GMC suspension: is this justice? You decide

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil "puts his case" to The People


Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil, the NHS surgeon, was  recently suspended with apparent haste by the GMC for voicing his medical concerns about the lockdown and its various ramifications and consequences. He was charged with bringing disrepute to his profession, yet in our view it is difficult to comprehend how speaking out in the interest of better service to the public, pursuant to any doctor’s duty of care, does that.
Moreover, it would seem to us that blind obedience to political diktats to the detriment of the primary duty of medical care could bring the medical profession into disrepute more than any doctor following his conscience and that the GMC, through this injustice – which could so easily be construed as an effort to silence conscientious dissent  – has seriously damaged its own repute.
But what do you think?
Here is a  summary of our understanding of Dr Adil’s case. We’ve taken a novel approach and used our own  imaginations to put it in the first person.Whilst these are not Dr Adil’s own words, we hope to convey how it must look from the perspective of the wronged party. We hope Dr Adil will forgive us for any inaccuracies or errors in this narrative.
In our view this must be a distressing episode for a man who simply endeavoured to do right by the People. Please give him your support as we do.

THE SUSPENSION of Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil, Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of U.K- a perspective

I have been suspended for a period of 12 months by the GMC ( general medical council ) U.K. on 01 June 2020 due to speaking out with my personal point of view of COVID-19 on the social media.
I simply expressed my professional viewpoint on COVID -19 , its  far-reaching restrictions on  the public’s lives and livelihoods and the impact of the lockdown on the economy, social and family well being, education and long standing psychological effects, contrary to the mainstream media narrative.
The GMC allegation is that I have brought disrepute to the profession, forgetting that how much repute I made for the NHS over the period.
The GMC also alleged that I am damaging public confidence and trust. But this is not the case. Millions of people have appreciated my videos, which helped them to relieve their anxiety and stress due to constant mainstream media narrative.
I have had no problems related to clinical concern or patient care at this time or indeed, ever before.
I was terminated by the North Manchester Hospital on 22/04/2020 and then on 07/05/2020 in Pilgrims Hospital Boston where I was working as a Locum Consultant Surgeon within months of the issue of my YouTube video on the Covid-19 expressing my point of view.
I have worked as a  Consultant Surgeon in U.K. for over 30 years without any problems and contributed to the  community, through teaching and the promotion of medical education.
With over 35 years experience in medicine, working at senior level in U.K., Ireland and Pakistan, during this period of complete chaos and misunderstanding of the virus , I have felt obliged to make a scientific contribution in collecting the current data related to the novel virus and comparing it with the other flu viruses and influenza and putting the facts into perspective.
My concerns arise from the devastating impact of the lockdown on the economy,  socioeconomic consequences, personal and family lives and prevailing poverty among the public across the world.
I had no intention to play down the virus and its virulence.
Unemployment in U.K. has gone to 4 millions and economy has shrunk by 14 % which is equal to three recessions.
A large proportion of the People are dying in the world due to road traffic accidents,  heart conditions, cancers, strokes, diabetes and other conditions in numbers that are much higher than the coronavirus itself.
In the USA , every year
  • 665000 people die due to the heart attacks
  • 55000 die due to the cancers
  • 45,0000 for due to the strokes
  • 55,00 for due to flue and influenza

The death rate in the UK is proportionate to the deaths in the USA.

But deaths due to the Lockdown (isolation, fear and mistreatment due to withdrawal of medical care etc) have been higher during the recent pandemic.

With their realistic approach based on the scientific data and facts, my videos went viral on the social media across the world with transcription in various languages and were seen by millions of people all over the world and widely appreciated in helping relieve stress, fear and anxiety created by the main stream media.

On the basis of my videos on the social media, the General Medical Council sent me notification of the urgent inquiry by the Medical Practitioner Tribunal Services ( MPTS) of the GMC to be held viaa Skype Hearing on line.

The meeting was held with 4 working days notice. I was not able to arrange my legal advisor or representative. Moreover , the GMC failed to provide me with a hearing bundle consisting of 247 pages.

In a short and rapid meeting they passed Suspension Order fir a period of 12 months which is totally unfair and unjustified. I have never been dishonest or had any probity issue.

It is totally disproportionate to my appearance on the social media to express my point of view using my freedom of speech and human rights.
It means my license to practice has been withdrawn for 12 months and I am not allowed to practice medicine in this country.
My point of view is simple: that the restrictions imposed on us are so excessive that people with other serious medical conditions have been afraid or unable to go to the hospital because of the fear factor and danger of a consequent very high mortality from other conditions, for example heart disease, cancers, strokes , diabetes , kidney and liver failure and  leukemia.
Also many elective operations , endoscopies, investigations and procedures including cancers have been cancelled and that has led to significant increase in mortality from other conditions.
At least 3 million people in U.K. have not had their treatments for their medical , surgical and other problems and investigations.
I would say government and NHS could have done better in handling the situation with more understanding so as to safeguard public  well being and to save lives in a planned way.
I expressed caution about the use of the vaccines for coronavirus for two reasons.
Firstly we are not too sure about the multiple strains of the Corona Virus and one vaccine might not be helpful.
Secondly, if the production of a vaccine is rushed through too quickly there are dangers of significant side-effects from a potential vaccine being missed. This has happened previously on dengu , Ebola , HIV , hepatitis , H1 ,N1 and flu virus vaccinations.
As there has not been no effective vaccine for the SARS1 or MERS Viruses , how can we expect a vaccine for the SARS2- Cov ( COVID-19) be effective?
Many lethal side effects had been demonstrated across the world by the injudicious use of vaccines.
The other factor about vaccines is that that six strains of coronavirus have been found as mentioned by the WHO and I am concerned that a vaccine could be developed that does not cover all the strains, and that people could then have a false sense of security about having immunity from Covid.
Moreover, the composition and the ingredients of the vaccines has never been explained or displayed for the public.
Use of masks is good in certain situations but is dangerous by using all the times especially during driving , active sports , in homes or normal routine at work due to re inhalation of our own toxins and rebreathing of the Co2.
Similarly social distancing is also preventing us acquiring herd immunity based on the antigen exposure techniques used in Sweden , Norway, Finland, New Zealand etc. without any lockdown or social distancing.
I was suspended with right of appeal within 6 months.
I appealed to the GMC after the decision three times for an early review and revoking unfair suspension of my licence to practice, which has been rejected with the advice that GMC review meeting would be held by the End of November 2020.
Regrettably, that is a long way to go. Unfortunately, my 30 years service for the NHS has not been taken into an account  My legal right  to the full course of justice has been denied me. I didn’t have much time to submit my response after discussion with the legal adviser.
The Hearing’s bundle of documents comprising 247 pages was eventually provided but, with the fullness of justice skimped so that the Hearing could be rushed through to a swift conclusion, I was denied  time to study it or challenge any perceived false reports or inaccuracies.
I have never been dishonest nor have I had any probity issue.
I am pursuing my case publicly and asking my fellow citizens whether you consider justice has been done or served by the GMC in this instance, especially in light of my 30+ years of service to the NHS.
I appealed to the GMC on 5th , 8th and 15th June but it was rejected by the GMC. They told me earliest review would be after 6 months at the end of November 2020.
It’s unfair for a senior, highly skilled and experienced surgeon.This is not in the best interest of patients either during current health crisis.
One the one hand they are making a big show of applauding NHS front line workers, while on the other they are suspending very experienced and qualified surgeons like me.
Do you think my suspension should be revoked with the immediate effect so that I can continue to do my job and my service to my patients and the community?
Is it right that my patients be denied my help because I voiced my honest opinions and concerns as a doctor and a concerned citizen?


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