Predicting the next ploy by the Merchants of Fear

by Kieron McFadden

It is very desirable to be able to predict what your enemy, in this case the Merchants of Fear operating your government, will try to do.

By stating very broadly through a great many voices that the oppressives who have hijacked our government will pull the following trick, we will alert many many people to it and take the sting out of it.

It might even deter the Enemies of the People from trying it when they realise millions of us are wise to it.

It is important as you read on to remember:

  • We are dealing with frightened and desperate people.
  • Their Coronavirus psyop has backfired. It has awoken a popular resistance movement that is a joy to behold and this has accelerated our advance towards the Free World Order the global grass roots civilisation of Peace, Prosperity , Brotherhood and Justice.
  • Not one of the popular spontaneous demonstrations against the COVID Tyranny that have sprung up around the planet or any other protests, rallies or mass gatherings have produced a spike or “second wave” of COVID cases.

It is, however, predictable that the oppressive factions who have infiltrated our governments will try to fiddle the stats even more than they already have to “show” how demonstrations and mass gatherings have caused a resurgence of the fake epidemic.

This will then be used to “justify” more lockdowns and attacks on basic liberty and healthy economic, educational and social activity.

They will try to use all this as an excuse “for our own good” to ban or suppress further mass demonstrations.

This of course is a losing trajectory as has been their entire psyop but we can predict they will try it nevertheless. I’m starting to wonder if the muppets running this psyop don’t have a death wish and WANT to be caught out!

The oppressives and their government collaborators have painted themselves into a corner now that their entire “pandemic” is exposed as a smoke and mirrors operation based on falsifications of statistics and one shameless, bare-faced and ridiculously transparent lie after another.

They have nowhere else to go with it now except to keep lying and keep fiddling the stats to suit their propaganda aim, yet with increasing desperation and in the futile hope that something will turn the tide in their favour.

As we enter the tail end of summer and the onset of autumn, we enter the routine season of the common coughs and colds, of flu and the sniffles (mostly Corona viruses that have been with us since the dawn of ruddy time).

As the flawed tests that are being used detect Coronaviruses (of which there are many, not just the COCVID 19 virus) the government will use all these people who have colds, flu etc to inflate the numbers of their supposed positive COVID test results and ramp up the fear factor. This is simply an extension of what they have already been doing – taking the symptoms of all manner of ailments and lumping them all together and calling them “COVID 19”.

And the “rise in cases” (about the only weapon left in their arsenal of lies that still has any traction at all now that their old friend, Death, has let them down) will be blamed directly or by insinuation on protests.

Okay, so millions of us (and the number is growing daily) will see through it immediately and the propaganda effort will be met by howls of derision accompanied by the sound of the government hammering yet another nail into its own coffin but that won’t stop them trying it.

And then following up the propaganda justifications will a forceful suppression of demonstration. It is unlikely they will get much backup from the Police but they will try it and they will try the tired old divide-and-rule caper by trying to get one section of the citizenry to turn on another.

So we should be ready for when the enemy collaborators in the government and the enemy collaborators in the media co-act in order to try this one on.

So let us pre-empt this and maybe make them think twice about even trying it by putting the word out now and using our strength in numbers to spread the message far and wide through the social media and our personal human contacts.

Forewarned is forearmed.

We have the numbers, we have a popular movement and most importantly we have the TRUTH which is the most powerful force there is.

Let’s pour coals on our purpose to end the worn out ploy of government by deceit and ushering in a Free World Order of practical administration by honest men.


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