The announcement came via Informacyjna Agencja Radiowa (IAR) – a press agency working with Polskie Radio in Poland, according to this article published by Radio Poland.

Poland will now “opt out” of growing GMOs, with a specific focus on Monsanto’s genetically modified maize, which many countries fear will contaminate its natural crops if allowed to grow within their borders.

Opposition to genetically engineered foods has been strong in Europe for decades and has resulted in mass protests including widespread participation in previous incarnations of the March Against Monsanto movement.

Poland Becomes 14th Nation to Opt Out

The announcement is being celebrated by the GMO free and organic movement, but it doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise based on what’s been happening across Europe.

Poland is now the 14th nation to exercise a ban on GMOs, joining Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, France, and Greece.

The final opt-out decision date for the remaining European countries is October 3.

The Polish people have long been opposed to GMOs, and that opposition came to a head earlier this year as Polish farmers protested in the streets, even taking to their tractors and shutting down motorways to send a message about foreign influences taking over their industry while also showing their disapproval of GMO crops.

The country is already among numerous European nations that prohibit GMOs, but this announcement makes it official that Monsanto’s genetically engineered crops will not be allowed in Poland moving forward.

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