Israel’s legal right to behave like a psychopath and even to exist as a state, has just been demolished in the ICJ

Israel humiliated at ICJ


Intro by Steve Cook

The moral case against Israel has proven overwhelming.

This is hardly surprising considering the depraved subhuman conduct of its incumbent leaders and many of its soldiers.

The exposure of Israel’s moral bankruptcy has been so thorough, anyone still making excuses for its depravity or even thoroughly in favour of it such a Genocide Joe and the rest of his Zionist-hijacked administration in the USA or the “Grinning Reaper” muppet Sunak in the UK, stands out a mile as seriously mentally and morally adrift from the rest of humanity.

And just to add to Israel’s woes, its legal right to behave like a psychopath and even to exist as a state, has just been demolished in the ICJ as shown in the video below and the very able video commentary and article that follow it.

It is now clear that the gang of psychopaths who have hijacked Israel have not only betrayed and wrecked the hopes of many Jews for a safe homeland, they have:

  • Revealed to the People of many countries the degree to which their own governments have been infiltrated and subverted by Zionist agents, proxies, minions and  blackmailees.
  • Drawn attention like never before to Israel’s behaviour, causing many people to notice and really look at what is doing and this has brought about a close inspection of its actual moral and legal position behind the smokescreen of propaganda and misrepresentation that hid it from view.
  • Forced the enemies of humanity to expose themselves.
  • United the planet at grass roots level in recognition of their human kinship and community.
  • That recognition of our common humanity and affinity with our fellows, now spreading  like a forest fire, is laying the foundations of a just and humane global civilisation with a high internal ethic that is truly fit for decent human beings to live in.
  • Demonstrated that human beings do care about other people even when they are on the other side of the planet.
  • Made very clear the truth of the following maxim first voiced by L Ron Hubbard:

Man in Affinity with Man, survives.

Justice, even-handed and freely available to and applicable to all (ALL) without fear or favour can and will unite humanity.

Arab League Shocks the World, Humiliates Israel At ICJ!






The Arab League prosecutor at the ICJ, Professor Ralph Wilde’s calm evisceration of Israel’s entire case is astonishing!

Right, so as you might well be aware, representations to the International Court of Justice have continued from a multitude of different sources over the last several days, against Israel over its ongoing genocide in Gaza.

If you thought that South Africa’s ruling was the be all and end all of this, far from it, but amongst all the testimonies that have been made, many powerful, many hard hitting, the one that has stood out for many, was the presentation given by Professor Ralph Wilde, an expert in international humanitarian law, from University College London, who spoke at the ICJ representing the Arab League of Nations, a collective of nations spanning the Middle East and North Africa, because it’s possibly the most subtly damning destruction of every excuse Israel have made to being doing what they are in doing in Gaza, you’ll have ever heard.

Right, so The Arab League presentation to the International Court of Justice has been one of the highlights of recent days, with every excuse, every attempted justification of what Israel are doing eviscerated and on top of that exposes the reality of what the Zionist settler colonialist mentality is Palestine is and was all about and actually I’ve had my mind blown by this because there is so much I either hadn’t put two and two together on, or simply never knew, that Wilde brought up in his presentation.

Professor Ralph Wilde began by referring to the creation of Israel as a denial of the Palestinian right to legal self determination as a result of a century long violent colonial racist effort to establish a nation state exclusively for the Jewish people.

When you start that way, well it’s pretty hard to ignore what is being said, and your ears do prick up to what is coming next because, you’re thinking, hello, this is different even when it is spoken as quietly and evenly as Wilde did.

Wilde spoke of Zionism being forcibly implemented following World War I altering the demographic context of the region, softening the area up in effect to have a stronger case to establish a Jewish state in the region.

We think of 1948 and the Nakba as being the forced displacement of Palestinians to make room for Jewish colonialists to move in and take over even further beyond the establishment of the state of Israel, but actually that skips over what happened in the previous few decades, where Palestinians were already being forced out for Jewish settlers to the point the population of Palestine was 11% Jewish post war.

Non Jewish Palestinians got displaced and that was regardless of their own direct personal links to the areas they were being moved from.

Of course we hear all the time that Israel belongs to the Jewish people, there is no Palestine, yet here we are going back a little over 100 years and the displacement of Palestinians, 90% of the population, was already happening and Jewish people at that point could hardly say they have this right to the land then, because what was happening then was basically blatant white privilege. ***Subscribe to the channel here***…



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