Political parties as we have known them to join the dinosaurs?

Please welcome the New Independents

by Steve Cook

UK Reloaded’s slogan is, “Join the forward march of ideas”.

It is ideas – constructive, workable, pro-survival, uplifting or inspiring ideas – that mark our forward progress and the purpose of UK Reloaded is to assist, encourage and promote those who who forward them in all fields of endeavour, health, the environment, freedom, society, peace and, of course, the governance by which large numbers of human beings can coordinate and co-act towards survival goals. This purpose naturally includes encouraging and helping those who expose or present for our inspection ideas that are fallacious, disingenuous, unworkable, dishonest and contra survival.

With all that in mind, then, I am very pleased to present a simple idea that has arisen in my home town of East Grinstead and which might present us with a way forward to saner and more accountable governance than that foisted on us by the evidently flawed and increasingly inept party political system.

A leaflet came through my door this morning entitled “The New Independents”. It presented for my consideration the thirteen independent candidates standing for election to the town council. It listed seven key issues the thirteen independents are agreed should be addressed and resolved for the benefit of the town as a whole. Each of the candidates are residents of the area they are seeking to represent.

It is clear from the issues they are undertaking to address that they (a) know the town intimately and/or (b) have thoroughly surveyed the people to find out what they actually need and want.

So here we have thirteen people, each is his own man neither tied to nor distracted by the demands of a political party and thus able to listen and respond directly to the needs of his constituents and to speak and act according to his own conscience without the constraints or counter-purposes of a political party’s whips and grandees to wrestle with.

Yet at the same time none of them are alone and can draw upon the collective power of like-minded people. They are all in agreement as to the main priorities of what needs to be done for and by the town. They are able to pool resources, to help, support and encourage each other and work cooperatively for the betterment of the community, unfettered by a party’s dogma, the demands of its wealthy backers or the dishonesty of its spin doctors.

It is a very simple idea, yet I cannot see any reason why it cannot work – and work better for the town than a council loaded with the representatives of a vested interest known as a “political party”. And I cannot see why the concept cannot be extended to the broader community of the nation.

Indeed, the efforts of these independents may provide a model of cooperativeness, of co-action by free people towards a common goal for the entire variegated freedom movement.

My local Independent candidate will certainly be getting my vote at the upcoming council elections.

It will be very, very interesting to see how it pans out and whether the idea can be expanded. Political parties as we have known them may be about to joiun the dinosaurs – we hope!

God knows, politics needs honest men and fresh ideas.

To find out about the New Independents, please visit their website.

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