They’re at it again! WHO’s waging war on humanity

Creeping offensive uses "health" and the active subservience of credulous governments

by Watchdog

May be a Twitter screenshot of 4 people and text that says "Keean Bexte @TheRealKeean NEW: The World Health Organization's website crashed earlier today as the public filed angry feedback about their proposed Global Pandemic Authority. COUNTER SIGNAL #StopTheTreaty #StopTheTreaty WHO allows brief feedback on global pandemic treaty The C... The WHO has quietly allowed individual citizens to provide feedback on their proposed global pandemic treaty. 4:58 PM Apr 12, 2022 Twitter Web App 3,460 Retweets 311 Quote Tweets 7,584 Likes"The globalists are at it again. Still using “health” and the active subservience of credulous governments to sneak up on you with measures to control the herd.

Fortunately much has been learned about the tactics these self-appointed herdsmen use in their war on humanity. There is a global fightback occurring with a mobilisation of brighter more progressive ideas than the dreary dystopian future for humanity dreamed up by those sociopaths and perverts.

We The People can do a lot better than the idiocies these criminal cartels try to wangle by subterfuge and deceit because they know they’d get very short shrift if they were honest about their true intentions.

Here are a couple of copied responses that might serve to inspire your own response.


“I am a retired senior university lecturer, a Ph.D. and a chartered Psychologist.

Your consultation is completely flawed. Your consultation question, to which we are invited to respond, ASSUMES that ‘a new international instrument’ is needed and legitimate; it is not.

The ‘errors’ made by mainstream science with Covid-19 have been catastrophic, and have cost quite possibly millions of lives across the globe.

To make such scientific incompetence (or corrupt malfeasance) mandatory across all nations (accompanied, no doubt, by lockstep mass-media propaganda worldwide) is insanity in the extreme.

Individuals, and their elected national governments, MUST be able to decide for themselves: (1) how to respond to health matters according to local and unique cultural circumstances; (2) what treatments to advise and make available; (3) what non-pharmaceutical actions are appropriate; and (4) whether or not a given public-health situation is in reality an ‘emergency’ justifying the declaration of a ‘pandemic’.

Moreover, the censorship of eminent voices and authorities challenging the mainstream ‘scientific’ and political narrative MUST be outlawed: science does not work when healthy debate is stifled – and science becomes an authoritarian practice when such voices are silenced by the abuse of media, corporate and political power. Any international agreement must enshrine AS ITS CORE PRINCIPLE the right of individuals and their elected governments to make their own informed decisions on how to respond to public-health issues.

Countless millions of sovereign citizens across the globe will refuse to comply with mandates imposed from an international/global level – and rightly so.”


“First of all, it must be clear under a treaty as to what a pandemic is.

Traditionally, this meant significant numbers of deaths. This has been changed to significant numbers of cases, through testing.

But this will be subject to a) numbers tested, b) what test is used (PCR were never intended by the inventor to be for definitive diagnosis), c) interpretation of test results. There are too many variables, which makes it subject to prejudiced interpretation and manipulation in statistics.

This CANNOT be the case for a pandemic. The definition must be returned to being a significant number of deaths over international borders, where the cause is clearly the virus/bacteria and not a co-morbidity

Secondly, under the Covid pandemic, doctors were overruled in their knowledge of what their patients needed for treatment. The ‘state’ must never be allowed to overrule doctors sense for what is best for their patient.

The course of a pandemic will be different from country to country. It is impossible to make one rule fit all. National governments must retain the right to take their own course of action.

With any new illness, diversity of approaches is necessary to open-mindedly determine what are effective treatments. We learn from each other, as individuals, as doctors, as countries. Diversity will be undermined by a world-wide treaty, where the inclination will be to have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. This will not be for the benefit of health.

“A WHO worldwide treaty will be an unprecedented step to centralisation of authority, which inevitably leads to narrow track authoritarian approaches, with ‘interests’ involved, which is contrary not only to health but to democratic freedoms and values.”


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