Let’s end the debt-based system’s blight on humanity

We, The People, can create something better- here's how

Rewards beyond imagining

by Steve Cook

I saw in the papers that our venal millionaire globalist front man of a chancellor is going to “slash government bowing”.

Oh, God protect us from these nation wreckers! This latest attack on the country disguised as stupidity is designed to crush us economically.

Here’s why put very briefly:

Ours is a debt-based economy.

By this is meant that our means of exchange, money, is created out of nothing by the mere fact of entering numbers into computers by the banking cartels and then moving the numbers about.

This money created by a mere stroke of computer keys then gets into circulation by the banks lending it to people, businesses and government.

This is how virtually ALL money comes into being and gets into circulation at present.

Thus, all circulating money exists because individual borrowers, mortgage borrowers, businesses and government carry debt.

The interest on those loans of newly created money comprise the vast profits raked in by the banks in exchange for entering some numbers into computers.

The interest also becomes a toll or charge we all pay to the banks for the temporary use of our own means of exchange.  In other words, a tax we and our governments pay to the banking sector.

If one of these broad sectors tries to reduce its borrowing, the result is:

(a) a constriction of the amount of money circulating, i.e. an increased scarcity of money (recession).

b) To maintain the stock of circulating money, the debt burden that supports it must be carried by the other sectors.

Hence, if the government reduces its own borrowing, it will throw the country into even deeper recession (ruin) and/or drive up private, mortgage and business debts to even more intolerable levels than already exist.

The Chancellor and the globalist banking cartels on whose strings he dances know this full well. The apparent ineptitude is a facade. Behind that sit criminal syndicates who know exactly what they are doing.

Their goal is to subjugate the nation through control and manipulation of its means of exchange.

There IS a solution to this, which any government sincerely working in the interests of the People would have implemented long ago and spared us all a great deal of anguish.

It is this:

Immediately phase out the practice of banking cartels creating money and lending the money they have created into circulation.

Restore to elected and accountable government the sole right to create money and get it into circulation. This is done with full transparency as a service to the People.

It is gotten into circulation by SPENDING it into circulation (NEVER lending it) through financing the creation of infrastructure (roads etc) and services (schools medical, police etc).

This will at the same time vastly reduce or perhaps even eliminate the burden of taxation that must currently be raised to finance those services to the people.

As government would no longer be allowed to borrow from the banking cartels this will further reduce the tax burden incurred by paying interest on the national debt (currently, from memory, about a third of all tax revenue goes to the money lenders to pay interest on government debt).

In order to keep the amount of new money created at levels that avoid inflation or recession, new money is created and spent into circulation in quantities that KEEP THE PURCHASING POWER OF MONEY STABLE.

If it wishes to increase the amount of money it can spend, the government must do all in its power to assist and promote increased production of goods and services and thus raise national prosperity.

The banking cartels and their many front men in government can be expected to fight these common sense policies as if their survival depends on it.

This is because their survival does depend on it.

This scam has been for a very long time the source of the economic power wielded by the parasitic globalist echelon.

Its abolition will destroy them and their proxies and front men and empower governments to operate in true service of their people.

This is very much worth our collective effort.

The rewards, if we do it right, are almost beyond imagining.

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