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Man the Solver: grow your own home

June 12, 2019 0

This Mycologist Develops Fungi Bricks That Grow Stronger Than Concrete Posted on 2017/05/19 TAGS: ECO-INVENTIONS, MUSHROOMS, ORGANIC, SUSTAINABILITY By Eden Marie Truth Theory This mycologists figured out how to make bricks made from growing fungi that are super-strong and water-, mold- […]


Man the Solver: solving the plastic problem

May 19, 2019 0

Some good news from Israel. It looks like plastic, feels like plastic and does everything plastic does EXCEPT harm the environment. This video ciomnes friom NAS DAILY. Please visit him now for very many interesting […]


Man the solver: the solar-powered trees of Singapore

May 10, 2019 0

Introduction The item featured here exemplifies what creative human beings can achieve, blending and harmonising advanced technology with the living wonders of our planet. Husbandry is senior to pillage and we have the capability to […]

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