The Zionist subversion of British Politics – some insights into how it’s done

by Kieron McFadden
The presently ongoing viciousness/genocide by the Zionist anti-humanitarians in Gaza has thrust several phenomena into the consciousness of the broad human community.
Not least among these phenomena is the degree to which governments such as those of the United States and Great Britain have shown themselves to be subservient not to their own electorates but to the Zionist mass murderers in Tel Aviv. This subservience has led them not just to finance and arm the perpetrators of the genocide but to essentially spit on international law and the humanitarian values held by the citizenry they pretend to represent and then, for heaven’s sake, compound the felony by blowing up more people through the bombing of YET ANOTHER country, this time Yemen.
The subservience to the Zionists, especially in the historical light of the Balfour Declaration in which the then Imperial power occupying the region, Britain, donated the country of a people not in a position to fight back (Palestine) to the arch-Zionists of the Rothschild banking cartel, begs the question as to how long the Zionists have been exerting covert control over Britain.
It begs further questions as to how far does this covert influence extend over the degenerate and possibly treasonous British establishment, the British media and so forth, distorting not just our policies in the Middle East but – so as to gain support for those policies –  the public’s overall view of the much-conquered, much-bombed and much-interfered-with region.
And it also begs the question of how this covert influence is being done. Our view is that the blackmail of key figures may play a powerful role and that therein lies a string for investigators to pull to see what emerges.
But the following documentary series from Al Jazeera made at a time when  Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the Labour Party (a leader, we should add, sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians and ousted by hostile factions in his own party and replaced by the Zionist front man, Starmer) throws some light on the behind-the-scenes machinations that have enabled Zionists to subvert both the Labour and Tory parties.
It is a shame that the work of exposing the scandal had to be left to an Arab news service but, on the other hand, hardly surprising in light of how much our own media is subservient to Tel Aviv.
We suspect that the Al Jazeera documentary series featured below may only be giving you a part of the whole story but it is at least a start in helping the UK citizenry understand the degree to which our political establishment is infiltrated and subverted by a foreign vested interest.
The Zionists might well turn out not to be the only foreign entity trying to subvert our governance but the basic principle here is that NO vested interest should have covert, or indeed overt,  influence over our governance no matter who or what they are, be they Zionists, Communists,  business corporations, arms dealers or the ruddy Boy Scouts of America. But right now the Zionists have been caught out and appear to be the most skilled and egregious exponents of the art.
It is our view that the British political establishment should take its orders only from the British people who elected and empowered it and that hidden lines of communication from foreign powers – whoever they happen to be – and the resultant hidden influences should be proscribed by law.
There is an underlying principle here: that, whilst anyone should be free to petition or lobby or make proposals to our government – such communications MUST be open, IN WRITING or RECORDED and viewable unedited by any citizen, with secret meetings and so forth not a matter of fully accessible public record outlawed, with stiff penalties for those who violate such laws.
This would apply not just to the agents of this or that foreign government seeking to seed political parties with its proxies, but to the lobbying of government by ANY vested interests  or such phenomena as, for example, the Prime Minister having a telephone conversation with billionaire vaccine fanatic Bill Gates where we, the people, have no idea what was said or agreed.
The PRINCIPLE of  WRITTEN OR RECORDED SUBMISSION, once entered into law, would go a long way towards cleaning up the subverted mess that has been made of our politics and the catastrophic blood bath of our foreign relations.
Be all that as it may, check out this Al Jazeera documentary series and see if it helps raise your understanding of what the hell is wrong with many of the mealy-mouth con men posing as our “representatives”.
Increased understanding is the antidote to propaganda.

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