Eminent professor accuses Hancock, Whitty, Vallance as storm over grievous pseudovax harm grows

"At least 10 years in jail" says top oncologist


In a recent article I asked how come there is no police investigation into the  injuries and fatalities caused by the unsafe and ineffective pseudovaccines disingenuously foisted on a gaslighted  populace with, in my view, evident malice aforethought.

In the article featured below, the eminent  Professor of Oncology Angus Dalgleish appears to share the broadly held conviction that very real and very serious crimes have been committed against thousands of victims, all in the name of  “medicine”, with no-one as yet held to account, the former Health Secretary Matt Hancock being a case in point.

Below, I have included a nice introduction by the HART team prior to the main article.

NOTE: an oncologist isa doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating people who have cancer.


HART says:

Sally Beck has been one of the journalists continuing to investigate and speak out on all vaccine topics.  Professor Angus Dalgleish has been a vocal critic of the government policy. Warning early on about the potential risks from spike-protein-based vaccines, as well as investigating the likely origins of SARS-CoV-2 from a lab leak.  Famously, Anthony Fauci was so alarmed by this revelation (perhaps because he was funding it!) that he commissioned Sir Jeremy Farrar (then Wellcome Trust now WHO), to write a multi-author letter to the Lancet attempting to discredit the lab leak theory.

To the eternal discredit of St George’s Hospital, they have bowed to the trolls and pushed Professor Dalgleish into retirement, though at least still with his Emeritus Professor title. As he says, at age 73, it doesn’t matter so much to him but his patients will lose a caring physician who has always put their best interests ahead of toeing the party line. And it is yet again aimed at putting the frighteners on any younger doctors and academics who were thinking of speaking up.

The HART team would like to say thank you to Professor Dalgleish for speaking out where most feared to go and ask how this dismissal complies with employment legislation.


Main Article:


Professor Angus Dalgleish says former Health Secretary ignored health risks of Covid jabs and claims Whitty, Vallance and Farrar prioritised knighthoods over people’s lives.

By Sally Beck

LAST April, one of our most respected cancer specialists wrote a comment piece for the Daily Express with the headline: ‘Covid vaccine booster now does more harm than good’.

It was commissioned by Comment Editor, Paul Baldwin, but only ever appeared online, not in the newspaper’s print version. This means that it can be permanently erased from history if necessary, or at least buried in the Wayback Machine.

The oncologist is Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St George’s Hospital Medical School in southwest London.

Until Covid, he was known for his ground-breaking work into HIV and AIDS. He appeared in the Daily Mail talking about the NHS staffing crisis, the Covid Omicron variant, young people and vaccination, suicides because of lockdowns and obsessive testing, but has now been largely cancelled by the mainstream media because he challenged our Government on the origins of the Covid virus (he says it is manmade in Wuhan) and the safety and efficacy of Covid “vaccinations”, particularly in children and young adults.

Few legacy news outlets have challenged the official narrative; the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail being the exceptions.

Professor Dalgleish, who pointed out in his Daily Express comment that stable cancer patients suddenly found their cancers returning after receiving Covid “vaccinations”, revealed that there was no big response to his article.

He said: “I’ve had far more reaction to pieces I’ve had published in The Conservative Woman and The Daily Sceptic.”

The response he did receive came in a slew of complaints from one particular troll.

“I was under investigation for going against Government and hospital policy,” said Professor Dalgleish. “I don’t know whether I’ve been reported to the GMC [General Medical Council], but I’ve been investigated by the Royal College of Physicians. I had to have a hearing with them but was cleared.

“The same complainant reported me to St George’s. That instigated a formal procedure which, up to now, was happy that I wasn’t speaking for the hospital. But the complainant said I was disregarding hospital policy, which they consider a major crime.

“I told the board that if hospital policy is to keep giving everyone a booster, it is no longer incompetence, it’s negligence because they’re causing more harm than good.

“I explained it to them scientifically. The board said nothing, they just let me go. The next day they took down all the posters everywhere telling the staff to get their boosters now. Nothing formal, which is an appalling way to carry on.”

St George’s reopened their complaint on December 1, 2023 and have now reached a conclusion: “I have been constructively dismissed due to my vaccine stance,’ said Professor Dalgleish, below. “I am now Emeritus Professor at St George’s University London, [an honorary title bestowed on retired, distinguished medics], an unpaid position even though I have a grant with overheads.”

Professor Dalgleish has essentially been sacked, even though he has the support of medical directors and doctors.

He said: “There is a series of medical directors all of whom pass messages to me and warn me. One of them said to me that I made their life very difficult because deep down they agreed with me. This is the stranglehold the system has.

‘I’d like to see Matt Hancock jailed for at least 10 years for grievous bodily harm. He was warned about everything to do with the ‘“vaccines” – and he ignored the warnings.

“I would also include Sir Chris Whitty [the UK’s chief medical officer, below right] and Sir Patrick Vallance [UK’s former chief scientific advisor, below left]. Because they stood by and allowed this to happen. They were in jobs that could easily have stopped it but neither of them would; it appears they are too keen on their knighthoods and being part of the establishment.

“It’s a disgrace and [Sir] Jeremy Farrar [former director of the Wellcome Trust, now chief scientist at the World Health Organisation, below] deliberately covered up all our original research showing that viruses had escaped from the Wuhan lab.

“More importantly, our paper went round cabinet and went round SAGE and we showed that 80 per cent of the spike protein had human homology that would cause tremendous side effects. That was put down as rubbish and I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about. Sadly, I was 100 per cent right.”

When Paul Baldwin approached Prof Dalgleish to write the article, he said he was a great fan of his for speaking out and that he was amazed more didn’t.

“He [Baldwin] said, “you’ve been right on everything and I want you to do this”. So, I did it. I’m used to my copy being heavily interfered with but apart from one or two minor things, it was as I wrote it.”

Prof Dalgleish has more than personal clinical experience to back up his Covid-19 “vaccine” hypothesis.

He said: “A close relative is paralysed because she was so stupid as to listen to her GP instead of me, a well-known cancer doctor. She got her booster and ended up in hospital for weeks with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), completely paralysed. Thankfully, she is recovering.

“Somebody else got GBS at the local tennis club. It took them six months to recover and they’ll never play tennis again. The thing with GBS is that 90 per cent of people will recover by around 90 per cent.

“I also have a neighbour who is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. GBS can be very serious. The MHRA have it up on their website saying it’s extremely rare and a small price to pay for the community to be protected. Protected from what?

“I have patients who have run into trouble. I find out that contrary to my advice they did have the booster because their doctor refused to look after them if they didn’t have it. It’s unbelievable what’s going on. The medical profession has completely lost its professionalism.

“I know too many people with “vaccine” injury. If it’s rare I shouldn’t know any one.”

These are strong statements but Professor Dalgleish, 73, says. ‘I’m past retirement age which is why I can afford to be belligerent.

“I’ve spoken out, collectively they should all have spoken out. They have caused serious damage to patients.

“Doctors are saying, ‘it’s just one of those things, fortunately, it’s very rare’. There’s a big survey saying one in four people know someone who’s had serious damage from the vaccine. That’s totally unacceptable.”

Professor Dalgleish refuses to be silenced and puts everything in writing as a historical record. He said: “My book ‘The Death of Science’ was published on Amazon last month. It’s a litany about how science has been killed around the world and replaced by politics. It’s no different from George Orwell’s book ‘1984’ and its Ministry of Truth and doublethink. We’ve seen it in the media and now it’s permeated everywhere.”

A spokesperson for St George’s University London said: “Professor Dalgleish retired from clinical practice this year so no longer had any clinical role at St George’s Hospital. St George’s has always promoted the importance of Covid vaccination to maintain the health of our patients, staff and public and continues to do so.

“We do not give information about complaints or investigations to relating to individuals due to confidentiality.”

St George’s University London said: “At St George’s we take the responsibility to protect and promote both free speech and academic freedom seriously. Our academics are free to share their views and we work hard to create a culture of intellectual enquiry.

“Professor Dalgleish is an Emeritus Professor of St George’s, University of London. This title is provided to a retired Professor or Reader of St George’s, University of London in recognition of their service to and connection with the university. It does not indicate employment by St George’s.”


By week ending December 31, 2023, 70.2% (7,835,586 out of 11,164,326) of all people aged over 65 years who are living in England had been vaccinated with an autumn 2023 booster dose.

National Influenza and Covid 19 surveillance report – Week 1 report (up to week 52 2023 data), January 4, 2024

Yellow Card Adverse Event Reports:

178,217 (Pfizer-mono) + 6062 (Pfizer-bivalent) + 249,034

(AZ) + 43,147 (Moderna-mono) + 5665 (Moderna-bivalent) + 179 (Novavax) + 2932 (Unknown brand) = 485,236 people impacted (increase of 1238 in 9 weeks)

Reports classified as SERIOUS* by MHRA = 74.5% of all reports

126,233 (Pfizer-mono) + 4668 (Pfizer-bivalent) + 193,009 (AZ) + 31,229 (Moderna-mono) + 4156

(Moderna-bivalent) + 115 (Novavax) + 2100 (Unknown) = 361,510

46,764 of the above serious reports are of ‘Unknown Age’ = 12.9% of all serious reports

MHRA definition of ‘serious’ – patient died, life threatening, hospitalisation, congenital, abnormality, persistent or significant disability or capacity, deemed medically significant by MHRA medical dictionary or reporter.


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