The frightened planet: someone is gaslighting the human race

Monkey Business as usual from The Merchants of Fear

by Steve Cook

We present the following featured article for your consideration in the hope that it will calm some of the hysteria generated by the media.

That hysteria has led to large numbers of people engaging in a mass wailing and gnashing of teeth because a cold June (which nobody remarked upon) was followed by a spell of hot summer weather than lasted a few days!

When the media has gone into overdrive with its reasons-to-be-fearful effort to instill mass fear and dismay, which itself bolsters a political/corporate agenda, we need to watch out.

There can be bad situations but we can be certain that where they exist at all they are never as bad as the media is making them sound – with the added implication that there is nothing YOU can do about it, pal.

And behold, the merchants of fear are at it yet again, propagandising yet another set of terrors designed to fixate attention and bring about a frightened planet.

A frightened planet is a cowed planet.

Frightened people do not observe or reason well. They panic, they make bad decisions. They are easily driven, becoming in effect the spooked and malleable herd our would-be globalist overlords dream of as the ideal condition for the human race.

Someone is gaslighting the human race.

Our solution, if we wish to survive, is to refuse to be a herd of timorous ninnies, grow a spine and start thinking for ourselves and questioning the reasons-to-be-fearful we are spoon fed by degenerates morning noon and night.

This snippet by  might help.

To those British friends worried about turning into BBQd bangers.
Having studied environmental history as part of our environmental degree, I ask you to please stop worrying over there in Ol’ Blighty, just make sure you wear a hat, stay hydrated and that the animals are in the shade and have water.
Britain was much warmer many times in climate history before, warming and cooling is part of natural ecological cycling, and has been according to the Vostok Icecores archives that can be traced all the way back 420,000 years, we have had many warmer periods in history than this summer in the UK and EU, in fact, its even recorded in the Doomsday book held at the National Archives library, where I once worked, that Britain had recorded 45 wine producing vineyards, as far north as York!
Studies done by climate scientists Willie Soon and Sallie Bauliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre, confirmed that a mediaeval warm period from 800 to 1300 happened not just in Europe, but worldwide. The 20th century was neither the warmest in the last 1,000 years, nor the one with the most extreme weather, they compiled data from measurement of glacier movements, ice cores, coral and stalagmite growth, peat deposits, tree rings, pollen, lake and river sediments and the shifting positions of tree stumps, astrophysicists also can look at the sun spot cycles to determine warming and cooling as this has a large influence on our changing climate.
They reviewed more than 200 studies of climate done over the past 10 years. “Many research advances in reconstructing ancient climate have occurred over the past two decades, so we felt it was time to pull together a large sample of them and look for patterns of variability and change,” says Willie Soon of CfA. “Clear patterns did emerge showing that regions worldwide experienced higher temperatures from 800 to 1300 and lower temperatures from 1300 to 1900 than we have felt during our lifetimes.”
Climate has always changed, and it will always continue to change, CO2 is plant food and actually encourages more greenery, its humans who need to stop chopping down trees and forests, just grow and plant more trees, transpiration will balance climate.
Despite what the politicians and their ‘news media mouth piece’ want you to believe, their climate science is biased, the United Nations IPCC report on ‘Global Warming’ ignored 33 scientific papers out of 45. The climate has always been changing and always will change; it doesn’t stay one temperature permanently, ecosystems and the Earth has cycles which involve many factors. #climatechange has been happening for millions of years and will continue to happen no matter what man does.
The reason why this agenda is pushed and over hyped is because the politicians and bankers gain a great deal of financial incentive from carbon trading, carbon credits and the new climate quota credit system they want to roll out on each individual. Follow the money of how the banks and politician made 33 billion dollars trading and taxing carbon on the stock market in the first few years. Always watch how much money they make.
If they really cared about the environment, they’d be planting more trees, and investing in alternative environmentally friendly energy systems instead of nuclear power, and electric cars are not a solution either, it takes 500,000 tons of Earth mining to produce one lithium battery and taxing #carbon emissions just makes the politicians and bankers rich, it doesn’t help the environment. So always remain a critical thinker, don’t let the newspapers tell you how to think. Enjoy the heatwave, take care, plant some trees and grape seeds while you are at it and start growing vin yards and harvesting wine like the Romans did before us.
Doomsday book
There is an entire chapter in my first book, The Silent Ecocide with lots of science journal links devoted to blowing the cover off GW and Exposing the wrong kind of green political agendas used for profit and control rather than genuine planetary conservation.


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