Ya gotta produce!

How we can all be rich

by Kieron McFadden

I saw recently that some top twerp from the Bank of England has been telling us that we have got to accept the fact that we as a nation are poorer.

In other words let’s all sit in apathy and do nothing about it as the country goes to hell in a biscuit barrel.<

It may well suit the parasitic “elite” who through greed, ineptitude and skullduggery have created this mismanaged mess to have us sink into apathy and “accept the fate” they have engineered for us.

It may well suit them to have us believe that the sinking of a nation into poverty “just sort of happens” and that “there’s nothing anybody can do about it.”

That of course lets them right off the hook and absolves them of any responsibility for the mess they have created and any obligation to put right what they have done.

The correct response the next time some bigwig, expert or politician tries to tell us how bad it all is, should be “So what YOU doing about it, cleverdick?”

Just as it is true that nations or organisations flourish and become prosperous because human endeavour MAKES them flourish and prosper, it is also true that nations and organisations decline and become poorer because someone MAKES them become poorer.

We should also question just how expert are the experts who have presided over debacle and disaster and are evidently convinced that “nothing can be done about it”. We would not after all trust an engineer whose bridges collapse or a doctor who is convinced that nothing can be done to stop people getting sick.

So perhaps we had better remind the government and its (Lol) “experts” of some economic basics.

Basics such as: what is wealth and how does a nation become wealthy?

Wealth is the goods and services to which one has access: food, housing, cars, washing machines, education, entertainment and so forth.

The more goods and services one can obtain or enjoy, the wealthier one is.

But who creates these goods and services? Well, people do. Food, clothing, roads, central heating, movies, computers, plumbing. electrics and all the rest do not exist unless someone creates them.

Having created some product or service one then exchanges what one has created for other things on wants that are produced or provided by other people.

Thus we have economic activity, the production and exchange of goods and services.

At a crude level this exchange takes the form of barter, the direct swapping of goods for goods.

The invention of money enables this exchange to become much more fluid and versatile and our civilisation to become much more sophisticated

Money is a system of symbols or tokens that we exchange back and forth in lieu of actual goods and services confident that we can exchange it for actual goods and services whenever we wish. It facilitates and makes smoother the exchange of goods and services between producer and consumer.

The basic is that production of goods and services must occur.

A nation, therefore, is as wealthy as it produces goods and services for its own consumption and for exchange with other nations for goods and services it wants but does not itself produce.

The only other way for a nation to become wealthy is charity or theft.

Therefore it is entirely feasible for a nation to increase its wealth by increasing its production of goods and services, for its own consumption and for trade with other nations.

The constriction, inhibition or cessation of production inevitably impoverishes a nation. The UK’s decline into poverty derives from such constriction, inhibition or prevention of the production of goods and services. It is not the fault of God, fickle fates or Vladimir Putin and is entirely within the power of a competent government to rectify.

It is the primary duty of a government to help, assist, promote, facilitate and reward honest production and the smooth exchange of goods and services between producer and consumer. An honest government that truly desires the prosperity of its people MUST so help its producers and MUST cease all actions that impede, inhibit or prevent or penalize the production of ethical goods and services desired, wanted and needed by the People.

Therefore it is the immediate task of the incumbent government to help its people increase production.

There are many ways this can be done.

One would be to abolish the income tax that penalises production.

Another would be to provide a STABLE means of exchange that it spends into the economy debt-free and in sufficient supply as .to facilitate smooth exchange

Another would be to provide cheap energy as a public service.

There are many other things that can be done to assist or energise an increase in production, to let the People get busy creating better lives for themselves, without getting in their road or mucking them about or penalising their honest efforts to produce – or allowing non-producing parasites to feed off their creative energies.

And when we say assisting and facilitating and helping production, we mean just that. We do NOT mean enforcing production.

And a nation that raises production will also raise its morale.


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