Anatomy of a Con Job

Taking the lies apart, exposing the scammers who profit from envornmental fears

Exposing the scams and the players behind the “sustainability” movement

by John Truman Wolfe

This short, well-written and highly informative book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the planet.

Good husbandry of and care for our planet is vital if we are to ensure the long-term survival of the human nation.

Successful husbandry requires addressing rationally and with workable solutions ACTUAL PROBLEMS as they arise  – or preferably anticipating them and ensuring they never arise in the first place.

It does not require being lied to and addressing in a propaganda-induced spirt of panic or terror non-existent, distorted, misrepresented or fake problems with incorrect solutions.

Unfortunately, the sincere drive to care for the planet in a positive and constructive manner has been hijacked by criminal elements who have interjected bogus problems with bogus solutions and our clear view of what must and can be done obscured by a smokescreen of false information. It is not the first time in history that sincere human endeavour or genuine concerns have been hijacked by criminals who then operate parasitically off of honest human endeavour to enrich or empower themselves.

Thus, woven into the sustainability/environmental movement are a series of cons that this book takes apart one by one and lays bare for your consideration.

Read it. You will have a much more balanced and less terrified view of how we can all move forward as a commiunity on a planet that is in good health.

Anatomy of a Con Job

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