Blair: one worm revealed

- but what about the rest of the can?

by Steve Cook

The outcry that stems from the Chilcott report and the popular concensus that Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes are understandable and justified.

Tony Blair MUST stand trial and so must his partner-in-crime George W Bush.

We must set a precedent that will make think twice the next psycho who53 False Flags 2 thinks it perfectly acceptable to abuse his trust and cause death and destruction on a massive scale for no sane reason.

We cannot, if we wish to have any sort of desirable civilisation to live in, allow madmen to run amuck without any fear of consequences for their degenerate, muderous behaviour.

We wind up ultimately with the government and environment we are willing to accept so it is vital for our survival and the survival of our children to establish once and for all what we as a people are not willing to accept.

But the revelations that Blair and Bush started a war against a country that was no threat to us got thousands of people killed, ruined thousands more lives, wrecked an entire country, made enemies of people who could have been our friends and made the planet considerably less safe for all of us beg several more questions:

There is the case of Dr Andrew Kelly, the man who had the guts to declare openly and steadfastly that Iraq had NO WMD and threatened to scupper Blair’s plan to start a war in order to propitiate the Americans. How right he was! Dr Kelly suddenly and mysteriously “committed suicide” and this conveniently removed spanner from the works of Blair’s plan for carnage and mayhem. That case should be re-opened and re-examined.

There is also the case of Robin Cook, Blair’s Foreign Secretary, who died from a timely “heart attack” when he exposed the whole Al Qaeda myth as a construct of Western Intelligence agencies.

There is the False Flag event of the 7/7 London bombings, can event that stinks to high heaven and into which Blair at the time declined, for some reason that makes no sense, to do the obvious thing (IF one is resolutely seeking the truth) and hold an inquiry. There must now, in the light of what the Chilcott uinquiry has unearthed, be a full inquiry into the London bombings

And we urgenbtly need answers to this vital question: were Bush and Blair simply lone nut cases working on their own psychotic whim or did they have sponsors and accomplices?

Who was behind the scenes? Who were the masterminds for whom Blair was the PR font man? Who stood to gain from a needless war? Who would make enormous profits from the bank loans and sale of weaponry a war inevitably necessitates and who would also profit from lending money to rebuild Iraq after it was destroyed? And who had enough clout or leverage to steer, goad, bribe or blackmail a British PM in the direction of a pointless war?

Blair’s handlers will doubtless protect themselves by making him the fall guy, the deranged loner, but who are these people and why should we let them get away with conspiracy to commit mass murder?

Finally, is this the tip of the iceberg? We now KNOW the Iraq war was based on bare-faced lying and an agendum that had nothing to do with making us or anybody else safer. HOW MANY OTHER WARS HAVE WE WAGED BASED ON OUTRIGHT LIES OR SOME CRIMINAL AGENDUM ON THE PART OF MEN ENTRUSTED WITH THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM?

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