A can of worms with “Democracy” on the label – is Britain a Constitutional Democracy ?


Evidently the Conservatives are finding the need to debate new laws in the House and other not-strictly-necessary but quaint rituals such a voting on them a bit of an inconvenience to a modern go-getting constitutional democracy such as ours.

A constitutional democracy is a term I just invented: it  is a bit like a constitutional monarchy where you have the trappings, rituals and outer form of a monarchy for the benefit of the tourists but in practice something else entirely is going on: in which the Monarch rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of men sitting in council in the Parliament.

In similar vein we now appear to have arrived at a constitutional democracy; the trappings, outer form and rituals of a democracy, a big show for the benefit of the plebs but in practice behind the facade something else is going on entirely: the House rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of oligarchs sitting in council at a location withheld for security reasons.

This fine article from the Independent highlights what I am talking about. The Tories are still pretending we have a democracy whilst doing something else entirely. What worries me is they they have even dropped much of the pretence. editor

Conservative Government accused of ‘waging war’ on Parliament by forcing through key law changes without debate

Ministers are being accused of “waging war” on Parliament by using a little-known device to push through profound and controversial changes to Britain’s laws without proper debate or scrutiny.

Since the election the Conservative Government has used a parliamentary procedure called a statutory instrument to try to introduce swathes of significant new laws covering everything from fracking to fox hunting and benefit cuts without debate on the floor of the House of Commons. . . . READ MORE HERE

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