Don’t be fooled – you are tougher than you think

A wild idea from Jon Davy

by Jon Davy

Copenhagen 7/9/20

Here’s a wild idea.

The human organism is far more robust and viruses far less deadly than we have been conned into believing.

Listen to the media and your government endlessly banging on about how ALL THESE HORRIBLE DANGEROUS VIRUSES AND OTHER TINY ORGANISMS TOO MINISCULE TO BE VISIBLE  ARE LURKING WITH INTENT TO KILL YOU STONE DEAD  and how you must be careful, stay safe and follow your government’s advice if you want to live!” You wind up with the impression that the human organism is such a frail delicate little thing it’s a miracle it’s lasted this long, let alone proliferated in such numbers there are now seven thousand million of the blighters living on this planet.

Well, for one thing, if you want to be safe the government and the media are probably the last things you should listen to.

But let’s look this over, starting with the latest disease the media has been advertising: COVID 19.

Government and media hype, false stats and so forth aside, the actual death rate from COVID19 is quite small. It is so small there is, per current stats, something like a 99-point-something-or-other chance it WON’T kill you – odds similar to the chances of drowning or dying in a traffic accident.

If you are very old and/or very ill, your chances of dying if you catch it are slightly higher but even then the percentages are not astronomical.

Very very few people who  are neither old nor very ill have been, allegedly, killed by this virus. In other words, in order to kill you, the virus ordinarily needs a lot of help. It cannot do it on its own.

It’s a hypothesis of mine that in actual fact, even those very few “killed by the virus” whilst having no obvious major illness such as cancer, will turn out to have had something going on that gave the virus a helping hand. If it is EVER studied, which it probably won’t be. I’m talking about something like a major emotional trauma such as a recent bereavement, being terrified or under severe stress from some influence in their environment, or trying to subsist on a diet of junk food, or severe mineral or vitamin deficiencies, or taking drugs, alcohol or medications or being a heavy smoker and so on, all things that wreck an otherwise perfectly capable immune system.

In other words, it may well be that this virus CANNOT kill you unless you help it do so. The human organism is THAT tough. Even if I am overstating it to some degree, it is sure as hell a lot tougher than we are being told.

If we take a look at the major killers from history that we learn about in school or from movies we discover that these too NEEDED A LOT OF HELP and may well have been, unaided, not all that fatal, if at all.

Take the Plague for example. It cut a swathe of carnage through the human race at a time when knowledge of sanitation, hygiene and so on was non existent. People chucked their poo out of the ruddy window and rats ran in the streets! Medical knowledge was virtually non-existent. Diseases were a mystery, medical treatment amounted to using leeches or blood letting – using unsterilised knives. Doctors probably gave the plague a massive helping hand – along with the rats, open sewers, hunger/malnutrition.

I googled, “what was the average life span in the middle ages?” and here was what came up:

“Life expectancy at birth was a brief 25 years during the Roman Empire, it reached 33 years by the Middle Ages and raised up to 55 years in the early 1900s. In the Middle Ages, the average life span of males born in landholding families in England was 31.3 years . . .”

Of course, the average was lowered by the high rate of infant mortality but average UK life expectancy today stands at around 80 for men and 83 for woman. As someone almost 70 I can vouch for the fact that there are today vastly more people walking around who are over 70 than when I was young. And on average they are fitter and more active too! It is a miraculous achievement for which we can thank medical advances, sanitation, hygiene and better nutrition. In other words, we are helping factors inimical to our survival less than we were.

And that applies to viruses as well. Chances are the plague, black death or even the Spanish Flu (which also had a lot of help, especially from the pharmacutical industry of the time) in the modern era would not have been something we couldn’t handle and probably would not have raised much of a stir – unless subversive elements decide to manufacture a scare.

So all in all it would seem to me that the innate homicidal nature of viruses is a myth.

They need help if they are going to kill you, which human beings at times supply in large measure through lack of sanitation, squalor, no knowledge of hygiene, deadly medical practices, stressing one another out and so forth.

Conclusion: we human beings are much tougher and smarter and more successful than we have been allowed to believe.



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