Worrying about Islam: the fine arts of divide-and-rule and misdirection

Behind the installed upset and fear concerning Islam, our nations are dying due to other causes entirely

Worrying about Islam is rather like worrying about catching a cold whilst one is dying from leprosy. The cold only becomes a problem when one is near death already.
It has become popular of late, so far as the Main Stream Media is concerned, to stir up a great deal of upset and fear concerning Islam, whilst our nations are failing due to other causes entirely.
This is of course, as most people now understand, a Divide and Rule caper and the art of misdirection on the part of the Very Best People who seek to treat us all like cattle, a “don’t look at us, look at those people over there!” caper.
Once upon a time, the Threat of Communism was presented to us as the big scary thing we should worry about but when it expired meekly like a geriatric taken off life support our puppet masters needed another Big Scary Thing to replace it, Islam got elected. Then by an amazing coincidence we had the controlled demolition of 9/11 which cemented the new paradigm firmly in our consciousness and we were off to the races.  The propaganda machine went into overdrive convincing us to be terrified of people we had already invaded and colonised, whose dictators we had often installed, whose intolerant. fundamentalist kingdoms were our treasured allies, whose lands we had plundered for cheap oil or handed to Israel, whose youth we had introduced to drugs and psychiatry and so forth.
The idea is to sucker us into fighting one another instead of fighting THEM.
Today, Islam has been chosen as the Bogey Man we should all be terrified about. In my time I have seen preceding bogey men come and go, other groups that were supposed to be the target of our fear and anger. There was Communism as I mentio0ned, the Asians, the Blacks, the Irish, the Protestants, the Catholics and so on.
Fewer and fewer people are foolish enough to take much notice of the MSM’s propaganda tricks and fewer and fewer of us are dumb enough to let ourselves be suckered into these engineered hatreds.
When we look at our country, we do of course see an ailing, declining, debt-ridden, drugged-up, TV-besotted, mismanaged mess but the decline has been going on for quite some time. Who did this to us? In fact, who induced in us such timidity that we quake and succumb to hysterics whenever someone shakes a fist?
How responsible are Muslims for it? They appear to have had their hands full with being invaded first by the Brits and French, then the Americans and Jews or other Muslims, their countries thus smashed up and millions of tons of explosive rained down on them from aircraft.
Meanwhile, we have to ask ourselves how much Muslims have had a hand in the destruction of our own countries or whether this is the work of someone else, for which that someone else would dearly like Muslims to get the blame.
And some people duly oblige them. The irony is that those who victimise Muslims in the name of “defending England” or some such thing, help to escape justice the very criminals who have corrupted and almost ruined our countries from within. In essence then, they unwittingly aid and abet the real enemy – an enemy, by the way, that is as much the enemy of Islam as it is of people of other beliefs.
So we are all kept preoccupied worrying about Muslims. At the same time, Muslim countries are being bombed, dismantled and invaded, giving Muslims good reason to worry about us.
While we are all worrying about one another, the ongoing work of real criminals can then proceed unnoticed and unimpeded by any likelihood of justice.
It is quite clear that American governance has been hijacked by criminals, that Congress is corrupt and that corrupt people and agencies violate their oaths and spit on the Constitution daily. How many of these perpetrators are or have been or are Muslims?
It is clear too that the United Kingdom is in the hands of self-serving men who lie to the people whenever it suits their purpose and who care more for vested interests such as wealthy corporations than they do for the citizenry as a whole and who have turned out democracy into a con game orchestrated by a sly oligarchy. In my lifetime, the UK ‘s empire vanshed and the country dwindled as a world power until she became, with the connivance of her leaders and without the consent of the people, a province in a European empire run from a central bank in Frankfurt. How many Muslims were among the political elites who have engineered and are stil engineering that decline?
Our nations have suffered a loss of vitality that derived from drugs and promiscuity, political and financial corruption, the encroaching power of the state, socialism and the erosion of morality and ethics. How many of the people advocating or participating in this degeneration were or are Muslims and how many espouse other creeds or any creed at all?
We can see too the harm done by the drugging, brain-damaging psychiatrists and their determination to debilitate the entire population – including our children – with drugs. How many of these criminals seeking to drug you or your kids are Muslim? How much of the origin of psychiatry or its political arm, Communinism, is Muslim? How much was any Muslim involved in their povenance?
Of the “security” agencies exposed for experimenting on American citizens in operations like MK Ultra, it appears that none of the perpetrators were Muslim either.
Meanwhile, America imprisons, in gaols run for private profit, more of its citizens than any other nation on Earth. How many Muslims are involved in this shameful chapter in American history?
The banksters that foisted off on us a debt-based money scam that has bled us dry and wrecked our economies to the point of collapse are not Muslims. In fact their professed creed, whatever it happens to be, is irrelevant: the banksters comprise a crime syndicate that has defrauded us of trillions and stolen the wealth created by honest men and as such they are criminals. Moreover, they have financed and profited from war after war after war and have the blood of billions on their hands. Yet those who profess patriotism are happy to fight Muslims whilst lifting not a finger to bring those arch criminals and arch enemies of their nation to justice.
Interestingly enough, the banking scam is based on USURY, something that Islam forbids. Of the handful of banking dynasties that now control much of the world’s wealth and most of its economic and political fortunes, dynasties such as the Rothschilds, which of these is Muslim?
Rapacious corporations, themselves interwoven with those same banking interests, rape and pillage the environment. They poison us and our kids with psych meds, GMOs, vaccines, drugs, peticides and so forth. They have very few, if any, Muslims running them or formulating their policies.
Of the weapons of death amd mass destruction used across the world wherever human beings are supplied with the means to slaughter one another (and loaned by the banking interests the money with which to buy them) how many were designed and manufactured by Muslims?
Corporate oligarchs plot the “culling” of the human race on a planet that is under-populated and only appears over-populated because it is so appallingly badly run. This so-called culling is but a word for conspiracy or incitement to commit mass murder (of YOU and YOUR children). How many of the architects and advocates of this proposed mass murder are Muslims?
How much are Muslims responsible for declining education and soaring illiteracy? How much have they had a hand in our education system?
Then there are the TTIP and TTP trade agreements through which our politicians are selling our sovereignty behind our backs to corporate oligarchs. Who are the men carrying out this treason and delivering our fates into the hands of ruthless foreign powers? Are they Muslims and are the powers into whose hands we are being delivered Muslims?
And don’t even get me started on Brexit . . .
The warmongers who have mismanaged America into endless wars and invasions (often against Muslim countries) and rendered the American economy dependent on war or continued preparedness for war are not Muslim, neither are the arms manufacturers.
The MSM that persistently and continually distorts, exaggerates or lies to us about Islam, Judaism and many other creeds is not Muslim as far as I know. Who owns most of the mainstream media? Apparently over ninety percent of it now rests in the hands of half a dozen corporations and the owners of these corporations decide what we shall be told. Are any of them Muslim? Are they even friendly to Islam?
Doubtless there are lunatics within Islam as there are lunatics within our governments, right wing groups, left wing groups, other racial groups, Christian groups, Jewish groups and atheist groups. The presence of a lunatic or lunatic faction in any of these broad groups does not entitle us to treat the entire broad group en masse as if they are lunatics. People are people, they are individuals, not a cloned mass of identical automatons. If that were not the case, then the history of the West would entitle many peoples to treat all Westerners as homicidal maniacs.
This upset about Islam derives from an effort to divide man along lines of custom, race, manner or belief, to sow discord and mistrust and persuade the good people within all these groups to wrong-target one another and fight one another.
It is the old divide and rule caper expertly done by people who have had lots of practice at rendering Man manipulable and controllable.
While we treat Muslims as if they seek to ruin our countries, we do nothing to bring to justice the banksters, corporate oligarchs, utopian tinkerers and political whores who have been hard at work wrecking our countries.
While we are all (Muslims included) busy wrestling with the decoys we have been handed by corrupt and disingenuous leaders and duped into our engineered fears and hatreds, we leave the real enemies of Man free to continue dismantling our civilisations.
We leave them free to go on undermining our natural kinship with one another, breaking the affinity necessary for survival and inhibiting sanity and freedom with impunity, much as they have been doing since long before the Middle East was conquered and subjugated by the French and British.
Honest politicians enacting just laws even-handedly and without fear or favour in service of ALL the people so as to protect the honest man and target ONLY the criminal are the way out of this mess, not pandering to the efforts of our oppressors to generate the strife from which they must then “protect” us.
None of this suggests we should not be vigilant and stand our ground against those who wish to enslave us or corrupt us or chip away at our freedoms or weaken us to a point where we worry timidly about being “taken over” by refugees. Tbe way not to be taken over by anybody is to stand tall, proud, prosperous, truly vigilant and just and to exemplify the good conduct we then have a right to expect from others. We do that and people will flock to our banner of their own volition.
The problem is we lapsed in our vigilance and surrendered precious freedoms long before we were persuaded to take our eye further off the ball and worry about Islam. Those corrupt utopian tinkerers, corporate oligarchs, banksters and other architects of global tyranny who are by increments enslaving and betraying us and suckering us into fighting one another have been hard at work upon our nations for a very long time.
And they ain’t Muslims.
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