The Steve Cook Column: Who will Speak for the People?


I recommend this highly intelligent, insightful article from Convenor of the People’s Assembly, Lindsey German

And this hot-off-the-press article from our very own Frances Leader.
The following article is a  re-write of an article I published a year ago, said re-write inspired by Frances Leader’s insightful comments in the above-mentioned article.
My take on our situation is this:
There is currently no entity representing the hopes and aspirations of the people. Democracy has been turned into a con game in which a party is in power that manifestly serves corporate interests and DOES NOT HAVE A MANDATE FROM THE PEOPLE for its policies.
By way of an example of how cynical the disregard for the people can get, we have the Tories lifting the ban on bee-killing agri-chemicals as soon as they got into power. I do not recall their mentioning they were going to do this when they sought our vote. The fact that such chemicals – not to mention GMOs – place at risk the food chain and with it our chances of survival has been disregarded in an effort by the newly elected government to look after its business pals. It is a betrayal of trust.
An entity that represents and works for all the people is missing from the political scene. The powers-that-be fear the rise of such an entity and will move heaven and earth to prevent such a thing coming into being.
This is particularly so as the government paves the way for the needless privation of looming austerity measures whereby it will seek to enrich its pals in the banking cartels. Austerity measures are not needed and result from a rigged money system, which I have explained at length in the free book The Worm in The Apple, available here
The Tories claim that their election victory gives them a clear mandate to “finish the job they started”, by which I assume they mean the job of making the country poorer and less safe and getting us into a few more wars that will kill more people for no good reason. Or making the big corporations richer and more powerful. Or wrecking the environment. Take your pick.
In fact, the game is so rigged it is becoming evident that the powers-that-be increasingly consider they can do as they wish and ignore everybody else, safe in the knowledge that no entity exists through which the displeasure of the people can be effectively addressed.
That is a very dangerous game to play. You can ignore some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but if you keep on ignoring the people the time is going to come when they are going to rip you apart. Resentment and disaffection are already growing, as is the perception that government does not work for all the people but instead for a privileged few.
When austerity measures hit, there is going to be unrest and the Tories will become even less popular or trusted than they already are and the last thing a government needs as it seeks to govern on behalf of a handful of corporate oligarchs is the rise in opposition to its chicanery of a body speaking for large numbers of very fed-up citizens.
I have described elsewhere my advocacy of the Unite and Win principle ( ) and the crying need for the many many thousands of groups fighting one aspect or another of the overall oppression to unite. Currently, small groups take on the full might of a highly organised and coordinated effort to oppress them, rip them off, wreck their environment, drug them, poison them, negate their human rights and so forth. But each group seeks to confront this might ALONE.
There is an urgent need for them to unite and form an alliance or confederacy that speaks for the people and counsels government on the people’s behalf. This would not be a political group. It would not seek political power. It would act as a watchdog and a voice for the people strong enough to bring errant government back into line whenever it wanders off into policies designed to serve narrow vested interests at the expense of everybody else.

But how much of a Mandate does the current government actually have?


How may people wholeheartedly support the government’s manifesto? Well, we can look at the number of people who actually voted Tory. That number does not necessarily mean enthusiastic support because we would have to look deeper at factors such as:


  • how many Tory voters read their manifesto
  • how many of those truly understood it,
  • how much the Tories will actually honour it
  • how many people simply voted Tory over one sure-fired vote winner, the promise of a referendum over the despised European Union? (which we might add was foisted on us by a succession of governments without our consent)
Leaving aside those factors, which would reduce real SUPPORT and APPROVAL by the people for their government even further, let us just consider the numbers.
In the general election 2015, only around 66% of the country’s registered voters actually voted. Over a third of registered voters didn’t turn up to vote for anybody! This is over a third of REGISTERED voters. Many people did not even register and that number increased by nearly a million over the past year, despite online registering making it easier and more convenient than ever, according to this article :
It is arguable that had it not been for the unusually high turnout in Scotland where there currently is strong interest in the SNP ( and no Tory seats) the overall turnout for the UK would have been well under 66%.
Be that as it may, of the 66% of registered voters who actually voted, only about 37% wanted the Tories in power enough to write an X by the name of their candidate. Of course, that means people wanted the other parties even less overall but the fact remains that this can hardly be construed as strong support of the nation for whatever tomfoolery its government is proposing.
It means that considerably LESS than a quarter of the adult population have even mild support for their government. One wonders too how fewer the Tory votes might have been were it not for the usual spin and propagandising (ie, lying) that seek to steer public opinion with the help of the tame media.
What all this tells us very clearly is that the Tories do NOT have the approval of the people, far from it, and the other parties have even less.
So-called voter apathy derives, I suspect, from a growing sense that the political establishment are a lying bunch of conmen who do not care about thee and me and that their policies (often by a remarkable coincidence so similar party-to-party we can’t quite tell the difference) offer nothing desirable. And nobody is offering an interesting real alternative in terms of ideas.

The con game is starting to wear thin.

Increasing numbers of people see through it and are sick and tired of being messed about by criminals, buffoons and slick con men you would not trust with your petty cash or local scout troop let alone the fortunes of an entire nation.
There is a widening gap between the political elite and the people. This is dangerous for the people because, unless they do something real to defend themselves and for as long as hey are willing to tolerate it, they are going to be squeezed and squeezed hard.
Ultimately though, it s a very dangerous trend for the political elite. They are tolerated and will be tolerated for as long as people do not see them as a threat to their survival. However, it is inevitable that that threat to our survival will in time become so great and so painful even the brain-dead will be able to see it.
When that happens, the political elite will be torn down. And they know it and fear it. Why else is such effort and considerable skill devoted to the art of spin and controlling the slant of the information we receive through the media except that they dread the day the citizenry might become knowledgable and accurately informed and thus see through them to the truth of their crimes?
They can yet save themselves.
All they have to do is get straight, get honest and start working sincerely for ALL the people.
Meanwhile, the people need a voice. Who will speak for them?
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