TLB Headlines – Week in Review

In this week’s video at the beginning is a quote from Abraham Lincoln that really hits home when one considers the magnitude of what humanity as a whole is facing. All men, women and children on this planet are slaves. There’s no way of denying it anymore. Our reality has been so distorted that we now believe slavery is freedom. As a species, we are the ONLY ones that have a ruling class, that appears to have a spell on us that makes us work as slaves to earn pennies to turn around and pay to them just for our basic survival.

But, Humanity is Awakening though and I believe I will see the fall of these parasite elites in my lifetime. It is time to reach out and share these headlines with your neighbors and friends. Open a dialog. Through dialog we can start working on rebuilding what they have destroyed. Now is the time!

Pam Jones, The Liberty Beacon

The world had better Wake Up and Speak Up!


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