishable from reality but ultimately can be used to dominate countries and bring them to compliance.

Quote: “Technology will make available to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised as to which techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.” (1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Co-Founder of the Trilateral Commission).

Remember the hole in the ozone layer panic? Man can do this too via the use of lasers. Did we do it as part of the climate change propaganda – probably.

Our planet has survived over millennia with changes in climate occurring at different periods within its history; the majority of which were recorded prior to the industrial revolution which saw the mass use of fossil fuels in manufacturing and within our homes. I say again, the climate change agenda is a hoax designed to enable public acceptance of the overall agenda which is to become completely reliant on electricity and so-called renewable sources of energy in order to reach the end game of net zero emissions.

What is Co2 and why is it considered to be harmful to the environment?

All life relies on and depends on Co2.  It’s the building block of life.

Yes, it’s a biproduct of the use of fossil fuels, but also us, humans as well as all life on the planet. We breathe in oxygen and exhale Co2, but we can only do this thanks to trees and shrubs which take the Co2 from the air and via photosynthesis turn it back out as oxygen. Without Co2 all life on the planet would die.

Rather than reducing Co2 emissions, we need to increase them so as to ensure we survive along with the numerous plant and animal life found on our beautiful sphere.

Put bluntly, we, humanity depend on Co2 for our very existence.

Due to this dependence, a group of megalomaniacs hit upon a way of exuding billions from the global population under the guise of what was depicted initially as being ‘global warming’ but more recently known as ‘climate change’.  In order to save the planet, we the general populous are constantly being told we must reduce our Co2 emissions, or we risk losing everything. In fact, by reducing Co2 emissions we will lose everything along with all life on the planet.

Globally, we are already seeing our forests die, not wholly due to man’s expansion but also due to geo-engineering and cloud-seeding. Various chemicals are released into the atmosphere via specially adapted aircraft, leaving chemtrails in their wake. Depending on the chemicals used, the weather can be altered to cause drought, floods, extreme weather conditions all of which have a direct effect on ‘life’. These chemicals sink into the ground destroying trees at their roots and also kill the higher branches leaving them as standing tinderboxes. As dry as they then are, when hit by lightning strikes during dry thunderstorms they ignite causing wildfires. Add to this the full effects of HAARP and we’re on a hiding to nowhere.

Multi-national, global conglomerates and corporations have been brought out  by the megalomaniacs we now know to be the United Nations, an organisation brought together by Woodrow Wilson,  28th President of the US from 1913 – 1921 under the name ‘League of Nations’ at the end of the WW1. This organisation functioned under this name until 1946 when it ceased to exist and handed all governance and assets to the United Nations. Since then, the work of the organisation has changed and no longer has global peace and security at its heart; its ethos now is human destruction for the ‘greater good’. This is just one of several un-elected organisations who are pushing the climate change/green agenda; an agenda which will, if not stopped, see the death of humanity as we have known it.

Aligned to the World Economic Forum and World Health Organisation, the United Nations through the climate change hoax are pushing forward the agreed agenda.

Many have decided to do what they think is best; go along with the agenda for the sake of the planet completely unknowing of what they are doing. The push towards net zero is killing our world and killing our way of life. The current energy crisis is a direct result of this push.

Democratic Republic of Congo – cobalt mines

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has one of the biggest cobalt reserves anywhere. This is leading to the euthanasia of its people all in the name of ‘climate change’. Cobalt is a major ingredient in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.

Children as young as 7yrs old are sent to work in the cobalt mines as their families need the pittance of an income form this action. So few of these children see teenage-hood due to the toxicity of the mining operation in which they work 12 hours a day without suitable and efficient protection. These children die horrendous deaths due to the damage caused to their lungs.

Pregnant women too work in these mines. Many lose their unborn child due to the extreme working conditions and many mothers die due to the toxic air they breathe day in day out just to provide an income for their families.

Who wins here? Not the people of the DRC but those implicit in this genocide.

I admit that I was one of those who thought I was benefitting and doing what was best  when I purchased a rechargeable carpet sweeper/vacuum. Completely unaware that the item I had brought used lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries are used to power so many products such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, drills, vacuum cleaners, e-bikes, e-vehicles – the list goes on.

Lithium-ion batteries are NOT recyclable!

Let’s look at e-vehicles, e-cars in particular.

To produce just one battery, it takes tremendous amounts of energy supplied by gas, coal, and nuclear power plants. In total it takes 25lbs lithium, 60lbs nickel, 44lbs manganese, 30lbs cobalt, 200lbs copper and 400lbs aluminium, steel, and plastic.  Some 500 tonnes of ore to refine 25lbs of lithium, 900-1000 litres of fuel to move the ore.  Is this in any way environmentally friendly or ‘green’?

Add to this the fact that lithium-ion batteries are not recyclable where’s the ‘green’ agenda here? Nowhere.

These batteries will be stored in fields in rural areas; just one reason behind the massive land grab we now see happening across the world. Utopia doesn’t exist except in the minds of the megalomaniacs steering this agenda.

Take this in. Each e-vehicle uses the same manufacturing process as petrol and diesel vehicles yet utilises and releases 10 times more Co2 than a standard vehicle as to charge the vehicle relies on gas or coal powered electricity and the batteries require so many non-green mining techniques. Green? Don’t think so.

Renewable Energy

Wind turbines kill 1000s of birds every year. They each have a diesel, yes, diesel engine at their base to power them when there is no wind to turn the sails. Only the diesel engine is recyclable nothing else. The sails are NOT recyclable! The towers are NOT recyclable. With a limited life span of 20-25 years, many are already failing, falling over in extreme high winds, catching fire during heatwaves – all ending up in fields as there is nowhere else to store them. Our countryside is being stolen from us.

Solar panels are not ‘green’ either. The majority are manufactured in China in coal fuelled factories spurning out tons of Co2, yet the UK Government and governments around the world say renewable energy is the way forward. Panels are then shipped across the world in huge container ships each running a diesel fuelled engine. More use of Co2. Older solar panels CANNOT be recycled as they contain lead-based solder; newer panels also prove difficult to recycle due to containing cadmium and other hard base metals.

With the onset of winter, wind turbines are unable to generate power due to the lack of wind and the vast acres of land covered by solar panels, i.e., solar farms become inoperative due to snow coverage on the panels.

Bio-mass energy. This is the non-recyclable waste collected from our homes by diesel powered refuse trucks and sent to incineration. Both the refuse truck and the incineration process use and release Co2.

Heat pumps, the newest form of renewable energy. Utilising warmth from air outside, these pumps then use it to heat inside a home or other building. All sounds wonderful until you realise that again Co2 is used in the manufacturing process and that the pump uses electricity in order to pump with said electrical use coming from coal or gas powered stations.

Ask yourself this, are you happy and conscious of thought that you’ve done the right thing by going along with the agenda? Were you aware that by your compliance to ‘buy into’ this agenda that you were causing undue harm to another human being?  And also ask yourself this, are you happy and feel that through your actions to buy into the ‘green’ agenda that you’re saving the planet? Being environmentally friendly?

In the UK we now have a monarch, a PM and a Chancellor who are all for the agenda. Sir David Attenborough is also for the agenda, so the majority of people think this is the way to save the planet. And what about Greta Thunberg? Less said the better, I think.

For millennia, the planet has gone through the natural course of hot and cold. Our planet knows better than we do with regards to what it needs to continue to give us in return what we need.

Remember over a decade ago we, were told that the polar ice cap was melting and would be gone in 10 years – utter trash! The polar ice cap is growing at a rapid rate. At the same time, we were told that the Great Barrier Reef would ‘die’ if we didn’t reduce our Co2 emissions – another lie! This unique natural utopian underwater paradise, home to so many unique life forms is thriving.

Proof that the planet, and us, humanity, need Co2.


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