Some like it hot even when it’s not- how the climate gaslighting is done

Intro by Kieron McFadden

I think most people understand by now that we have been gaslighted by the climate hysteria psyoperatives into acceptance (or so they hoped) of a chimerical pseudo-peril of global overheating requiring what is essentially a dismantling of our hard-won civilisation and liberties to “save us”. And most can now see how the attempted gaslighting was done.

At risk of stating the blindingly obvious, some of the main aspects of the gaslighting have been:

Scour the planet during the hot summer weather for places where wildfires have occurred. Find some scattered across the planet and report them one on top of the other in the most alarming terms accompanied by the most alarming images possible. Thus the media, bringing these incidents together, make it appear the planet is on fire even though overall the incidence of wildfires has not increased particularly and in fact has decreased somewhat (carefully never mentioned).

In describing them, keep using terms like “unprecedented” even though they are far from unprecedented.

Carefully omit from the narrative the fact that there has been over  the long term a the reduction of the incidence of wildfires

An example is the Ashdown Forest in England where I live. When I first moved into the area, forest fires in the heat of summer were a regular occurrence. Then for the past thirty years or more we’ve not had any, mainly due to the fact that our summers have not been as hot or as prone to heatwaves as they once were.

As a result, my kids who are now all in their thirties and my grandkids have no experience  of forest fires. One can imagine that if we have a hot summer some time and maybe a bit of arson (deliberate or accidental) we could get another forest fire.

If that happens it will be for me “just like the old days” but for my kids and grandkids with no memory of our forest fires, it will be a scary experience and easy to sell them on the idea it’s an unprecedented event “due to global warming”.

So, ignoring areas like mine that haven’t seen a forest fire in ages, fixate public attention on the places where there are some.

For a few weeks at the height of the summer we got the not unusual flurry of forest fires here and there across the planet and the media contrived to bombard us for a short while with their as-alarming-as-they-could-make-them stories and scary pictures.

After a few days or weeks as summer progresses, the fires dwindle and stop happening but the scary pictures and headlines stick in the mind, kept alive by continual references to “all those unprecedented fires”, which creates the illusion they are still happening in “all those places that are on fire”, even though the wildfire season has come and gone. Repetition is a key component of all advertising and propaganda/gaslighting psychological warfare operations.

Then to really ram home the gaslighting, at the hottest part of the year, with the media full of pictures of blazing landscapes you get a nicely timed pronouncement from the Secretary General of the UN who embarrassed himself and his organisation with puerile talk of “global boiling”.

Where are the forest fires now? If the planet really were ablaze, they would still  be happening. Interestingly, whilst it is now winter here in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in the southern hemisphere but we are not hearing much about wildfires in that area.

It is pretty much the same gaslighting tactic with “all those unprecedented floods” and “all those  unprecedented hurricanes” and of course, “all those record temperatures”. Whilst we actually are living through  – and should be enjoying – a very mild inter-glacial era with a climate overall about as benign as it ever gets on a planet where the environment is as a rule pretty tough in which only tough and resourceful species can survive let alone thrive as we humans have done, we are reduced to a state of dismay.

The gaslighting could, if one were of a mind to, be applied to the record low temperatures/snow/ice manifesting in various places across the planet.

The exact same tactics could be used to create a very convincing picture of a planet entering a cooling period (or “killer ice age” in media-speak).

Even though technologically we are potentially capable of dealing with such vagaries of climate, it would be easy with the right slant on one’s reporting to create a widespread terror of imminent icy doom.

Take a look at the following article from Principia Scientific and see what you make of it what honest scientists are reporting.

2023: A Year Of Record-Cold Temperatures Despite Media Claims

 by Frank Bergman


During 2023, the corporate media has been dominated by reports of allegedly record-breaking heatwaves, wildfires, and droughts.

According to them, this is all the result of the so-called “climate crisis.”

In 2022, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned us it was “code red for humanity.

This was due to supposed “global warming” caused by CO2 emissions from human activities.

In 2023, Guterres upped the ante when he introduced his latest ultra-hyped rhetoric and declared: “The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.

The UN chief made the fearmongering statement during the hot weather in the summer for maximum effect.

Around the same time, the media claimed that July was the hottest on record.

This conveniently coincided with reports of “apocalyptic” wildfires in the Mediterranean (Spain, Greece, and Italy), the U.S., Hawaii, and Canada.

Of course, [we’re supposed to believe] that wildfires didn’t exist before the Industrial Revolution and that average temperatures have been recorded for millions of years, not just the past 150 years.

For causal uniformed corporate media viewers (non-Slay News readers), it would be easy to assume Guterres and the climate catastrophists were merely quoting facts.

However, the temperature data recorded for 2023 tells a very different story than the one promoted by Guterres et al.

When viewing the record cold temperatures for 2023, it suggests the opposite of “global boiling.”

On January 14, 2023, an astonishing –62.4°C was recorded in Tongulakh, Siberia.

In addition to becoming Earth’s coldest temperature recorded in 2023, the all-time station record was broken in Tongulakh.

On February 4, 2023, the Halifax airport in Nova Scotia saw its coldest wind chills ever recorded.

The temperature plummeted to –43°C (–45.4°F).

This tops its previous record of –41°C that was set on February 13 1967 for wind chill.

Many other places across Canada also set new daily records, with temperatures lower than –40°C.

On February 19, temperatures in Shepherd Bay, Nunavut dropped to –49.6°C (–57.3°F).

On Tuesday, March 7, the United Kingdom braved its coldest night of 2023. Temperatures plunged to below –15°Celsius in several regions.

According to UK news outlet The Independent, the British Met Office revealed that the temperature at Kinbrace in the Scottish Highlands was recorded at –15.2 Celsius, making it the coldest March in the country since 2010.

In February, the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire reported a wind-chill low of –78°Celsius (–108°Fahrenheit).

This was the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States, despite the “climate crisis” allegedly “boiling” the planet.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service (NWS) in Caribou, Maine, said it received reports of “frostquakes.”

“Just like earthquakes, [they] generate tremors, thundering sensations,” the NWS explains.

“These are caused by sudden cracks in frozen soil or underground water when it’s very cold.”

In Boston, where officials closed the public school system due to the impending freeze, the low temperature hit –23°C (–10°F).

This drop shattered the day’s record set more than a century ago, the NWS said.

In Providence, Rhode Island, the mercury dropped to –23°C (–9°F), well below the previous all-time low of –19°C (–2°F) set in 1918.

The Arctic blast flowing into the U.S. from eastern Canada also brought record lows to Albany, New York; Augusta, Maine; Rochester, New York; and Worcester, Massachusetts, among other places.

In June, Sydney experienced its coldest morning on record.

The Australian city recorded a minimum temperature of 1.8°C at Olympic Park, according to Miriam Bradbury, a senior meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology.

In fact, more than 100 weather stations across Australia registered their coldest May minimum temperatures on record.

They saw regular frosts, snowfall, and below-average rainfall.

Thursday, June 1 saw potentially the lowest June temperature on record in Finland.

A weather station in Lapland, Enontekiö Kilpisjärvi Saana, reached –7.7°C.

This may not seem that cold for northern Finland, where winter temperatures reach as low as –51.5°C.

However, the last time Lapland saw a minimum temperature of –7°C in June was on June 3, 1962.

Extreme cold also arrived abnormally early in Antarctica.

Temperatures dropped to below –75°C from the beginning of May.

Following the onset of polar night, winter has started at the South Pole, and with it glacial cold at the Russian research station of Vostok.

As early as May 5, a low of –75°C was recorded, while just days ago this fell further to –76.4°C.

This marks a new record for the early winter.

Daily highs are also plummeting, often just below –70°C on the Earth’s coldest continent.

A sudden and unexpected surge of cold Arctic air engulfed several regions of South America, shattering numerous cold records in its wake.

Although it is currently summer in the southern hemisphere, including parts of South America such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and parts of Brazil, some areas have experienced a drastic and rapid shift in weather.

Some have been going from a heat wave to frost in less than a week.

On February 18, 2023, most of the cities in Paraguay experienced a sharp drop in temperature, breaking their previous records for minimum temperatures.

The temperatures ranged between 7° and 16°C (44.6- 60.8°F) across the country.

The lowest readings were recorded in the southeast.

The lowest temperature was 7.7°C (45.9 °F), which is just 0.7°C (1.2°F) from the national record low for February.

The extreme cold weather caused at least 30 cities in Argentina to break their monthly cold records on the same day.

So, despite the warnings of planetary overheating from Guterres and the green agenda alarmists, it seems that this year record cold temperatures have been recorded on every continent.

Yet, much of what mainstream media has been pushing are stories of the supposed “record hot temperatures” and “Earth on fire” apparently caused by man-made “global warming.”

Meanwhile, there is always somewhere on Earth that has experienced its coldest-ever temperature record.

However, the global elite and their media allies don’t like to mention these record-cold temperatures as they don’t fit in with the “global boiling” narrative.

Instead, they are desperate to convince us that our planet is overheating.

In response, we need to accept massive drops in quality of life for the general public, high taxes, energy insecurity, deindustrialization, mass unemployment, and national impoverishment.

The public must surrender their freedoms to meet the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” targets while the global power elites can fly around in private jets to “save the planet.”

Meanwhile, countries like ChinaIndia, and Indonesia hugely increase their national CO2 emissions as they take our industries and jobs.

See more here climatechangedispatch


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