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Death possible, herd mentality an advantage

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The following is an excellent discussion of the mRNA  pseudo-vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna and exactly why these experimental biochemical agents ARE NOT VACCINES.

They are touted by the government as vaccines and people are persuaded to accept them on the grounds that they are  being injected with a vaccine.

But this is an egregious fraud and deception.

In the minds of most people, rightly or wrongly, vaccines are considered or believed to be safe. Presenting these chemical agents as vaccines is a marketing ploy designed to overcome reluctance or caution that are understandable given that these agents represent an entirely new and untested technology. In essence, the false label dupes millions of people into become unwitting guinea pigs in a potentially dangerous experiment.

Quite possibly those misrepresenting these agents fraudulently as vaccines have broken the law.

That a government would be party to this cynical deception plumbs new depths of irresponsibility, if not down right unmitigated wickedness. The next time Boris Johnson does his “lovable buffoon” act on TV, it is worth remembering the deception to which he has ben a willing party, if not instigator.

It is worth remembering too that although he makes a great deal of the faceless “scientists” he purports to be “listening to” none of them evidently are able to tell the difference between a vaccine and something entirely different.

If the purportedly “safe” “vaccines” turn out to be neither vaccines  nor safe in so far they cause the deaths and serious adverse reactions many virologists and other experts are predicting, that unlawfulness may extend to grievous bodily harm, medical negligence and even manslaughter or murder.

Those collaborating with this fraud through the aforementioned deceptive marketing or injecting people on the false pretence that what they are being given is a vaccine, may also be liable to criminal  charges.

In the meantime, the following article will help you arm yourself with knowledge.



by Iman Safi 23 February 2021

People are not told the complete story about the m-RNA COVID vaccines, so let us start with the basics. The DNA of higher forms of life comes in huge clusters called chromosomes. Each individual has duplicate chromosomes; maternal and paternal. Humans have 23 pairs. Each cell carries in its nucleus the same DNA that is half maternal and half paternal.

Now here is the thing. It is the DNA that produces the different types of RNA, with messenger-RNA (m-RNA) being one of them. But it is the m-RNA what provides the code for protein synthesis, a process that produces proteins that are specific to each and every individual, and it is the m-RNA that is of most prominence in deciding what the body does.

It seems that the greatest fear concerning the COVID-19 vaccines stems from the belief that they are capable of changing our DNA. To genetically change a ‘being’ in a specific manner however, one would have to change the DNA structure inside the nucleus of each and every cell. This is a virtual impossibility given the huge number of body cells. Normally animal and plant breeders do this change ‘in advance’ as it were, by changing the DNA in the sperm/egg/flower that are going to produce this ‘being’.

This is why, in the world of genetics, the egg comes before the chicken.

If you change the egg, the change will be transmitted hereditarily.

Early immunologists realized that our bodies have the ability of fighting off certain diseases if we have been struck with them before. This is what immunity means. They used this knowledge to produce substances that can mimic previous disease incidents in order to help us produce immunity to serious diseases that we have not had before.

Vaccines were therefore developed to ‘instruct’ the body to produce its own defense systems by injecting it with a weakened form of the disease that the body can defeat by producing anti-bodies specifically designed to fight it. So, if/when the real disease attacks, the body would have its defense mechanism already in place.

Early immunologists used large animals like horses to inject the weakened disease with, and then extracted the plasma of their blood to produce the vaccine. This was definitely a procedure that involved huge risks, but the risks were outweighed by the benefits the vaccines generated. Large animals were chosen because they are able to produce larger amounts of plasma, no doubt this was animal cruelty.

The m-RNA COVID-19 ‘vaccine(s)’ are different because they are not based on instructing the body how to build up its own defense system. They are a short-cut process, based on injecting our systems with synthetically-produced m-RNA that is meant to generate the antibody (protein) that will fight the virus. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.

Technically-speaking therefore, an m-RNA-based vaccine is not a vaccine by definition. It can even rightfully be argued that it is an experimental technique.

Normally, m-RNA is broken down after its use by a group of enzymes, known as an RNA-ase, soon after it has accomplished its mission of protein synthesis. But according to Dr. Mikovits, the synthetic m-RNA in the m-RNA ‘vaccines’ is protected by blocking the action of the RNA-ase. If true, this means that once injected into the system, Dr. Mikovits argues that it could stay for years. On one hand, the m-RNA in the vaccine needs to be protected so it doesn’t breakdown before it accomplishes its mission, but its longevity seems to be unknown. Such protection against breakdown would be within the synthetic m-RNA code; and not something that has to be disclosed in the list of constituents of the vaccines as regulatory requirements stipulate.

Dr. Mikovits is a pioneer in the world of virology and microbiology. She has had serious legal battles with Dr. Fauci, ending up in jail and with a gag order that expired in 2020. She alleges that she was the subject of a fabricated witch hunt, but no matter what opinions exist about Dr. Mikovits, the issue at hand here is the science she is presenting.

In this interview she is warning against the dangers of the vaccines.

The interview has been checked by medical doctors and virologists known to me and they concur that her warnings are true and legitimate.


After publishing the article, I was alerted to some publications that assert that research into stabilizing synthetic m-RNA has been around for quite some time.

Two Polish scientists patented the technique back in 2008.  ‘The patented invention enables delivery of modified mRNA that can withstand the human body’s enzymes. The more stable mRNA is five times more effective and lasts three times longer within a cell than naturally occurring mRNA molecules.’  Dr. Mikovits therefore is not talking about some future science fiction, if anything, the technique would be much improved by now and possibly giving the synthetic m-RNA greater longevity. The technology of encoding a synthetic m-RNA in a manner that makes it resistant to the body’s own m-RNA-ases, the enzymes designed to break it down, are already in existence. It would be hard to imagine that manufacturers of the m-RNA ‘vaccines’ did not use this technology to make their products more effective.

Furthermore, in a paper published by Dr. J. Bart Classen in ‘Microbiology & Infectious Diseases’ in Jan 2021, , Dr. Classen concludes in his abstract that his own findings lead him ‘to believe that regulatory approval of the RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 was premature and that the vaccine may cause much more harm than benefit’. *

Last but not least, a newsletter published by the University of Rochester in December 2020 implies that m-RNA stability can be encoded in a synthetically-produced m-RNA to ensure higher level of efficacy if/when used in treating certain medical conditions.

So whilst the American CDC is assuring the public that the m-RNA in the ‘vaccines’ will not enter the nucleus of cells and change the DNA, and whilst this is true, the CDC ignores the fact that if the m-RNA remains floating inside the cytoplasm (the bigger portion of the cell outside the nucleus), then this actually mimics a DNA change in its outcome.

This alone is potentially dangerous in any given situation. But if the m-RNA in the ‘vaccine’ has other unknown effects on the human body, then this becomes a very serious matter, one that can cause a myriad of health problems to people, especially those with compromised immune systems, propensity to some diseases, and as well existing conditions including, but not restricted to, non-active viral infections.

Furthermore, even though the m-RNA in the ‘vaccines’ has no impact on the DNA in the nucleus as proclaimed by the CDC and mentioned above, its presence in the cytoplasms of cells, including reproductive cells (i.e., sperms and eggs), stipulates that it can be passed on to the offspring in what is known as cytoplasmic inheritance.  This is only a scientific assumption, but one that needs to be verified either way for safety. Their effectiveness is questionable, and we do not know their adverse long-term side effects. Last but not least, there are no guarantees that taking them will prevent an infected person from passing it on to others.

To say then that the concept of m-RNA ‘vaccines’ is at best experimental, is not an overstatement.

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