Demonising Islam – how the Merchants of Fear drive human communities out of communication and into conflict

Divide and rule - keeping the human nation divided and at war with itself

A great deal of propaganda effort, played out in the mainstream media and through the social networks, is being devoted to driving Muslim and non-Muslim communities out of communication with one another and into conflict.

Being out of communication is a necessary prerequiste for conflict. People IN communucation tend to resolve their differences or, more often than not, discover they don’t actually have any. People who have reached a point of hate or terror of some other people have already stopped listening or really even paying attention. And when people aren’t paying attention or willing to listen, there’s no communication.

The fear and uncertainty thus created provide the excuses to strengthen the state and its security and surveillance apparatus. It also whips up public opinion support for the clandestine or overt wars and proxy wars being waged for control of the oil resources of the Middle East, resources upon which a hapless 14% of the world’s Muslims happen to be sitting.  The importance of that public opnion support for a war effort and how it is engineered is very nicely explained here.

The atrocities being carried out against Muslims by Western war machines, Israel and various other proxies for Western powers then don’t seem quite so bad considering “how bad those Muslims are” and “those Muslims WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD” (a world whose take-over is already in progress and the dudes doing the taking-over sure as hell ain’t Muslims).

There is also an element of distraction by which the subversive powers and merchants of chaos who are busy wrecking our civilisation from within conjure an external threat, of the nature, “Look at those guys over there! Look how horrible and scary they are! Don’t look at us, look at them!” Thus we can all worry about the “threat” of Muslims whilst psychiatry is drugging or electro-shocking your kids, your government sells out to rapacious corporations, your democracy degenerates into a con game, the arms dealers make a fortune from wars your sons die in  and the banking cartels counterfeit your means of exchange and by sly increments use the mechanics of debt-based money to assume ownership of  . . .  well, everything.

Meanwhile, the propaganda machine uses the atrocities of the “other lot’s” own extremist elements – elements often the creation of psychiatry and Western intelligence agencies – to make them somehow the fault of “all Muslims” A global religion of many sometimes conflicting schools of thought is misrepresented with pat and misleading definitions. Some Muslim mum and dad trying to bring up their kids in Burnley England or Boise Idaho are tarred with the same brush as some head-chopping maniac in Syria off his face on the psych med Captagon following the leaders of ISIS or some other psychopaths with a weak understanding of the Koran who nevertheless reinterpet it to justify their psychoses. And of course many a Muslim is taken in by the hate-fuelled rhetoric of their psycho extremists just as we can be taken in by the rhetoric of our own extremists in their endless hunt for an excuse to bomb some other poor devils to buggery.

Thus Muslims across the planet who are loyal to the country they live in, want to be part of it, despise the terrorists and extremists as much as the rest of us, are not the slightest bit interested in global dominion, jihad or anything else, take the “Islam = religion of peace” thing seriously, are yet “the same as” and somehow responsible for some drugged-up loon who takes a machete to a bus queue in Berlin or some such thing.

By that logic – and it could be made to look that way given a relentless propaganda onslaught – you and I are every bit the same as our own warmongering extremists such as George Bush and Tony Blair who carpet-bombed Baghdad and killed people in their tens of thousands over a downright, calculated lie.

Of course, if you keep on misrepresenting the Muslim community, creating the antagonisms and animosity, giving no credence to their decent vast majority, preventing Muslims from feeling part of the broader community, convince them the broader community is a sea of hostility in which they have no stake and essentially place them under siege, they might just do what any community in such a situation might do: build up frustrations and resentments, close ranks agsainst a perceived external threat to their survival and embrace “strong leaders” who will lead them to the Promised Land of peace and security over the corpses of their foes. And you wind up with a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

And that is the game being played by those with a vested interest in conflict.

It is worth remembering too that only 14% of the world’s Muslims live in Middle Eastern countries. The other 85% per cent live elsewhere and comprise a third of the ruddy planet.  If Islam were some sort of united movement hell-bent of taking over the world, you would expect at least that after we have bombed, invaded, plundered, meddled with, mucked about, villified, insulted and blamed for everything their brothers in the Middle East for the past hundred years, a third of the planet would have risen against us en masse in some sort of Jihad to bring down the barbarian infidels. But that has not happened. The majority of the world’s Muslims indeed persist in trying to behave in a civilised manner, all provocations to the contrary. In that, they are not much differnet to most of us.

Naturally, when someone bombs your town and kills some of your kids or some such thing, people get upset, angry, afraid and find it that much harder to go on behaving in a civilised manner. I know I would. So it is when a muslim nutjob kills a dozen tourists in London or a dozen or more children at a pop concert in Manchester: it makes it that much harder for us to retain out sense of brotherhood, a point that our own propagandists and hate preachers milk for all it is worth. How much harder then would it be if the Muslims had carpet bomberd London and murdered thousands of children in one air raid, sent in drones to blow up a wedding party and a bus queue in Copenhagen or put armed storm troopers on the streets of Paris? I suggest they would have been given very short shrift indeed considering the vastly greater scale of the murder and mayhem.

With all that in mind and in an effort to tell those who want human communities out of communication with one another to go stick it up their wotsit,  I’ve featured on UKR a couple of articles by a Muslim journalist who, as you will see, combines a concern for the survival of his people with a complete absence of any desire for world domination.

War Begets War: It’s Not about Islam; It Never Was

Whitewashing: The Media’s Two Narratives on Terrorism


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