Here’s another wild idea: the antidote to war is justice, so let’s demand some

Civilisation starts with justice and is impossible without it

Here’s another wild idea.

Civilisation starts with justice and is impossible without it. So is peace.

The antidote to war is justice because true justice requires presentation of evidence, proof, known laws punishing only the guilty, ie., individual human beings who actually did the deed, not the broad masses of people among whom they happen to be hiding. One would not for example deal with a murder accusation by blowing up the street in which the accused person happens to live or shooting his relatives.. In war none of these elements of justice are present and indeed they have to be cast aside on order for war to occur.

So how about we bring the blood-soaked anarchy among nations to an end by instituting a very simple justice system? And thereby bring to the human community the civilisation it deserves rather than the agonised barbarism some psychotic loon thinks we should have.

As things stand at the moment, the governments of some nations clobber the living daylights out of the people of other nations – and often their own people as well – pretty much as they see fit if they are big enough or in possession of enough shiny weapons of peace to get away with it.

The governments of the USA, the UK and Israel and so forth are at this time among the main offenders but they are far from being the only offenders.

In place of overt assaults on other nations, some governments use proxy armies, “revolutionary” groups, terror networks and economic thumbscrews  to achieve similar clobberings. Iran and Saudi Arabia being examples.

Some governments use both.

In this orgy of death and destruction, nobody gets any justice. Nations are “punished” for something or other on the say-so of some intelligence agency or warmongering loon, or mere accusation, propaganda and so on without the inconvenience of anyone having to produce real evidence before the missiles, tanks, aircraft carriers and storm troopers are mobilised.

Thus, Baghdad was carpet bombed and Iraq invaded on the flimsiest of pretexts, Libya was destroyed, Syria destroyed, Palestine destroyed, Yemen destroyed . . .

The point I am making here is that the international scene resembles the Wild West before law and order was introduced. The biggest, meanest psycho with the biggest gun becomes the sheriff and terrifies the citizenry, people get hung based on hysteria, stage coaches cannot travel the roads without an armed guard.

Only when the citizens have had enough of the anarchy and mobilise, dream up some sensible laws that prohibit things such as murder and rustling, appoint a sheriff who isn’t a complete twat and subject him to those sensible laws as well, set up courts that demand proper evidence derived from proper investigation so that people get fair trials, does sanity and some semblance of a safe environment fit for human beings to live in prevail.

So how about We, the People of the human community start demanding the same thing. Not a rigged, remote, unaccountable and unworkable  system set up by criminals with vested interests and then abused or just ignored by those same criminals or their pals but a simple system that anyone can think with and which demands that governments behave themselves.

How about we do this:

We work out a simple code of conduct for governments. The precepts of that code are plain common sense in that they proscribe acts which anyone with a brain can recognise as undesirable, such as:

No government may attack, either overtly or by the organising of proxy armies, groups or agencies, any other country for any reason whatever.

Governments may if they wish maintain armies and so on for their own defence but they may not move weaponry in any way across international borders.

Governments may not interfere with the internal affairs of other nations or interfere with the efforts of nations to trade with one another (except weaponry, see above).

Governments accusing some other governments of wrongdoing MUST produce evidence of such wrongdoing. That evidence must be presented to an international court and fully and impartially verified.

These are crude examples and it will need a lot of refinement but it should give you the basic idea of what such a code of conduct for governments would contain . It would be simple and would forbid actions which the rest of us, by mere common sense, can observe to be criminal actions. It would be designed to protect governments from the criminal actions of other governments.

By way of a crude example, the carpet bombing of Baghdad and invasion of Iraq based as they were on flimsy and unverified evidence and unjust in the extreme in so far as they killed and maimed thousands of people who had committed no crime whatever, would be egregious code violations.

The Code of conduct is finalised and agreed by nations. As it is geared only to curtail the shenanigans of governments up to no good, governments not up to any mischief would have no reservations about agreeing to it. It would then be possible to see immediately which governments are up to no good or plan to be up to no good because they will be the ones who will object to the Code or find “reasons” not to sign up for it.

What would really set this thing up is if one or two of the planets’s bigger powers such as Russia, China or America signed up for it.

Signing up for it would mean agreeing to abide by it and agreeing to abide by the justice procedures that would follow from an alleged violation of the Code.

This would require the setting up of an international investigatory task force (ideally manned by police officers from various nations with proven success at investigating crimes) whose purpose is to fully investigate Code violations and either find insufficient real evidence or, conversely, find sufficient evidence to present to an international Tribunal.

The Code would include a precept that forbids any government or agency or proxy thereof from interfering with or preventing or inhibiting or perverting the fact-finding efforts of the Task Force.

The task force presents its evidence to the international Tribunal. The Code similarly prohibits governments from interfering with the Tribunal or inhibiting its efforts to find the truth by such things as lying, presenting false testimony or false accusations or what-have-you.

Governments have the inalienable right to present their own evidence and give testimony in their own defence.  The effort of the tribunal is not to “get” any government but simply to find the facts and establish whether a particular government is actually guilty or not of the Code violations it is accused of.

All proceedings of the Tribunal are public, all evidence presented is public and a matter of record viewable by any person on the planet on demand.

If a government accused of some Code violation is found guilty, it is then the individual persons proven to have planned, ordered and executed the violation are deemed international criminals and must stand trial before an international court for their specific crimes.

For example, if the intelligence agency of some country finances and trains a proxy army that then kills people in some other country in violation of the Code, the officers of that agency who engaged in the violation and any person in government who ordered or approved those actions must stand trial.

The basic principle upon which the international justice system operates is that INDIVIDUALS are responsible for a criminal act and it is the INDIVIDUALS who planned and executed it, ordered it or allocated funds to it who are to be held to account, not broad masses of people who knew nothing about it.

A government that refuses to cooperate and hand over the accused persons for trial is immediately subjected to trade sanctions by all the other nations until they are in compliance.

Okay, so its a wild idea. But we gotta start somewhere. These psychotic shenanigans that tear the human community apart year in and year out have to stop.

Apart from anything else, the weapons we now possess are so devastating, we simply cannot afford to continue as we have done for the last several thousand years.

Finally, such a justice system will only come about and only work if it is pushed from the grass roots of the human community. That will require an international movement of the planet’s citizens acting in concert to bring about an end to the incessant warfare that makes them miserable and threatens their survival.

This push for simple justice would transcend politics and of itself become a unifying cause among the world’s peoples.


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