Vaccine Industry of Death Exposed

Intro by David Linden

Another very important briefing from Stew Peters and Dr Jane Ruby.

Short but packed with vital info including but not limited to:

Why people hospitalised, sick and dying from Covid are in ever greater numbers the double-vaxed and not the un-axed.

How those responsible are now comin g close to panic twist, turn, dodge and obfuscate in a vain scramble to shift the blame so as to stop the citizenry cottoning on to the fact that they have been maliciously deceived.

How the vaxes were approved for emergency use to “prevent infection with COVID19” but it is now clear that they DO NOT DO SO, so their use is unauthorised.

An explanation of vaccine-caused Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

How the experimental vaxes have primed the body to fatally over-react when it comes into routine contact with what should be relatively mild corona viruses (of which there are many not just SARA COV2).

How the “Delta Variant” thing is a hoax designed to explain away the harm being done by the vaccines.

How the PCR test is now thoroughly discredited.

How there IS NO TEST that can tell you you have the Delta variant so if you are told you have it, ask what specific test was done to distinguish it from any other Corona virus and ask to see the evidence.

As the warnings of a host of experts that the experimental jabs are a serious liability and threat to health come home to roost, We can only speculate now that millions have been fraudulently vaxed, how many people are going to suffer serious illness or lose loved ones because of it

We can only speculate too what will happen when people start losing loved ones because of the lie after lie after lie told to them by the criminals in their government.

Meanwhile the likes of Pfizer are raking in billions from the biggest and most lethal scam in history

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