So what is a virus exactly? A fresh look at what “everybody knows”

Have we been sold a bill of goods?

Here is a thought-provoking article by Kathryn Watkins featured on her excellent blog “Exposing the Lie”

At a time when the Covid psyop and resultant pseudovax mass poisoning has thrown much of medicine and virology  into disrepute, a re-examination of the “everybody  knows” germ theory of disease is much needed.

Of course  the forces of orthodoxy are scandalised that anyone would  dare question their holy writ – which seems to us to be a very very good reason to start questioning it. Have we been sold a bill of goods much to the enrichment of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex?

It seems to us a healthy thing to have the issue looked over with fresh eyes and debated,

So please take look what Kathryn Watkins has to say and give it your consideration.

“Viruses” exist within the “Germ theory of dis-ease” but not in the same way as the “Terrain MODEL of dis-ease” So what are viruses? what is their purpose and function? and do they cause dis-ease? Let’s take a deeper look into the true nature of viruses.

Louis Pasteur was the catalyst in the Medical Profession but he was in fact, a fraud. He was a very well connected man, extremely confident, remarkable at plagiarising other people’s work and dangerously misinterpreting the results. So much so, that we ended up with the adopted deadly “Germ THEORY of Dis-ease” that has plagued society for almost 200 years. For a full comprehension of Pasteur, you will find the book “Bechamp V Pasteur” on my Recommended Reading page. Also, here is a comprehensive blog on the background of these two scientists.

The Germ Theory “dogma” concludes that:

1) Dis-ease arises from a Micro-organism outside of the body.

\2) Micro-organism’s are to be guarded against.

3) The function of Micro-organism’s is constant.

4) Every dis-ease is associated with a a particular/specific Micro-organism.

5) Micro-organism’s are the primal causal agents of dis-ease.

6) Dis-ease can strike anybody, at any time.

7) To prevent dis-ease, we have to build a defence.

The Terrain MODEL of dis-ease concludes that:

1) Dis-ease arises from a Micro-organism within the cells of the body.

2) Micro-organism’s normally function to build and assist in metabolic processes in the body.

3) Micro-organism’s change shape/colour to reflect the medium (terrain) called “pleomorphism”.

4) Every dis-ease is associated with a particular condition.

5) Dis-ease is built by unhealthy conditions.

6) To prevent dis-ease, we must create health.

The Terrain MODEL of dis-ease is in direct contrast to the Germ Theory.

“Viruses” do not exist in the capacity they are widely regarded. They are simply tiny pieces of genetic material/sequences. For the purpose of this blog i’ll refer to them as “viruses” so not to confuse the issue.

Here are some facts about what are commonly referred to as “viruses”.

Viruses are only in the presence of a living cell and must have a cell in order to “replicate”.

Viruses are produced out of the cell and not outside of the body.

Viruses are the result of systemic toxicity.

Viruses dissolve toxic matter when the tissue is too toxic for microbes to feed on without becoming poisoned to death.

Without viruses the human body could not sustain itself, it would die from toxicity.

Viruses are not alive, they have no nucleus, no respiratory or digestive system.

Viruses are extremely specific, dissolving certain tissue with the assistance of white blood cells.

Viruses contain RNA/DNA (carriers of genetic information) necessary to dissolve specific tissue and acquire energy from the cell, which exists in all cells and agents in the body.

The cell creates the virus, giving it energy before leaving the cell where it floats in suspension in the blood (this is what the PCR can pick up – tiny pieces of floating genetic material in plasma)

If viruses are so virulent as we are consistently told, then why aren’t we all sick or dead? Why do we not all get sick at the same time and why do we have different symptoms? Why do some people experience only mild symptoms and others severe? What is it that the virus likes about some people and not others? The virus doesn’t care about anyone’s level of “health” surely? If it’s the primal causal agent of dis-ease then it wouldn’t matter how strong the “immune system” was.

There are around 320 trillion “virus variants” inhabiting the human body. For example, Hepatitis, which is widely thought of as a dis-ease causing virus is actually cirrhosis of the liver. A, B and C are the 3 stages of liver damage caused by toxicity. This is why many alcoholics and drug users suffer with Hepatitis, as well as many people using lots of prescription medication for prolonged periods of time. Essentially then, the “virus” (or genetic sequence) known as “hepatitis” is a virus SPECIFIC to the liver and occurs when it’s too toxic at an attempt to cleanse it. This is when “symptoms” are experienced. It depends on the level of toxicity as to which virus it will call upon but essentially they all do the same thing (cleanse the liver) so the level of symptoms obviously depend on the level of toxicity.

The reason we experience symptoms is because the body has to break down and eliminate toxins, of which 90% are expelled through the skin (eczema, dermatitis, impetigo, psoriasis, measles, pox etc) and also Acne in which the white blood cells help eliminate the toxins through the skin. Sweating is also another way that toxins are eliminated through the skin. The other 10% is expelled through the bowel (diarrhea) and through the mouth, nose and mucus membrane. This is obviously sneezing, coughing and lots of phlegm and snot.

“Infection” is basically the body attempting to expel toxins and foreign debris. The body truly is a marvelous machine but unfortunately we have been misled to believe otherwise, to our own detriment and to the benefit of the Giant Pharmaceutical Industry.

Viral infection is a necessity but a suppressed immune system cannot deal with toxicity overload. In 99% of people with viral activity the body will overcome it because it knows exactly what to do. We need to nurture it. When someone dies of “viral infection” it’s almost ALWAYS because of medical “treatment”. It’s a scary thought but it’s a fact.

What are “Viral Cycles?” – Viruses and bacteria are cyclical in nature within the body, just like the seasons. Climate, temperature, stresses, strains and worries are a factor and they change seasonally, in other words, the ENRIVONMENT changes. The body dumps a large amount of toxins into the blood at certain times and the bacteria eliminates them by feeding upon them and breaking them down. If they become too poisoned by the toxins, the cells then create viruses, which are proteins, they break down the matter and eliminate it, bringing the body back to homeostasis (balance).

We must remember that bacteria/germs are not the enemy or the cause of the dis-ease, they are the “clean up” gang so to speak, they are only there to clean up the area. Just as a fireman being at the scene of the fire does not make him the arsonist, and the rats are not the cause of the garbage (they are simply eating up the waste as a RESULT of the garbage) then germs are not the cause of the dis-ease. Without viruses the body would have no recourse to cleanse itself and would die of toxicity, it’s that simple.

Contrary to popular belief, viruses cannot be “transmitted” and they are not “contagious”. Any “virus” originating outside the host cell cannot infect another host, in that, it wont have the necessary information (RNA/DNA) to infect other cells. The body wont and cant recognise the “virus” so it gets treated as foreign debris and expelled immediately.

If a virus was transmitted through the air (somehow) then it wouldn’t be recognised in that manner either because the mucus membrane filters out foreign debris.

Toxic accumulations take time to build up which is usually at the same time in a population so toxins are released into the blood for “clean up” at the same time, this often gives the illusion of viral activity.

For example;

Family of four. Dad gets sick and starts producing symptoms because he is detoxing. Mum and children can SEE that dad is sick, smell that he is sick and beLIEve that he will make THEM sick. (the mind is most powerful and will believe everything you feed it, it can and does manifest sickness faster than anything else).

Due to the fact that we are electromagnetic beings and made of 70% crystalline water and our cells literally communicate with each other, the bio field of the rest of the family picks this up and starts a detox too (if they are ready).

Families are usually exposed to the same toxins, as are school children and people in places of work etc. Some people get sick BUT THEY DO NOT ALL GET SICK. The latter part of this is the part people ignore. Not very scientific to ignore the obvious and remove anything that doesn’t fit the narrative. If viruses were airborne or contagious then EVERYBODY would get sick or die. The reason that one person in your family doesn’t get sick is because that person is doing something different to the rest of you at that time. They may eat better, get more sleep, more exercise and are less stressed. There are many contributing factors to dis-ease.

Between 1911 and 1913 numerous experiments were conducted to test if influenza could be transmitted from the sick to the healthy. In the Public Health Report in January 1919, volume 34 it shows that 68 healthy volunteers were exposed to pure culture of “Flu” from the blood of flu patients which was sprayed into the throat and up the nostrils of the healthy individuals. There were no instances of infection in ANY cases.

They had flu patients in bed with healthy volunteers at the their bedsides for hours and days at a time. One well man versus TEN sick men and had no instances of infection, even after seven days of observation. The sick patients were breathing, sneezing and coughing in the healthy volunteers faces for hours. They even had the healthy individual breathe in whilst the sick patient blew directly into the mouth. Still no instances of infection.

150 experiments were conducted in Toronto between 1911-1913 which proved that germs appear AFTER the onset of dis-ease. Millions of people were exposed to germs in their food, up their noses, into their throats etc and there was still no evidence of dis-ease. They used diptheria, pneumonia, typhoid, meningitis and TB. (It’s important to note again that these are PURE cultures, so nothing else was added, no other toxins) They concluded they were unable to produce a single dis-ease by the introduction of germs into human subjects, proving that germs are neither harmful or contagious. There is absolutely ZERO proof that the flu transmits, even with injection.

Just want to bring you back to the importance of “pure culture” – proving that it’s not the “germ” causing the dis-ease. Remember that vaccines are not pure culture. They are filled with poison which can and does cause damage, as we know. So when you get sick after vaccination, you “think” that you have “caught” the virus…… You’ve been blood poisoned with the actual vaccine and are producing symptoms as a result in an attempt to eliminate those toxins.

The study of viruses is flawed by nature and this is something that folk struggle to get their heads around, although it’s quite easy to explain, it’s so simple it repels the mind. For viruses to be observed in a lab they need to be dried and quarterised to take out any moisture content which is an attenuation process that apparently kill the virus…..BUT viruses are not “alive” so how can something that isn’t alive, be “killed?”

Animal viral proteins are observed in petri dish environments and toxic serums are added to keep the activity alive (but clearly not healthy). Note that this is all produced in a laboratory setting, in a synthetic surrounding, manmade and not of nature. In this “environment” (taken away from it’s natural one where they no longer have bacteria and parasites that they can call on to assist) the tissue will start to die as a result of starvation and poisoning. Scientists observe this dying tissue and conclude that a “virus” is attacking the cells, it’s an illusion.

You might think at this point; “pretty bold statement” but it is indeed the truth. Some virologists have spoken up about this, usually they are portrayed as “quacks” by the media and demonised on top of having their funding pulled. Anyone to go against the adopted but incorrect germ theory of dis-ease gets battered down by both the media and the industry (one and the same really, big pharma owns the media) Therefore, there is a reason many of them just keep their mouths closed.

To observe viruses using the electron microscope, they have to be stained in order to see them. This process in itself is toxic and causes inaccuracy, it’s also not responding as it would in the body among LIVING tissue. It takes a very powerful scope to see viruses and there is only one they should be using. The Universal Microscope was invented by Raymond Rife, who was another genius and incredible scientist that was ignored and died a pauper. It was thanks to this man that they could observe viruses fully, in their own environment within living tissue, WITHOUT poisoning or starving it.

This was in the 1940’s yet still today the electron microscope is used instead. As Rife’s Universal Microscope could see viruses in living tissue and not just a “snap shot” in time it was the most accurate of all. It could see 30,000 times more than any other microscope, viewing viruses in their living state (using the whole light spectrum) and noted that they ONLY occur due to imbalances in the body. Viruses and bacteria are pleomorphic, meaning they change size, shape and colour depending on their terrain (environment). This was also confirmed as far back as the 1860’s by Professor Antoine Bechamp, the other forgotten (hidden) scientist responsible for discovering the Terrain model and what he called “microzyma” which is what we now refer to as the pleomorphic micro-organisms that assist us in times of detox when the body is out of homeostasis.

“In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the dis-ease, but we believe it is the chemical constituents of these micro-organisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body, that in actuality, produce the dis-ease. We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no dis-ease.” – Raymond Rife.

Rife was the only one to view viruses in living tissue with his universal microscope using light to stain the virus, therefore not killing it. All other microscopes could only view “dead samples”. There is a reason we don’t hear about the rife machine. It could and did also cure all types of cancer using specific light frequencies. That is why he is mostly not spoken of, his microscope and work were a clear danger to big pharmaceuticals, he had to go and was omitted out of the medical/school/university text books.

Viruses do not cross species as animal RNA/DNA is not compatible with human RNA/DNA. The human body does not manufacture and therefore replicate animal tissue. As mentioned earlier, the body doesn’t recognise external viruses, they MUST be created by a cell in your own body containing the necessary RNA/DNA given by your cell. Viruses existing on surfaces are not a danger because they are dead. They have no host, no living cell.

Saliva in the mouth neutralises viruses and is the first line of defence. Even if it could pass this first defence, the body still doesn’t recognise it, it must contain specific RNA/DNA to be compatible with the body it enters. There is no “blood to blood” transmission (unless injected) as we bleed OUTWARDS, keeping us pure and stopping foreign debris from entering the wound.

SARS (flu like symptoms) is caused by manmade environmental toxicity and only affects those who need the most detoxing.

The body has manufacturing blueprints already in the genome and inside the cell to produce 320 trillion viral variants. As discussed above, the genome directs each cell to produce a certain type of protein to manufacture which includes viral protein structures and even tiny amounts can be found in times of non cleansing, this is what is picked up on the PCR test for those “asymptomatic” cases. Viral proteins must be converted into viral structures and then encoded specifically to dissolve certain tissue in and around the cells.

“Coronavirus” is just a cold, there are no differences between strains because there isn’t one. It’s simply genetic material left over from old viruses and coronaviruses, which is why there are a huge amount of positive cases from people with no symptoms. There is ALWAYS a small amount working in the body, like a little factory, always working and attempting to keep you healthy at all times.

For a body to manufacture a virus the cell will call upon a viral protein already existing within the cell genome, they call upon the blueprint of whatever virus is needed to cleanse itself and it’s surroundings. The viral protein is called into the nucleus where the virus is structured in it’s whole form, it then leaves the nucleus and is housed within the cell.

The virus will obtain information (RNA/DNA) by the cell and since cells contain DNA the virus being manufactured by the cell will impart it’s DNA in the virus. This allows the virus, with help from white blood cells to dissolve specific tissue and replication continues until the cell can’t hold the virus within itself. The viral wall will rupture on the one side but not destroying the cell, it will heal and is released into the blood for cleansing. This is when we experience “symptoms”.

Pathogenic viruses are based upon a misinterpretation. A scientists duty is to constantly doubt and question everything they are observing, but this doesn’t happen in virology as stated previously. All virologists are not working with viruses, they are working with the product of a laboratory experiment with particles of dying tissue and cells in a petri dish and believe that the cells are dying because they’ve been infected with a virus. In reality they are dying because they were starved and poisoned as a consequence of the lab experiment.

They allegedly add “infected” blood, saliva etc to tissue and cell culture, after starving and poisoning it. It is incorrectly believed that the cell culture is killed by viruses. It’s important to note that the exact same process happens to the cell culture when nothing at all is added to it (infectious material) but this has not been noticed???? In other words, it’s the PROCESS of the experiment in the lab that kills the culture because it’s taken out of it’s natural environment and does not have the nutrients and bacteria it would have within the body. This is a huge deception.

In order to prove this, a controlled experiment is needed but this has never been done (only once independently). They need to ensure that the method itself is not falsifying the result. A negative control would be to add sterile substances or healthy human and animal cells to the culture. Controlled experiments are the HIGHEST duty in science! for obvious reasons, it’s a huge part and MUST be carried out in ALL instances.

An independent lab did conduct a controlled experiment with the measles virus and the results were that unsurprisingly, the cells died due to the lab conditions in the same way they come into contact with alleged “infectious material”

Dr Stefan Lanka won his case in the supreme court in 2016 proving that measles was not a virus, read here for more information of the whole case. Dr Stefan Lanka is my favourite virologist & microbiologist in the world. As the truth continues to spread, I believe he will be a KEY player in the reform of medicine, along with Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan. There will be many more of course, but these 3 really are the no nonsense kinda professionals that will lead the way out of this mess. Having been battered down for years trying to speak out about this, i truly appreciate these guys, they are my heros.

In June of 1954, this speculative theory suddenly became fact with absolutely ZERO proof, they decided that the death of cells in a test tube is proof for the existence of a virus without a control and Dr Podbielski won the Nobel Prize. Astoundingly, no-one dared to challenge this.

The death of cells and tissue astonishingly is also regarded as “isolation” as well as proof of a virus, claiming that something from outside was brought into the organism. Electron Micrographs for alleged viruses only show cellular particles from dying tissue and cells (mostly using CGI models). Because involved parties “believe” this process transforms itself into a virus, their death is also regarded as propagation (spreading/transmission) of a virus. “Proof” of all three (existence, propagation and isolation) are attributed to this method.

Vaccination is mainly given through the muscle, if they injected dis-eased monkey kidney, foreign debris, RNA/DNA and antibodies etc into the vein, it would lead to death.

Misinterpreted cell death is theoretically put into a virus model, not done scientifically but only by consensus! (general agreement) Wow. Using molecules of very short parts of nucleic acid from DEAD tissue and arranging them as desired into a longer genotype (through a sequence bank – a COMPUTER viral database) then declaring it to be the complete genome of a virus (called alignment) is NOT scientific! However, even THIS process can’t “complete” the viral genome. The sequences that don’t “fit” are simply smoothed out and MADE to fit, with missing ones added. Basically invented. I’ll use an analogy from a blog i once read.

“A group of researchers claim to have found a unicorn because they found a piece of a hoof, a hair from a tail, and a snippet of a horn. They then add that information into a computer and program it to re-create the unicorn, and they then claim this computer re-creation is the real unicorn. Of course, they had never actually seen a unicorn so could not possibly have examined its genetic makeup to compare their samples with the actual unicorn’s hair, hooves and horn.”

Just to note, conceptual construction of the “RNA strand” of the measles virus, the short fragments of cellular particles, lacks more than HALF of the genetic sequence which would represent a complete virus.

Up to 1949 virologists cultured suspected virus by placing a piece of rotting genetic material (taken from “allegedly” infected tissue) and placing it upon a healthy piece of tissue. As there is a visible putrification process (decomposition of organic matter) transmitted from “sick” to “healthy” this was misinterpreted as proliferation and spreading of a virus. Controlled experiments carried out with healthy tissue were conducted in 1951 discovering that it’s a normal process of tissue decay and not a virus only present in sick tissue. The mixture of this dis-eased and dying tissue is called a “live vaccine”.

Tissue is 80% starved of nutrients and poisoned with antibiotics to kill any bacteria, this process alone is what causes the cells to die.

The body is constantly working and interacting with microbes using our circulatory systems; the blood and lymphatic systems. Blood carries the nutrients and the lymphatic system drains waste and toxins. When these systems become sluggish, there is a build up of toxins. This will trigger a detox in the form of acute illness wrongly termed “infection”. We have a DETOX system, not an “immune” system.


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