Criminals and War

Essay 16 in the series, "Lighten the Load"

This is Essay Sixteen  in the series Lighten the Load, a back-to-basics re-think of government. What should a government be and do? What should it definitely NOT be and do? Is it even necessary at all? If so, how much and why? How do we decide, against what criteria?

by Steve Cook

A worsening situation of whatever kind, including the gravitation of populations towards war, will trace down to the counter-survival actions of persons or groups.

These are persons or groups who pursue some advantage or gratification at the expense of the greatest good for the greatest number. In pursuit thereof, the effects of their actions upon the human community are destructive.

When they are identified and their activities are closely examined, those criminal persons or groups will be found to be engaging in activities of whatever kind that violate the existing survival codes of the society (immoral) and usually also the existing laws of the society (illegal).

It matters not who that person ishe will be engaged in or under the influence of persons that are engaged in activities that are recognisably either immoral or illegal.

For example, some politician, “religious” leader or rabble-rouser starts trying to persuade us to attack, invade, bomb, crucify or otherwise rough up some other people, who (he says) have done something or other horrible.

The last thing we should do is listen to his justifications as to why we should all go mad and start smashing the joint up, removing children’s limbs and generally multiplying the body count.

The first thing we should do is recognise that that person is, at least temporarily, insane.

Then the correct focus of our attention should not be upon the hatreds and turbulence he is trying to stir up but to look instead very, very closely at his area, his associates and connections, political and business dealings, sexual morality and so forth.

What we will find with such a person is immoral and/or illegal activities on the part of himself or of persons or groups to which he is connected.

We should then, with care and great attention to accuracy and truthfulness, fully document and publicize them. Then encourage the normal justice procedures of his own society of ninety per cent good, decent people to take their course.

There is, of course, an easy way to verify the truth of this datum: try it out.

Check out anyone who is presently advocating war, bombing in whatever form, military action in whatever form, persecution, oppression or mayhem, no matter how “respectable” or lofty that person appears, no matter how convincing his argument or compelling his reasons for slaughter may appear.

Similarly, take anyone who is preaching racial or religious division or some other engineered estrangement of man from man and check him out.

All I ask is that you do a thorough, honest and unbiased job of it. You will discover that that person is, or is under the influence of, a criminal and/or (usually “and”) moral reprobate. Always.

And here is another helpful hint: not only will the criminal LIE to cover up or deflect attention from his own crimes, he will often accuse others of the very crime he himself is committing.

For example Chairman Klutz or President Putz makes a big song and dance about how some other Putz or Klutz is “violating human rights” and therefore we should protect his people by bombing them back into the Stone Age.

Close examination will often reveal that the accuser is himself or the elite for which he is the mouthpiece, is doing much the same thing – either directly or covertly – by supporting other violators of human rights.

Indeed, his concern for the oppressed people is not genuine because he is quite happy to have us kill large numbers of them by carpet bombing their cities or some other act of indiscriminate mayhem.

There is nothing wrong with some leader exposing or objecting to the criminal acts of some other leader, where such accusations are based upon fact. Indeed, criminal acts should be laid bare for public scrutiny and proper justice actions. But there is everything wrong with using those accusations as a justification for criminal acts of one’s own and moving heaven and earth to get a war going rather than moving heaven and earth to establish and make work an international justice system.

Perhaps Putz accuses Klutz of “bombing innocent people.” His solution to this problem is bombing innocent people.

Well, take a good look at Putz because the chances are his government has been bombing innocent people too, or making a dishonest mint selling bombers to other governments (Klutz’s for example) so that they can bomb innocent people.

This does not necessarily mean that anyone who accuses some other nation of crimes, himself has crimes but when the “solution” proposed by the accuser for the horrible thing someone else is allegedly doing isn’t the fullness of justice procedures but some form of summary mayhem, then we can be certain his own hands are not clean.

If we, the people, took this approach every time someone got up and started, overtly or by more sly means, proposing we all join in the next mass murder of our fellow good people – no matter who we, the people, are or where we, the people, live – war would end.

No criminal is going to want to attract that kind of scrutiny. And without such people working so hard to promote or encourage war, be it invasion, terrorist attacks, bombing from the air, tribal raids, internal violence against minority peoples or colonization (a polite name for robbery with violence) there won’t be any more war – because we will have shut up or locked up the only people who ever wanted it in the first place!



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