Extremists use extremely misleading propaganda to justify going to extremely stupid extremes to place the planet in extreme danger

The human community is not mad. It is merely in dire need of a management echelon that is not in fact stark staring bonkers.

by Steve Cook

The gang of loons running the US through a series of not-very-bright puppet presidents are very fond of accusing others of being “extremists.”

“Extremist” “extremism” and “fanatic” are of course propaganda trigger words frequently used to instil the desired reaction (fear/disgust/rejection etc).

But it is difficult to find extremists more extreme than maniacs like John Bolton and other horsemen of the apocalypse who, not satisified with having helped engineer a needless war with Iraq that killed a million people and brought untold misery to millions more, are now salivating at the prospect of doing the same to Iran.

Is there anything more extremist than engineering a conflict that will get millions of people killed and possibly start World War Three because Iran allegedly made the US somehow in some vague way feel “threatened” (“threat” being another propaganda trigger word)?

Threatened? Really? By a country 7000 miles away, slightly smaller than Alaska, with a quarter of the US’s population, no history of invading anybody, no foreign military bases, no military-industrial complex mass-producing weapons of death and a fraction of the US’ military might? Come off it! Is there indeed anything more outright insane?

The American gang of loons of course are not the only maniacs to have hijacked the government of decent peoples but this gang of loons just happens to have the keys to the biggest war machine in history.

And the biggest propaganda machine evidently, spreading its web of lies through a media so compliant as to be an accessory to egregious crimes against humanity.

In order to solicit public support to yet another orgy of raining death from the skies, burning people alive, blowing off the limbs of children and totally wrecking countries full of decent people like you and me, there has to be a propaganda campaign to demonise and dehumanise the targeted country and its people. We would not condone such atrocities unless we were first gotten extremely fearful, outraged or upset.

Thus we are subject to a stream of  cynical disinformation designed to convince us of how bad those people over there are and how much they deserve whatever agony, and mayhem we subject them to. You know, how bad the Iranian government is, how threatening it is to all those troops the US obligingly moved 7000 miles so as to be close enough to feel threatened, how bad are “the Muslims” (you know, those people we have been invading, bombing or otherwise giving a hard time for past hundred years or more) and so forth.

Thus we can be persuaded to cheer on the bombers when they slaughter people we have never even met, have no real quarrel with and in fact know little or nothing about beyond the caricatures disingenuously drip-fed into our brains by the media.

UKR published this article by John Scales Avery so that you might gain a little understanding of the country we are being asked to risk WWIII by destroying, its people, what they have gone through, how they wound up with a fundamentalist regime, its recent history of being invaded or attacked by Britain, the US, Russia and so on.

Behind every country that the maniacs who have hijacked our own democracies work so hard to dehumanise, there is a frequently agonised back story worth understanding and a population of decent people in the vast majority who are having a hard enough time already and don’t deserve what our own extremists are proposing to do to them.

With all these conflicts going on amid a putrid smokescreen of propaganda messages telling us how bad and dangerous everybody else is, it is easy to conclude that the world is going mad. But the human community is not mad. It is merely in dire need of a managment echelon that is not in fact stark staring bonkers.

For the love of God, can we please stop listening to complete nutters, develop a backbone and stand up for the human community before the psychopaths wipe it out?- Steve

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