Who are the merchants of chaos amplifying your fears?

The antidote to propaganda is increased understanding

Chaos is being engineered in Europe, alomgside the ruthless dismantling of several nations in the Middle East.

Someone is sure engaged in an increasingly desperate effort to make everyone hate Muslims, strengthen the security state and give a boost to the Terror Industry.
But who are these merchants of fear and chaos working so hard to amplify turbulence, divide-and-rule terrified peoples and making damn sure the peace we all crave never breaks out? In other words, which nest of vipers is your real enemy?
The horrible truth of the matter the real source of subversion and terror is not “over there”, despite all the frantically pointing fingers desperately trying to get you to look the wrong way: the nest of vipers is much closer to home.
You may also want to know how all this is being done and which traitorous scumbags are doing it.
Watch these videos by the wonderful (“real deal”) Sibel Edmonds & co and your view of the world may never be the same again.

. – Steve





RECOMMENDED READING: Double-edged Sword: A Review of Gladio by Richard Cottrell

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