“The hottest day ever” and other fibs: how the climate terror is spun

Using shocks and alarm to fixate attention

Here is an interesting insight into how July 4 became propagandised into “the hottest day ever” based on a FALSE temperature stat whilst the actual (minus the false-high stat) global average was nothing untoward.It is  great example of how propaganda works: by loud and incessant repetition where you don’t have to prove anything, merely assert or accuse.In other words, a lot of noise and hysteria is whipped up around a false report that creates alarm and dismay in the public’s mind.

Attention is then shifted elsewhere to the next hysterical false alarm before the falseness of the report and the CORRECT DATA gets public attention. Things run pretty much normal but the hysterical claims, being alarming, are what sticks in the memory of many people.

When this operation is hammered home repetitively over and over a great many people become convinced that something is happening that is not actually happening.

Anyway, this article throws some interesting light on the current propaganda blitz designed to frighten people into  a docile acceptance of their own impoverishment.

Opening up a can of climate whoop-ass on this guy

As I’ve said before, it is our duty to fight back against the wild claims of the rampant climate alarmism that permeates media, social and otherwise. Here’s an example of how you do it – writing a letters to the editor rebuttal. I urge readers to do the same when confronted with baseless scary claims.

My Letter to the Editor of July 13, 2023:

Letter: Sifting through a lot of hot air

This is a response to Michael Bertsch who wrote:

“July 4th was the hottest day in the history of humanity so far. … and when science proves you wrong you still deny the heat record’s connection to oil — this position is thick as a brick. We laugh at you. We’re all laughing at you.”

This shows Michael’s “thick” knowledge of the situation. That July 4th claim is false. It came from a website called climatereanalyzer.org using model data, not actual temperatures, and got picked up by know-nothing social media fools going viral, followed by the media that didn’t bother to check. Only two problems: it wasn’t an official temperature. In a July 5 Associated Press story, NOAA distanced itself:

“NOAA, whose figures are considered the gold standard in climate data, said in a statement Thursday that it cannot validate the unofficial numbers. It noted that the reanalyzer uses model output data, which it called “not suitable” as substitutes for actual temperatures and climate records.”

And there is the fact that the model only goes back to 1979, not “the history of humanity.”


The “excess heat” that spurred social media panic came from the waters off Antarctica, where apparently a computer model glitch made it look like shrimp were boiling in the ocean. Meanwhile, according to actual data, you know, from real measurements, the temperature of the Earth as of this writing is 57.47°F. That’s not “hot.”

I laugh at you Michael, in fact, we’re all laughing at you.

Full details and references here:  https://wattsupwiththat.com/newspaper-letter-references/

Anthony Watts


Here is the Associated Press story: https://apnews.com/article/global-heat-record-hottest-climate-change-july-483fc8e2a286062773692db1a37efe23

Here is the graphic that caused the social media panic. See the little uptick in the center to 17°C. Note that it only has data back to 1979.

I’m pretty sure there were heatwaves before 1979, like the big one in July 1936. So much for Michael’s claim of “the hottest day in the history of humanity.”

Here’s the big “heat source” that caused the panic – an apparent glitch (or short term outlier anomaly) in model output that made it look like the waters off Antarctica were boiling hot, and when “averaged” over the entire globe, made that false 17°C uptick.

Dr. Ryan Maue weighs in on Twitter trying to put out the wrongheaded social media fire. It isn’t even an up to date climate model, circa 2009/2011:

The global temperature as of this writing:

For source/info see: https://temperature.global

Visit Watts Up With That? for many more great articles


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