metoday I am all for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Not because he is the long-sought Messiah, but because he just might wind up causing an organised resistance to the very things that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would represent. The British disease needs to get worse before it stands any chance of getting better.


Freddie Gray (a bloke with whom I briefly worked in the Naughties, and like) opined at The Spectator this morning that, given the commanding lead Boris Johnson has after the first Conservative leadership ballot, the Party should stop faffing about and just give him the job.

I couldn’t agree less. This, of all moments in our recent history, is now the time to see democratic justice being done: Boris should keep pounding on until he has beaten every last ruse to stop him, then go on and get seven times the votes of any other candidate among the 56,000 Tory Party members being given the chance to speak their minds -having been deprived of same the last time around by vile unelected Whitehall and Tory monied power.

A poll out yesterday showed that, were he to be elected Conservative leader – and then go to the country in a bid to get The People’s Brexit (up yours, Alastair Campbell) – BoJo would romp to a 140-seat majority. I think he should do that too, and destroy Corbynista Labour and all the neofascist control freaks in that circle while he’s at it.

Now here comes the catch for all those keen to pigeon-hole me as a rabid supporter of Bunga-bunga Borisconi: I think it’s highly unlikely that, once Prime Minister in his own right, Mr Johnson would deliver us from Brussels and usher in a new era of Independent Albion. I think it’s far more likely that we will get a better Brexit deal with Boris, but he is every inch the same geopolitical-financialising whore that Theresa May was. I think that, if necessary, he will form a coalition with Farage and push an EU-poking Brexit through Westminster: but none of that will deliver anything like the reform Britain needs. And I suspect he will make catastrophic judgement errors that leave the UK political class even further out of touch with Real People.

The point is this: for those of us who really do want to leave a greater control over personal destiny to our grandchildren (PDC) – who do want to reverse globalist blocism in favour of regional and then community devolution – it is absolutely vital that the existing constitutional structures of the United Kingdom (including its dangerously indirect form of democracy) are seen to have created such a mess….and paradoxically, that a politically naive and/or smug electorate voted for it.


All that may seem like nihilistic vengeance on my part, but it truly is not.

What a vitally important sector of the British People need to do is redevelop the sense of personal responsibility we used to have as a Nation…..and we now need more than ever as a multi-ethnic State selling creative things (not “services”) to a multinational World.

Our dependence on financial services mumbojumbo, cutting-edge multiple retailing and the whims of globalists headquartered in the UK for entirely venal purposes is a potentially mortal weakness obvious to anyone with experience in commerce generally and marketing in particular.

We own very little of our business, export even less, and grow almost nothing to eat.

Anyone who thinks that is a good starting point for independent sovereignty really is off with the fairies. More specifically, if we are to avoid the obvious probability of jumping from the EU frying pan into the US fire, then a House of Commons dominated by Amerophiles like Boris and Nigel is about the worst kick-off scenario imaginable.

Let me explain what I mean by ‘vitally important sector of the British People’. In the 21st century surveillance State, you don’t beat a 12% ruling class (3% gigarich, 9% gofers) by asking variously apathetic, obese, ageing, poor, distracted and desperate people to turn into Spiderman climbing the walls of the Bastille.

The way one does it – I submit – is by a judiciously legal mixture of starving the élite, and demonstrating via empiricism that there are far better ways to maximise citizen potential and defend independence.

This requires the active assistance of those who understand what the word ’empiricism’ means.


Just about every raw data analysis of the British electorate I’ve ever seen suggests that there is a band of around 14-20% of voters in the UK which – in terms of wisdom, experience, compassion, foresight and practicality – is miles ahead of the current Establishment. Sadly, they are miles behind in terms of access to the levers of media-based ideological influence, internet savvy, bureaucratic cunning, ground-level organisation, tactical voting and pretty much everything else that adds up to the exercise of power directly on behalf of the citizenry.

I call them the Decency Spectrum.

These are the only people capable of opposing the current Common Purpose sous-élite. Being tolerant, pragmatic and commercial folk with vision that extends beyond celebrity personality politics and the next series of Game of Thrones, they are the only potential antidote to educational conformity, political correctness, Geopolitical might, Settled Science, brainless culture and the ideological appeasement of everything from racial narcissism to fundamentalist religious barbarism.

They are never going to form a political Party, because they have real lives. What they will do (and are already doing) is drive currency, investment, mutualist, new internet, artistic and devolved community developments that one day render One Size Fits All global mercantilism irrelevant.

There’s nothing I’d like better than The Slog and similar places to become magnets for such thinking. But we still have a mountain to climb in prising the vast majority of voters away from manufactured issues like Brexit, Sino-American trade, Labour anti-Semitism, Tory leader election beauty parades and alleged Russian megalomania.

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