Your chances of dying have been greatly exaggerated

Anatomy of the COVID Con Job

by Kieron McFadden


One thing we tend to be denied amid the turmoil is perspective. Perspective requires a point from which to view things. So let’s adopt one . . .


I have not verified the authenticity of this but the % figures in this meme from March when the “pandemic” was at its height and the scaremongeing and inflating of the death stats were rampant, appear more or less right for today. Good enough for purposes of illustration I think

It gives you the approximate likelihood, by age group, of dying from COVID 19 IF YOU CATCH IT.

The COVID19 deaths stat for the whole UK yesterday was 17.

A COVID19 “death” is counted whenever someone dies after having tested positive for COVID19 within 28 days of their death.  This does not necessarily mean the virus killecd them. It means some trace of it was present in their body when they died. So of those 17 people who died we do not know if the virus killed all 17, or 5 or 3 or none at all.

And of course the “deaths” stats is in any case too small to scare the populace so the government and media have dropped mentioning it much and have focussed instead on a stat that is, superficially, still scary enough to fit the bill.

This stat is extremely unfreliable. The Health Secretary has admitted that it returns about 1% false positives. This does not sound much but it is crucial and so blows the entire government con out of the water, we should be having enquiries and bringing criminal charges. See the video below for a full explanation but briefly:

Imagine a day when, say, 1000 tests are done and, say, there are 150 positives, which the government then touts as “new cases”. But, per Hancock, there are 1% false positives, so of those 1000 tests, 100 of them are false positives, yet they are counted as “new cases”. So deduct the false “new cases” from the declared number of 150 and you get 5o. Try this out on any one day: take the number of tests done, then calculate 1% of those, which will give you the number of false positives one can expect. The government, although it knows a large proportion of “new cases” are false, does not deduct the false positives from the overall figure so do their job for them and deduct those false positives from the number of “new cases” and you get a more reliable number – a number that is FAR less scary.

Of course, the 1% false positives is what Hancock says, so we can safely assume it is  more likely worse than that.

This was recently confirmed by Raab the Foreign Secretary who said that the “challenge” with testing for #COVID19 in airports is ‘the very high false positive rate’ and adds ‘only 7% of tests will be successful in identifying those who have the virus’.

In other words, the unreliability of the tests means that 97% (not 1%) of the reported cases cannot be relied upon. So for example on a day when, say, 300 new cases are reported by the government, the true figure could be as low as 21.

And the government is basing its whole scaremongeing operation and ruinous strategy -including threats of further lockdown – on these knowingly false numbers!

The odds are extremely low and for it to kill you even if you do have it, you usually need to be in pretty bad shape from some pre-existing condition.

Pre-existing conditions include recognised illnesses such as cancer or heart disease but what is seldom mentioned is that there is also obesity, drugs, meds and alcohol and heavy smoking probably that also lower your chances. I quit smoking at the start of this flu outbreak and recommend you do the same just so you take the matter of your own survival into hour own hands.

So for some or perhaps even many there are things you can do to help lower even these low percentages.

And of course these low percentages tell us that this “pandemic” has been talked up and misrepresented to make is appear worse than it is. This is not to say it is not a Bad Thing. Just that it is nowhere near AS BAD as we are told.


On the matter of your chances of catching the disease in the first place, these are already statistically low. I recommend this article in of all things The Sun. I never thought I would be recommending The Sun but it is a good and simply put article.…/chance-catching-covid-44-in…/

So your chances of catching it are LOW. Bear in mind as you read the Sun article what is now known to be a highly inflated false number for “new cases” (see above and the video below).

You can do a great deal OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL and ON YOUR OWN INITIATIVE to control that and lower the chances even more – for yourself and others.

These include SENSIBLE precautions you would use in any flu outbreak to avoid getting infected or infecting others. They also include getting lots of vitamin C and vitamin D, fresh air, exercise, wholesome food, avoiding drugs, meds, alcohol, tobacco, mental turbulence, familial turbulence, avoiding Fear (such as what the government and media hit you with daily) and also staying productive. Switching off the TV and not listening to your brain-dead government will help too.

The point here is that there is a LOT you can do to raise even further your already statistically VERY high chances of survival.

You can be far more CAUSE and far less EFFECT.

This is the type of message and type of advice, education and PERSPECTIVE the government SHOULD be providing and would be providing if it were working on some agenda smokes-screened by the turbulence it puts out, as opposed to the fear mongering and YOU MUSTs in which it is speciallising in an effort to put you at EFFECT. And of course the educational approach would get more cooperation and good will than the dictatorial approach that is riling people up.



Make your government behave itself.

Now here’s a very important video that blows the whole government con job out of the water and makes a very strong case for bringing criminal charges agnainst the people responsible for scamming the nation.


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