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Welcome to … REALITY BITES

(See memes below intro)

As the founder of The Liberty Beacon project I felt the need to share this page of my thoughts, feelings, angers and passion’s over the last few years covering this projects birth and maturation, concerning many topics and concepts. These are bites of the reality we all face, suffer or are forced to confront in this chaotic world we live in today.

A vast majority of the material you will find here are my thoughts … not copied from other sources (unless stated so), although influenced by many great sources.

Having worked in the Military Industrial complex facilitating D.O.D. contracts for a majority of my adult life, the blight of political, military, environmental. financial and health tyranny I have experienced since my awakening a scant five years ago, has rocked me to the core and endangered my very foundation of reason to a magnitude most could not comprehend.

The truth will either set you free … or it will tear your foundation of beliefs apart … I have experienced both …

Each of these pictures along with the articles I have authored (most on this site) are a direct result of  in-depth research precipitated by my very traumatic awakening. These recorded comments and pictures come from my heart and my soul. I hope they exercise some influence on you as well.

Some of the memes are basic reflecting my initial foray into graphics creation, and for these I hope the intended message suffices, but as I accumulated some graphics experience, the results got more professional in both appearance and presentation. What you see here is but a small percentage of all I have composed, and they are all mixed in with no pattern of date or subject matter.

As time goes forward I will be adding more. Please feel free to share any you find interesting or pertinent. My only request is that you make no changes to the pictures (memes). Thanks you for your considerations and your support of The Liberty Beacon project.

Roger Landry (TLB)



Ways to kill us off

Don't tell me 01

Liberty 01

Change the system first 01

Say what needs to be said 01

Sunrise 01


Vigilance 01

True Leader 01

We are told 01b

Freedom 01

Life 01

D vs R 01a


The only choice What you believe 01

Valid Reason 01

Time for change 01a

Beware 01

More of us

Unasked questions 01

Compassion 1

Activist Prayer

Malevolence 01

Internet Access

\Stupid is as stupid does 01

jail 01

Life is 01

Independence Day 01

A Friend 01

None are as 01

Death of Ignorance

My Course 01

Tyranny 01

Red pill Blue pill 01

Storm clouds 01

Coincidence 01

Enemies of the State

Our collective voice 01

Take back America

Love of Country 01

Fear of association

When a Society 01

How will you be Remembered 01

Love is

Fear 01

If you finally wake up


When in a Republic 3

Pure Evil

Just Plain Stupid

Unchecked Tyranny

Thomas Jefferson 01

So Damn Sad 01

The only thing worse

In America Today

Seditious 1


Self Evident

Undiluted Courage 01

Globalist-Elite 01

Tomorrow 01

Why we suffer

Hunger for Liberty 01

America on her knees 01

The cost of Liberty

Train wreck 01

Not allowed 01a

Disaster 01

Open your mind 01

Congress 01

Truth and Wisdom 01

Refocus 01

Penned Cattle 01



On a ship to America 01

head-up-ass 01

Truth has no agenda 01

Fascist America 01

Speak out

Dont Tell Me I Am Wrong 01

One voice may speak

For our Children

Penned Cattle 01

Something is very wrong here 01

The Loss of Freedom

Tyranny is an Institution

When in a Republic

Adopt a Sheeple

Choose Not To See 01

I Am Sorry - Or Maybe Not 01


A Mans Word

Mankind has been robbed


Litmus Test

A Monolithic Government 1

Because Im your friend

Truth and Respect1

Lies we are told

Connecting the dots

Cost of freedom


Love is unbeatable

Sandbox Logic

Democrat or Republican

The human race

If you cannot see

The Litmus test

Sponsors of our own demise

Shades of Gray

Atoms ot politicians

The Emotional Gambit

Your brain on 1

The struggle for freedom

Act of 1871

Wooden Nickle

Right to own everything

The Folly of Depending

Wake Up 01

Our detractors

I am blind to

What can one man do

The Sad truth 1

The conscience of America

What will you tell your children

A Conscience

Never look down on anyone


No BS Zone

Dawn of Liberty 02

Love is unbeatable

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