More Sneaky Shenanigans by the Psycho Surveillance State

March 10, 2021 0

by Watchdog Please spread this far and wide and visit the site and leave your feedback People’s Media News UK RELOADED THE LIBERTY BEACON WEB WIDE NEWS LIBERTY RISING EUROPE RELOADED TELEGRA.PH DAILY SCARE WE FIGHT BACK •••• The Liberty Beacon Project […]


Crime Scene! The evidence just keeps piling up!

February 17, 2021 4

The re-branding of influenza and the Covid19 fraud – PhD in virology and immunology exposes the scam Intro by Watchdog Flu rebranded as Covid 19 – PhD in virology and immunology exposes the scam This clinical […]


The Covid Insanity in a nutshell

January 18, 2021 2

by Watchdog At a virtual press conference held by the WHO Dec. 28, 2020, [ ] officials warned there is no guarantee that COVID-19 vaccines will prevent people from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and […]

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