Recall the Shots!

Recall the Shots!

SOURCE: We The People . . .

The COVID Genetic shots (COVID-19 “vaccines”) must be immediately seized and recalled due to their clear violation of most states’ Consumer Product Protection statues prohibiting medical products to remain in the commerce stream once they have been found to be contaminated, adulterated, unreasonably dangerous, misbranded, misrepresented and mislabeled.

  1. Let it be clearly defined that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are a gene therapy technology. This technology delivers a foreign genetic sequence to the human body which then hijacks the human cellular machinery to produce a foreign chimeric viral spike protein, which is then displayed on the surface of the cells it transfects.

  2. FDA advises that Gene Therapy products be followed for a minimum of 15 years in order to make sure that they are safe for those receiving them and those around them that may inadvertently be exposed to the gene therapy through shedding. The “warp speed” of the development of these gene therapies prevented proper safety testing prior to deployment.

  3. New data shows that the genetic vaccines are contaminated with the plasmids used to create them. These plasmids have 2 antibiotic resistance genes for kanamycin and neomycin. These plasmids will infect the E.Coli of humans who receive the shots, conferring in them antibiotic resistance as well as effectively making their gut a perpetual COVID spike manufacturing plant. This is a clear case of contamination and adulteration of the consumer product and should lead to these shots being immediately seized and the shots recalled.

  4. New data shows that the COVID shots are contaminated with single stranded DNA and double stranded DNA at a level thousands of times above what is allowed according to FDA regulatory and safety standards. This can be integrated into the genome causing frame shift mutations which will lead to excess cancers. This is a clear case of contamination and adulteration of the consumer product and should lead to these shots being immediately seized and the shots recalled.

  5. Data from early on obtained through FOIA shows that the COVID shots contain large amounts of degraded RNA which can in effect act to silence genes just as siRNA would. This will most likely lead to cancers. This is a clear case of degradation of the consumer product which can lead to harm and should lead to these shots being immediately seized and the shots recalled.

  6. It has been known for some time from FOIA obtained documents from both Pfizer and Moderna that the mRNA genetic vaccines travel to all organs of the body including the blood, brain, heart, bone marrow, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, ovaries and testes, where they transfect the cells in these organs and display the spike protein, which the body then mounts an immune attack against

  7. Within the first 3 months of use it was known that the Pfizer genetic vaccine caused 1223 deaths. This is many times above the number of deaths that have caused the FDA and CDC or order that vaccines be pulled for safety issues. This is not a factor of the number of shots. The risk of dying from the COVID vaccine is many times greater than the risk of dying from the flu vaccine. Compared to the flu vaccine, the COVID shots caused 33.5 deaths for every million shots given while the flu vaccine has caused 0.20 deaths per million shots given. The Risk of adverse reaction from COVID vaccine is 55 times greater than Flu Vaccine.

  8. There is an unacceptable risk to reward ratio for the Covid genetic vaccines if there is any benefit at all. Cumulative immune collapse and an inverse relationship between vaccination status and death due to COVID indicate that antibody dependent enhancement is occurring in humans as has occurred in animal models utilizing this technology.

  9. The fact that the FDA has moved legally to withhold the raw data on safety and efficacy submitted by Pfizer, that the FDA used in formulating its approval, for 75 years from the public, should raise a red flag to all administering and taking these genetic vaccines. If the genetic vaccines were truly safe and truly effective then there would be no problems with releasing all the data that backs up these contentions, immediately. Thankfully a Texas judge ordered the FDA to release the data at a rate of 10,000 pages per month. Until this data is released in full it would be inadvisable to continue to administer these genetic vaccines based upon what has been uncovered thus far that clearly implicates Pfizer, the FDA and the CDC in fraud.

  10. Pfizer has missed meetings outlined in the Biologics License Application BLA and has not submitted data publically on myocarditis studies that were due according to the agreement. This violates the EUA agreement and should result in the EUA being revoked. Continuing to dispense these shots while they are in violation of the EUA agreement on follow up data, risks the health of Mississippian’s.

  11. There is no such thing as “mild myocarditis”. There is only myocarditis that debilitates or kills. A February 4, 2022 CDC meeting on Myocarditis found that none of the 360 subjects studied 90 days out from their myocarditis diagnosis following vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, showed any evidence of recovery by at least one of the tests administered. Telling the public that myocarditis caused by these shots is mild is fraud and violates the CPP statutes.

  12. A rapidly growing body of data indicating that the genetic vaccines have deadly effects in numbers that far exceed all other past vaccines combined since 1990 and do more harm than good across the population. At present there are more than 35,000 deaths suspected of being related to these vaccines that have been reported into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) system since the genetic vaccine rollout in December of 2020. Roughly 30% of these deaths happened within 3 days of receiving the vaccine. It is well known and acknowledged by the CDC that the VAERS system is grossly underreported into. The typical average death reports per year for the past 30 years averaged less than 200 and did not exceed 600 per year for all vaccines combined. This is a clear “safety signal”. Products which do not meet acceptable safety standards and are clearly causing deaths must be pulled from the stream of commerce.

  13. The FDA and CDC are not following past safety practices where they had multiple outside advisory committees on safety and efficacy advising. There were no outside advisory committees for these vaccines. In the past they pulled or stopped recommendations for other vaccines that had far fewer deaths, such as for the Swine flu vaccine with 26 deaths from Guillain-Barre and from the RotaShield vaccine with 15 cases of bowel obstruction in infants. This drastic change from past practices and even their own prior policies, proven conflicts of interests as well as the virtual refusal to halt the vaccines after over a hundred pediatric vaccine deaths, has led to allegations of corruption and malfeasance within these institutions that are charged with the protection of our health and safety. If Mississippi knowingly allows these products to persist in the stream of commerce when there are multiple indices that the agencies that should regulate the safety and welfare of Americans is not working, this is a dereliction of duty to protect consumers.

  14. These genetic vaccines are at best treatments since they do not prevent contraction or transmission of the virus. We have other existing safe and effective treatments that are more effective and cost effective, than these genetic vaccines, that do stop transmission and have a proven safety track record even when used chronically and by pregnant and nursing women, children and infants. Therefore, there is no logical rationale for continuing with what we now know to be harmful gene therapy. Pfizer misrepresented their products saying that they prevented the transmission of the SARS-COV-2 virus. This was never tested for as a Pfizer company representative recently testified to in front of European parliament. This is a clear case of fraud and misrepresentation of products and violates the CPP statutes.

  15. There is new evidence that the mRNA genetic vaccines can be reverse transcribed into the genome of liver cells in-vitro causing constitutive expression and/or frame/shift mutations which could result in increased incidence of cancer or other adverse effects. If this happens in germ cells this integration could be passed on to offspring. A group in Germany found vaccine coded spike protein expression in various organs from those who had died as much as 9 months out from the last vaccination with the genetic vaccine. This supports that the spike message may be reverse transcribed into the genome and expressed and/or the mRNA remains stabilized for the long-term rather than the transient (1-4 day expression) initially described. CDC and Pfizer told consumers these shots would not be reverse transcribed to DNA. This is not the case. Pfizer clearly mis-represented the nature of these products.

  16. The Comirnaty vaccine is NOT the BNT162b2 vaccine as is clearly outlined in multiple documents which report that Comirnaty is “similar” but differs in that it has “increased codon optimization”: “The repeat dose toxicity evaluations were conducted on COMIRNATY and a similar (emphasis added) vaccine termed BNT162b2 (V8). COMIRNATY and BNT162b2 (V8) have identical amino acid sequences of the encoded antigens but COMIRNATY includes the presence optimized codons to improve antigen expression.” This is a clear case of misrepresentation and misbranding of a product which violates the Consumer Product Protection Statues.

  17. The modified mRNA and codon optimization of the Comirnaty product increase the stability and durability of the mRNA and the increased likelihood of continued expression of the spike protein which causes excessive inflammation and build up in multiple organs and increases the likelihood of genetic and genomic integration of the mRNA into the genome. This is a safety issue.

  18. There are no long-term studies on safety, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, or reproductive outcome of these new gene therapies. There are already clear signs of reproductive harm from the shots and no information as to their long-term impact on reproductive endpoints. The Comirnaty shots have never been studied for their impact on male fertility or carcinogenicity or teratogenicity. The studies performed with female rats were not appropriate as the rats do not have human ace 2 receptors nor do they have human syncytin proteins. Only old World primates are appropriate for reproductive studies, or humans. This is a failure to conduct proper safety tests prior to release to the public.

  19. There is evidence that the vaccines are making the disease worse through antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and the Covid genetic vaccine-induced impairment of the innate and adaptive immune system. This was shown to happen repeatedly in multiple animal studies of the technology related to a coronavirus vaccine over the years. This occurred with ALL types of vaccine platforms including traditional whole virus or protein subunit vaccines such as Novavax. It does not make scientific sense to sacrifice a competent immune system for a negligible risk-reduction of what amounts to a mild infection. The Walgreens data and UK mortality and morbidity data shows that the most vaccinated for COVID, are also the ones getting the most COVID infections as well as dying from COVID. To ignore clear data showing that the innoculated are MORE at risk of both contracting, suffering severe morbidity and mortality from COVID, and not stop the genetic vaccine campaign is illogical from a scientific perspective. Knowingly allowing a product which causes immune system harm to healthy individuals, into the commerce stream is unethical and even criminal in nature.

  20. A recent groundbreaking study from Johns Hopkins and Harvard showed definitely that there is 18-98 times more risk for serious adverse effects such as myocarditis requiring hospitalization from the genetic vaccines than there is risk to be hospitalized for Covid, especially for young men. This makes the Covid vaccine mandates illogical in terms of protecting the health of our youth and our soldiers.


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