Don’t mention the “C” word: an “old geezer’s” take on the UK Dreadful Election

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Intro by Steve Cook

I’m featuring the following article – an open letter from a British “old geezer” to our incumbent globalist front man, the Prime Dimwit – as it rather neatly sums up the sentiments of millions of fellow Brits – “old” , “geezers” or otherwise.

I’ve added my own emphases.

In my view it draws attention to a very important point:

How can we expect our corrupt political establishment, of which both Tories and Labour are front groups, to heal the nation’s critical wounds when they were the weaponised liars, con men and fraudsters who inflicted them in the first place? 

The answer is, they won’t and have no intention of doing so. Their sole intention is to keep the con game going, and keep  right on fleecing the flock until it’s dead. We wait in vain for any of these interwoven cartels of deadbeats, scroungers fraudsters, charlatans and crooks to propose a single sincere, workable policy that will truly get to the root of and deal with the criminality and mismanagement that sickens the governance of the nation. They are the malaise.

We need an antidote.


And millions of us now realise it.

Oh and by “antidote”, we mean something that actually improves the nation’s wellbeing.

And if these deadbeats cannot come up with such measures – they haven’t so far after all, having made things progressively worse for decade upon decade – then we, The People, need to replace them with more honest men who will.

Meanwhile, expect our parasitic elite and their globalist puppet masters, seeing their gig starting to unravel and fearing the retribution of an angry People, to “solve” their problem by inventing or orchestrating a new threat to take our minds off the existing debacles: handy stock-in-trade distractions such as a new fake pandemic or a war for instance.


Letter to the Prime Minister

From an old geezer trying to keep awake

Dear Prime Minister,

I hope you are enjoying Italian hospitality. Puglia is a beautiful and historic region. My grandfather came from Puglia and he was a very wise and gentlemanly person. How I miss him.

As I watch what must be the most boring coverage of the most tedious election ever, I must tell you that I am missing something else.

Let me explain. I greatly appreciated your various measures launched in support of the people and businesses during the very dark days of 2020-2021.  Good government does what you did: look after its people. You “looked after” some highly organised criminals, but the good intentions were there. Thank you.

Watching the dreadful, carefully stage-managed coverage of the election, I missed any mention of the root cause of societal and financial disaster, any mention of measures to tackle bad government, bad regulation, corruption, censorship, lack of compassion, and plundering of the public purse, which the 200 odd evidence-free anti-COVID measures have brought to light. Anti-COVID measures -remember those?

I think I know why you and your partner, Sir Kier, have a mutual understanding, not to mention the C word: because both your parties are responsible, and you both are acutely aware of it. The lockdown and the lockthemdownharder parties are your joint legacy to the people of the sceptred Isle.

So please do not threaten us with any more disasters, plagues, boat people, wars and sundry nasties to the stability and independence of the Kingdom and Europe. You are not very credible, as you, your predecessor, your partner/seeming political opponent, and your two parties are the main culprits of our societal and financial bankruptcy.

I wish you and Sir Keir a very good and productive time in your boring endeavours.

This letter was written by an old geezer who falls into a coma every time he watches news bulletins. He is only kept alive by his desperate search for real news. The old geezer does not give eight Hancocks who wins, the choice is dire either way.

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