Public Hand-Wringing and Platitudes aside, if our Government REALLY gave a Rat’s Ass . . .

If our government really wanted to do something about extremism and the spawning of death cults like ISIS, it would take action against the extremist Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia whose oppression and cruelty most Muslims find offensive.

It would do something to curb its fostering of extremism through the funding and radicalisation of Wahhabi mosques and its funding and support of ISIS, a primary tool of its mischief-making in the Middle East and the West.

The Saudi regime is not our friend and it is not the friend of the majority of Muslims.

Iran – attacked just yestarday by the Saudi prox-army, ISIS –  knows this, the Muslim community in the UK at grass roots level knows this, yet somehow our government, armed as it is with a massive intelligence apparatus pretends not to know this.

It continues to know this even while the Saudi-sponsored ISIS death cult kills British citizens.

And it continues to arm and support this heartland of oppression and terror, this enemy of both Western and Muslim civilisation. In so doing, whilst publicly wringing its hands, our government aids and abets a hotbed of cruelty that makes an art out of  suppression-in-the-name-of-religion.

It aids Saudi ambition and the Saudi-Zionist axis moreover by hammering and pounding and bombing to buggery the rest of the Middle East.

How come our government – our self-decalred champion of justice, freedom and democracy – continues to propitiate this savage dictatorship of egregious intolerance, turns a blind eye to its crimes and sells advanced weaponry to a group of blood-soaked psychopaths?

It will contemplate censoring the internet, expanding the surveillance state, curbing human rights and curtailing our freedoms, almost anything but the blindingly freakin’ obvious: withdrawing support from that criminal dynasty, let alone making the Saudis knock it off.


I think we should be told.

Steve Cook

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